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The Legend of Zelda - The Hover Boots
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Apr 29, 2013 @ 6:35pm
Sep 14, 2013 @ 7:41am
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Now before you start throwing full mead bottles at the screen for my clear and utter disregard for Zelda and all it stands for, shouting, ''THESE ARE NOT THE HOVER BOOTS I KNOW AND LOVE YOU FILTHY DODONGO BONGO BONGO!'' Let me explain.
I did try very hard to make Hover Boots that were true to the appearance of the ones in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I tried....and failed. They looked stupid. Really stupid. They've always looked stupid. *gets pelted by milk bottles*
So I asked myself, ''Self, what would the Hover Boots have looked like in Twilight Princess if they were included? What would they look like if they were an artifact?''

These fine things were the result!
As you can see, they have a nice wing motif, and are that lovely shade of light gold that the Hover Boots have always been. Their soles even glow if you look at them the right way!

The boots can be found in Volunruud, right next to Knevel's feet. Unless he kicked them away somehow. Because he's a jerk.

They are enchanted with Waterwalking, Muffle Movement, and Reduce Fall Damage. And they look pretty good.

They are equal in armor to Glass boots, and can be improved with two ingots of refined moonstone if you have the Arcane Blacksmith perk.

Also on the Nexus[skyrim.nexusmods.com], where you can find a version with different footstep sounds.

Version History:
September 14th, 2013 - Changed footstep sounds again
May 11th, 2013 - Changed footstep sound to be more fitting to the Boots.
April 30th, 2013 - Removed Fortify Sneak and added Reduce Fall Damage to enchantment.
April 29th, 2013 - First release
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Adam of Blades Jan 20 @ 6:48pm 
Balthias Oct 26, 2014 @ 4:10am 
Worked great. Boots were well placed and they worked just fine. Will recommend to f&f. Rated up
KoolaidKiller47 Jul 24, 2014 @ 6:58am 
What if Hylians are Skyrim Elfs DUHDUHDUUUUUUUH.
Zero Alpha-24XX Jul 22, 2014 @ 11:50am 
I can actually identify the major Differances J. I think that if Ancient Hylians and Skyrim's elves had input's on designing the hover boot's, for skyrim, they'd look like this
Sir bacon Jun 27, 2014 @ 6:55pm 
i wasn't saying that anyone was, i posted that just in case someone did
JKalenad  [author] Jun 27, 2014 @ 8:16am 
Oh, I wasn't taking issue with your comment. They are based on the Elven Boots.
Sir bacon Jun 27, 2014 @ 2:57am 
im not saying this is a bad mod, im just saying that sure they look like elven boots from vanila and that maybe you just don't quite know how to make a new model, its still a good mod though,they are also really useful since there are water walking boots in vanila, but only in the dragonborn DLC and im one of those people who don't have it, so this makes it so that you can get it (for free as well) (not counting buying the actual game :P) so thx maybe when theres a new model this mod could go alot farther up the ranks! (if there are)
Hikaru Jun 27, 2014 @ 12:01am 
I say you nailed it in your interpritation of it. Good job.
JKalenad  [author] Jun 26, 2014 @ 9:01am 
Thanks! I'm very proud of these.
I've found in my experience that some folks just want items copied and pasted from Zelda, which is impractical, so I did my best to defend myself before the inevitable deconstructive criticisism arrived.
Raging-Zen Jun 26, 2014 @ 4:38am 
if anyone was to say they look crap and nothing like anything from Zelda then they must be thick, great effort and i would definately say they look like they would of come from TP if they had them in it. good work dude