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Iron Man SWep
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Apr 28, 2013 @ 7:33am
Aug 25, 2015 @ 6:14am
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Iron Man SWep

[EDIT] First page of the top rated weapons EVER! Thank you guys so much! (It's not there anymore but it was nice while it lasted)

Left click to punch
Right click for special attack
Reload (default key is R) to change special attack
Jump to fly

ironman_music 1 and ironman_music 0 to toggle the music that plays when deployed

Addon contents can be found under "Stark Industries" in both Weapons and Entities.
Doesn't work with chowder908's version. I don't know what you would do with two Iron Man addons anyway.

Originally made by Kliker, ported to GMod 13 by chowder908, fixed and improved by me (FrostyAvo) and Hogwing.

My changes:
New flying sounds
New Unibeam sound
New spawnmenu icons for all items
Replaced certain models with better ones
Fixed Uninade (Second special attack)
Increased punch force and damage

Hogwing's changes:
Added a convar to disable the music that plays when equipped
Added playermodel hands
Better punching animations

PLEASE READ THE FAQ BELOW BEFORE COMMENTING! I will ignore all comments which ask something that is already answered here.

Q: What is the song that plays when the swep is equipped?
A: Iron Man by Black Sabbath.

Q: Could you also port *old swep here* to GMod 13? / Could you add X to this swep?
A: I have very little knowledge of Lua, so I can't make anything big. As I said earlier, I didn't port this, chowder908 did.

Q: The jetpack sounds are really annoying, could you change them?
A: The problem is, the part of the code which handles the jetpack plays the sound every tick while a button is held down mid-air. I don't know enough of Lua to add a delay or make a looping jetpack sound. If it makes you feel any better, the GMod 12 version had a way more obnoxious sound.

Q: lololol unibeam is crotch beam XDXDXD
A: Unibeam is fired from the Iron Man suit's chest. Also, please don't make comments like this.
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lololol unibeam is crotch beam XDXDXD
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gmod 12 memories.
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I understand with all the problems with the Jetpack sounds, but maybe you should remove it all together, its constantly annoying and isnt very important or wanted if it sounds like shit, im not blamming you but i am asking you just remove the sound.
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this is pretty cool but how do i continually fly it just jumps far
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is there a swep weapon for Iron man's repulsers?
A TF2 Player May 5 @ 4:31pm 
Quick suggestion, you probably should add the suit battery protection and make it regenerate over time.
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or you could use the unibeam and deal i don't know mabye 1000 DAMAGE and not hurt yourself??

don't call me bee beard Apr 24 @ 6:22pm 
what is the point of atomic impact?