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Aussiedroid's GRiD Bonus Codes & Extras
By Aussiedroid
Unlock additional content in GRiD using Bonus Codes. Guide contains all known Bonus Codes for PC version as well as mods to add a bonus track and new cars, plus some extra tips 'n' tweaks to get the most out of your game.
How to Enter a Bonus Code
Bonus Codes are entered in-game and will unlock car categories or unlock custom cars/liveries.

Simply navigate to:

Main Menu >>> Options >>> Bonus Codes

(Click on image to expand)

Hint: Open this Guide using the in-game browser to save ALT-TAB'ing out the game.
Codes: Class Unlocks
These cheats will fast-track you to unlock cars that you would otherwise unlock during game progression.

Unlock All Drift Cars
Code = TUN58396

Unlock All Muscle Cars
Code = MUS59279

Codes: Bonus Car Liveries
All known Car Livery Bonus Codes listed below (with Preview):

1) Pagani Zonda R (Micromania Livery)
Code = M38572343

2) Aston Martin DBR9 ( Livery)
Code = P47203845

3) BMW 320si (Gamestation Livery)
Code = G29782655

4) BMW 320si (Buchbinder Emotional Engineering Livery)
Code = F93857372
All Cheats
There are a number of built-in cheats available in GRiD that are unlocked on completion of the game. This means you need to get 1st place in all the Global Events plus beat the final Head-To-Head challenge with Ravenwest.

Once you have conquered GRiD you will see the following options in picture below where you enter your Bonus Codes.

Where Are My Savegames?

Savegame Location:
GRiD was released before the current age of 'gaming in the cloud', so your progress is only saved locally.

If you ever reinstall your system or want to transfer your save to another PC copy all the data contained in the following location (x = your drive letter i.e C:\ ):

Windows XP
x:\Documents and Settings\%user-name%\My Documents\Codemasters\GRID\savegame\

Windows 7 / 8
x:\Users\%user-name%\My Documents\Codemasters\GRID\savegame\

If you have already lost your savegame, but don't want to do it all again, then a quick Google search for 'GRiD 100% Savegame' will help.
Graphical Tweaks
Manually Modifying Graphic Settings:
Under the same GRiD folder that has your savegame folder, you wil find another folder called hardwaresettings. Things like draw distance, memory use, post-processing features and quality levels can be manually changed here.

Backup "hardware_settings_config.xml" first, then you can look at tweaking your graphics. Simply load the xml file into Notepad or other text editor.

An example (a popular mod) is to disable Bloom & Blur effects which makes the graphics appear sharper and more detailed (and a bit easier on the eyes!).

<postprocess enabled="true" blur="true" />

<postprocess enabled="false" blur="false" />

If you modify the file and the game won't start then just copy back the backup you created.

You can also on modern graphics cards override (or enhance) some of the quality settings via your control panel. For an older game like GRiD this can be a benefit, allowing for better anti-aliasing, texture filtering etc.

For Nvidia users, this is found under the 'Manage 3D Settings' section. Navigate to the Program Settings tab, and add 'grid.exe'. Then you can manually change the settings listed. Remember to apply once you have made your changes. I recommend only changing one setting at a time and test to ensure you keep good frame performance.

Note: If you go into your in-game graphic settings, your manual changes will get overridden. Keep a modified backup xml version as well (just in case).

** If anyone in the community has a more detailed description/guide/tip of what is good to change or best options for tweaking these settings please post in the comments and I will add. **
Enable HD Resolutions
Manually Remove Resolution Restrictions:
Sometimes GRiD may restrict the default configuration to 1280x1080 maximum resolution, based on your hardware configuration (it may not recognise your modern GPU).

This restriction can be removed, which will allow you to change to your native HD resolution within the GRiD options menu (in-game).

Navigate to your GRiD installation folder under your Steam folder:
X:\<Steam Install Location>\steamapps\common\grid\system\

In here you will find a file called "hardware_settings_restrictions.xml".

Make a backup of the original to another location (just in-case!).

Open hardware_settings_restrictions.xml in Notepad/Text editor.

Scroll towards the bottom of the file to locate the following lines; Delete the 3 lines & SAVE.
data res mem="270" maxWidth="1280" /data

Restart game. You should now be able to choose any resolution supported by your hardware.
Skip Intro Movie
No Intro Movies:

Always bugs me when you just want to get into a game yet it always wants to play the introduction videos. Well these can be skipped for GRiD.

Navigate to your GRiD install folder:

x:\%Steam Folder%\steamapps\common\grid\video

Step 1: Rename intro.bik & intro_us.bik (ie change to intro_.bik & intro_us_.bik)

Step 2: Create the dummy video files. This can quickly be done in Windows by 'Right Click' in a folder and selecting New > Text Document from the menu. Once created, rename file to the original file names (intro.bik & intro_us.bik). Ignore the Windows warning about becoming unusable and accept the name change.

Note: Ensure you highlight the full file name including extension. If you cannot see the extension (.txt / .bik) then find the File Options menu in Windows Explorer (Press ALT if not visible) and untick the box for 'Hide Extensions for known file types'.

With the dummy video files in place GRiD will try to play an empty file, skipping it and going straight to game menu.

There are a number of other videos in the videos folder which you can use the same trick to bypass playback but intro are the main ones on startup. Such as these:

driftbattle_e.bik driftfree_e.bik driftgp_e.bik GRID_career_intro_01.bik GRID_career_intro_01_us.bik lemans_e.bik nighttouge_e.bik protouge_e.bik stockcar_e.bik

* Best not to 'Verify integrity of game cache' in Steam after. It may d/load the originals again! *
Disable Car AI
Disable Computer Opponents:
Do the other cars just get in the way, or are you stuck on a particular race?

You can 'disable' the other cars by removing (x = your drive letter i.e C:\ ):

(The cars will still be in your race, but they will not move.)

x:\%Steam Folder%\steamapps\common\grid\ai\ai_vehicle_config.xml

Important! Keep a backup copy of the original file to ensure you can restore the cars racing again. If not validate your install in Steam and it should download it again.
8-Ball & Prestige DLC Mod: Info
The 8-Ball & Prestige Pack DLCs were released in 2008 & 2010 for the XBox 360 & Playstation 3 versions of GRID.

These added 18 more cars and 1 new track (Details below) to the Multiplayer & Race Day modes.

Not available in GRID World (Career) Mode.

In March 2013, GRID was released for the Mac including the additional DLC content.

Some clever chap (over here) was able to extract those DLCs from the MAC version to allow you to use them on the PC version! Thank you!

As of November 2013, Codemasters doesn't have any official plans to release this update for the PC version, but following the instructions below you can mod your game 'unofficially' to take advantage of the new content!

8-Ball Pack description:
Release Date: 12/4/2008

The ‘8 Ball’ pack for GRID™ features 8 thrilling new cars and two new online events as the first in a series of three new extensions for the game. Each carefully selected and beautifully realised vehicle is a thoroughbred racing car chosen for its unique personality to deliver a stunning race experience. All 8 cars become available in ‘Race Day’ mode and in online races. Two new multiplayer events, set on existing circuits from across GRID’s three continents, have been created to test drivers to their very limit online.

Car List:
McLaren F1 GTR
TVR Cerbera Speed 12
Mitsubishi 2.0 Turbo Lancer Evolution X
Honda S2000
Nissan GTR GT500
VW Nardo
Pontiac Firebird Trans AM
Volvo C30 Green Racing

Prestige Pack description:
Release Date: 01/03/2010

The Prestige Pack for GRID™ adds 10 sensational high performance cars to the game and a brand new race track, the Mount Panorama Circuit in Bathurst, Australia. The content is available in two areas – Multiplayer Modes and Race Day mode. Additional content is made available in multiplayer modes through the addition or modification of multiplayer events. These events can be voted for when playing multiplayer modes.

The cars are:
Lamborghini Gallardo GT
Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4
Mazda Furai
Mercedes SLR McLaren 722
Honda Integra Type-R (DC5)
Lotus 2-Eleven, Bugatti Veyron
Jaguar XKR GT3
Ferrari F430 GTC
Ferrari F575 GTC.

Additional cars are available in Race Day mode by selecting the relevant discipline.
8-Ball & Prestige DLC Mod: How to Install
Please note that this mod is only for the PC Windows Version of GRID.

Where to Get It:

File Size: ~623Mb (1.23Gb uncompressed)

A quick Google[] search should return other options if the links below don't work.

Please let me know in the comments if there's a dead link:


(Note: Site/Link is now returning a false malicious content warning in several modern browsers. It can be bypassed, but as always use at your own risk! If concerned you can try the alternative link(s) below)

(Note: Site requires registration to download)

How To Install:

Important point first, before you start modifying your game MAKE A BACKUP of your original GRID folder.

By this I mean copy it to another safe location on your hard drive. This way if anything goes wrong, or you want to go back to the original PC version you can just delete the mod version and copy the original back. If you don't then you may need to download the game from Steam again.

[Step 1] Download the mod.

[Step 2] Ensure you are up to date through Steam to the latest version 1.3.
(just incase you have a really old version)

[Step 3] Extract the zip/rar mod files to your GRID installation folder. For example:

[Step 4] If prompted choose 'Yes' to replace folders.

[Step 5] Optional Step: Disable Steam Automatic Updates for GRID. (No longer available)
Right click game icon > Properties > Updates

All done!


* The mod only adds more files and will not replace any existing files in your GRID game folder. *
* Best not to 'Verify integrity of game cache' in Steam after modding. It may overwrite changes! *[/b]
Can you still play GRiD online?

In June 2011, Codemasters shut down the official servers for PC & PS3 versions of GRiD which upset a lot of fans of the game. It was never migrated to a Steamworks server, leaving online mode returning an error on sign-in; so what are the options?

You can try LAN which should still work locally or you can try alternative online services to link you with other players such as GameRanger[], Tunngle[], Evolve[] or Hamachi/LogMeIn[].
Restart Career Mode
Multiple Profiles?

Had so much fun first time you want to do it all again? Think you can do better?

You could just delete everything in your savegame folder, but alternatively goto:

Options >>> My Profile >>> Change Profile >>> New

This will allow you to keep both savegames in case you ever wanted to go back (Select 'Load' from Profile menu) or if you have more than one person playing it on your PC.
Change Log | Notes

Did I miss something?

Got a good mod, hack or tip?

Could I improve this guide?

Your constructive feedback is welcome!

*** Please give me a 'Thumbs Up' if you found this guide helpful ***



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The links still work for the DLC packs on Windows? I'd like to try these out...
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Hey man, i tried re-installing the game in drive D and the save is still corrupt... i cannot play the game, but thanks for the help..
Aussiedroid  [author] Sep 18 @ 7:08am 
No worries! The joys of 'older' game huh
ultimate dude Sep 18 @ 7:07am 
Thanks for the answer, i already deleted the saves and verified the integrity of the game cache, aswel as re-install the game, but nothing worked. I will try to install it in another directory though
Aussiedroid  [author] Sep 18 @ 4:38am 
Hey ultimate dude, sorry not sure of an answer for you. I would probably try manually deleting any of the save games from windows explorer and ensure it all removed before starting game. Could also try installing to another directory outside of program files folder if that is your default for Steam. I've see the occasional issue in the past with games installed in these directories if using Win7/10.

ultimate dude Sep 17 @ 11:46am 
Could you possibly help me? I've tried looking online or asking on the forums, but nobody could help me, and you seem like you know about this game. My save game got corrupted and when i tried to make a new one it also got corrupted. I get this error: "Unable to save. Cannot acces storage device." Thanks man
Aussiedroid  [author] Sep 10 @ 7:08am 
Thanks everyone! Much appreciated!
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