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Forest Valley
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May 2, 2013 @ 7:53am
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A small map with a spruce forest, river, waterfall and a lake.

You need Episode Two and HDR on for map to work properly.
Found under other > valley.
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[OPP] Dovahkiin Dashie Apr 15 @ 4:41pm 
I'll be honest, the mapping is nice, but it needs better lighting and foliage. Also there's a lot of invisible walls, which kinda makes it feel cramped. also the color palette needs more variety. just green and tan and grey makes it feel a bit bland. although I do, however, love the rocks and tree placements.
lqlas Apr 11 @ 6:26am 
this is really the nicest looking map i have ever seen
seriouscraft Apr 11 @ 5:06am 
make it large pls!
i have hl2 episode 2 but whats HDR
Designated Kitty 03-052 Mar 31 @ 1:30am 
its by default mat_fullbright 1 and i cant fix it at all
CJ Mar 16 @ 5:58am 
Can you make it bigger?
Doge Mar 15 @ 11:34am 
good with a bear, deer and sniper riffle mod.
♥ Blinky [ZA] ♥ Mar 9 @ 9:57am 
I absolutely love this map, and it's pretty much perfect for a little machinima project I'm working on :D

The only problem I have is that ragdolls, NPCs and the player's model look strange when placed inbetween the grass, where the grass and shrubs stay behind the model (at most angles, if not all), making that model look like it's been green-screened (or keyed) in during editing.

It may be that some of my graphic settings are incorrect? Or that it's simply the way the map's designed? If it's perhaps possible to solve this issue, I know I'd very much appreciate it, otherwise it's still a fantastic map C:
Arctic Feb 26 @ 7:11am 
Beautiful! You ought to make an RP map!
Nope Feb 22 @ 7:49am 
Wait is that hill from Dear Esther?