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Demolition Company Gold

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Guide To Editing & Modding Demolition Company
By [FUED] LordSmoke
A basic guide to modding, editing & cheating in Demolition Company & Demolition Company Gold
This guide contains instructions for downloading & installing mods.
Hacking game rules and settings, and a range of tips and tricks to make the game easier for you.
About This Guide
This guide is designed to help those who have finished the game and want to add or edit the game files. Making the game more fun, or tweaking the options for some extra effect.
The guide may link to outside download sites where other mods are available, and will provide details on how these mods work and a quick review on each one.

PLEASE NOTE: This guide is still under construction, please post any requests in the comment section and I will try and address your questions.
Giants Game Editor
Before you start editing your files ensure you have the GIANTS EDITOR installed.
To locate this, open your Demolition Company folder in your steam directory
(Default: Program_Files/Steam/SteamApps/Common/Demolition_Comapany)

Now open the folder: SDK
Install GIANTS_Editor_4.1.8e_win32
Some may also contain a 4.1.8d (This is in another language)

You will also notice this folder contains the Race Car files & Concrete Saw files and can be copied from here.

This editor will allow you to create, edit and modify your own missions, and change some of the buildings in excisting areas.
List of Known Available Mods
The following mods are available from the DC Mods website.

(I will review each of the mods and add extra description during a future guide update)

All mods fall into 3 catagories.
Map - Mods

Iveco EuroStar Dumper
Caterpillar Wheel Loader
CAT Scorpian
Fiat Hitachi EX165
Demolition Racer Sample

Rocket Launcher
Concrete Saw Sample

Mission2 by blackburner
Mission by blackburner
Emply Sample Map

(Available from:
How To Install Mods
So you have decided to download and install some of the listed mods, now some of these are very quick and easy .exe applications and will do the work for you, while others need to be manually added in.
This is very easy to do.

Depending on the version of Windows you are using (For this example I am using windows 8)
Open My Documents, My Games, DemolitionCompany

In this directory should be a MODS folder, just copy and paste the zip files into this directory.
The mods will now be available in your game, and ready to play!
Mod Reviews
Iveco EuroStar Dumper
The Iveco drives very well for a basic dumpster introduced and designed before the one available in the Gold edition of Demolition Company. Looking at both side by side you can really see the difference in size!!!

Caterpillar Wheel Loader
This vehicle looks fantastic, and the ability to pickup or drop extra tools is also very good, however during my testing I had issues actually moving any of the parts.

CAT Scorpian
This vehicle looks fantastic, and the ability to pickup or drop extra tools is also very good, however during my testing I had issues actually moving any of the parts.

Fiat Hitachi EX165
Great little excavator, you can download 2 different tool sets and choose what to attach on the fly, just press the Q key to add or remove the tool when parked over it.

Demolition Racer Sample
This fun little car is quick, but be careful as you may get it stuck on rocks quite easily.

Rocket Launcher
Once installed the Rocket Launcher is available for purchase at the store.
This device can be used in any map without the need for further game editing.

I am still comparing the explosive reaction to that of the explosives, it is either a type 1 or 2 explosion.

Concrete Saw Sample
The concrete saw is not very useful at all, its spinning blade acts more as a pushing tool, if you want precision try the pickaxe.

Mission2 by blackburner

Mission by blackburner

Emply Sample Map

(Still under review)

This is the first major mod for Demolition Company that I have found.
All the download sites were in another language and as such it took a very long time to find.

This is a fantastic mod, it adds multiple missions and some fantastic vehicles.

How To Tweak Explosive Settings
This section of the guide will show you how to edit the settings for explosives, adding more power or reducing the power where needed.
This will also explain how to modify the total number of explosives available to place at any given time.

So first open your demolition company folder.
Open the DATA folder, and choose DEVICES

We will start with EXPLOSIVE
This directory contains all the information for type 1,2 & 3 explosives.

The default file with explosion radius & max quantities are:

Explosive Small
The following is the data contained within Explosive Small

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
-<device type="explosive"><annotation>Copyright (C) GIANTS Software GmbH, All Rights Reserved.</annotation><filename>data/devices/explosive/explosiveSmallHeld.i3d</filename><sound volume="1" pitchOffset="0" file="data/devices/jackhammer/jackHammerSmallIdle.wav" name="idleSound"/><sound volume="0.4" pitchOffset="0" file="data/devices/jackhammer/jackHammerSmallHit.wav" name="hitSound"/><blink node="1"/><explosive pickupTrigger="0|0|0" maxPlaceDistance="3" maxNumPacks="8" radius="4" force="0.75" damage="0.5"/><explosivePickupName>$i10n_Explosive</explosivePickupName><filenamePlaced>data/devices/explosive/explosiveSmall.i3d</filenamePlaced><explosiveSymbolImage>data/devices/explosive/symbol_ex1.png</explosiveSymbolImage><explosiveCost>200</explosiveCost><selfOverlap radius="0.26"/><explodeParticleSystem file="data/maps/particleSystems/explosion.i3d" node="0>" deleteDuration="10" disableDuration="1"/><explodeSound volume="1" pitchOffset="1" file="data/devices/explosive/explosiveSmall.wav" radius="50" innerRadius="10"/></device>

There are 2 lines of data that you will want to "tinker" with.
I will try and explain them.

<explosive pickupTrigger="0|0|0" maxPlaceDistance="3" maxNumPacks="8" radius="4" force="0.75" damage="0.5"/>

Radius= Total area of damage (No adjustment needed)
Force= how much force is applied
Damage= how much damage is issued

For comparrison
Level 1 Explosive

Level 2 Explosive

Level 3 Explosive


So this section is very easy.
Just change the 200 to the amount you want each placed explosive to cost.
(I will check if this can be a negative to give you money)

Changing MAX no of explosives.
For the single player missions you can not change the number of explosives, however you can change the number of explosives for "free play" mode.

It only gets better with more explosives!

As per the above instructions edit the explosives file that you want modified.

Look for
Change this value to the no of explosives that you want to play with.

Fun Tips & Tricks
This section will show you some fun tricks when you want to blow something up, and just cant get to the location.
This section will make sugestions based on already unlocking the use of any vehicle on any map.

Cant reach that point? Not a problem.
Use one of the following:

Extend the arm and raise each section keeping it as flat as possible.
Lower the angle to around 40-50 degrees.
Jump onto the vehicles roof, and walk up the arm.
This is great when you want to get onto a roof, or even underneath a tall structure to help drop it.

Falling bricks driving you mad?
Well not any more, just remember to take an extra vehicle into the location, and use it as a prop to support the difficult section.
Add Extra Weapons To Missions
So this mod will only work on missions you have downloaded into your mod district, but will not help with the single player campaign.

Once you have downloaded your missions look for the extra items you want added.
Look for the following folder

C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Documents\My Games\DemolitionCompany\mods\ *YOUR MOD ZIP FILE*

You can open the .zip file or if you have extracted your expansions just open the required folder.
Now look for your modDesc.xml file.

In this example I am editing the DC mission by Blackburner.
Here are the file contents.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
-<modDesc descVersion="3"><author>Copyright (C) 2010 Blackburner</author><version>1</version>-<l10n>-<text name="ModMission01Name"><en>Mission 2.0 by Blackburner</en><de>Mission 2.0 von Blackburner</de></text>-<text name="ModMission01Description"><en>A not-used for years custody of a former dynamite factory should be demolished. This was however very stable and is thus naturally a lucrative contract for you.</en><de>Ein seit Jahren nicht mehr genutztes Depot einer ehemaligen Dynamitfabrik soll abgerissen werden. Diese wurde allerdings sehr stabil gebaut und ist dadurch natürlich ein lukrativer Auftrag für dich. </de></text>-<text name="factoryBuilding03CompleteMessage"><en>Go to a vending machine and drink something. You've earned you now!</en><de>Gehe zu einem Getränkeautomat und trinke etwas. Das hast du dir jetzt verdient!</de></text>-<text name="factoryBuilding03CompleteCaption">
<!-- CompleteCaption siehe ModMission.lua -->
<en>WELL DONE!</en><de>GUTE ARBEIT!</de></text>-<text name="01_Briefing1"><en>Tear the green marked (key G) a building. A clean tear you guarantee success.</en><de>Reiße das grün markierte (Taste G) Gebäude ein. Ein sauberer Abriß garantiert dir den Erfolg. </de></text>-<text name="01_Briefing2"><en>Oops! A blown out of the question, as any one blasting dynamite residue could make erratic and not interrupt the factory buildings in the vicinity of their production process can, because that would entail significant costs.</en><de>Achtung! Eine Sprengung kommt nicht in Frage, da eventuelle Dynamitrückstande eine Sprengung unberechenbar machen könnten und die Fabrikgebäude in der Nachbarschaft ihren Produktionsprozeß nicht unterbrechen können, da dass mit erheblichen Kosten verbunden wäre.</de></text>-<text name="01_Briefing3"><en>It is primarily sent to demolition and then only at the time. If successful, a reward awaits. (Hint: You can jump with the spacebar)</en><de>Hier geht es in erster Linie um geschickten Abriß und dann erst um Zeit. Bei Erfolg wartet eine Belohnung. (Tipp: Springen kannst du mit der Leertaste)</de></text></l10n>-<extraSourceFiles>
<!--sourceFile filename="SampleOnCreate.lua" /-->
</extraSourceFiles>-<missions>-<mission id="1"><name>ModMission01</name><image>Mission01.png</image><script filename="ModMission01.lua" class="ModMission01"/><briefing>01_Briefing</briefing><briefingText>01_Briefing</briefingText><requiredEquipment>Jackhammer1 WheelExcavatorCompressor WheelLoader CrawlerExcavatorCompressor</requiredEquipment><allowedDevices>Sledgehammer Jackhammer1 Jackhammer2</allowedDevices><allowedVehicles>WheelLoader MiniExcavatorCompressor WheelExcavatorCompressor CrawlerExcavatorCompressor</allowedVehicles><timeBonus>10000</timeBonus><timeLimit hard="1200" normal="2400" easy="3300"/><successBonus hard="5000" normal="15000" easy="40000"/><reward hard="9500" normal="12500" easy="14000"/><penalty hard="15000" normal="5000" easy="500"/><penaltyRelief hard="5000" normal="500" easy="50"/><xpBonus hard="80" normal="200" easy="300"/></mission></missions></modDesc>

Now the line you are looking for is:
</allowedDevices><allowedVehicles>WheelLoader MiniExcavatorCompressor WheelExcavatorCompressor CrawlerExcavatorCompressor</allowedVehicles>

Just add in the name of the file you want added and its good to go.

I have not yet found a way to edit the built in missions, but will update everyone if I do.
Enable Console Mode
Demolition Company also contains a development tool menu, it is very easy to activate and only requires one line to be changed.

In you Demolition Company folder look for the game.xml file.

To enable development tools look for the below line:
change this to

Activate Console
To Activate the console press the ~ key.

Fly Mode
Enter the following line into the console to enable FLY MODE
Key q: Up
Key e: Down
Key w: Forward
Key a: Left
Key s: Backward
Key d: Right
Hack - Change Item Prices
That shiney new tool too expensive?
Well it is very easy to adjust the prices of items.

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Demolition Company Gold\data
Look for the Equiptments.xml file, open this in NOTEPAD

You will find each item listed and linking to its individual .xml file (use these as a reference if you want to edit something later on)

Below is a breakdown of what you can change.

<idName>Pickaxe</idName> You can change the items name
<price>100</price> Change this number to adjust price
<level>3</level> Change this number to adjust level requirements
<showInShop>true</showInShop> True or false if you want it in the store
HACK - Add more cash, Edit Saved Games
So your feeling very cash strapped and you need some money fast.
C:\Users\<Your User ID>\Documents\My Games\DemolitionCompany

Edit the file savegames
Scroll accross in notepad until you find a reference to your saved game number.
This will list all your owened equiptment and many many other variables.
The easiest section to change is money
look for
The amount contained in here is your current cash, just edit the amount and you are good to go.
Hack - Change Required Level For Regions
This little hack is very straight forward and easy to do.
Look for the following file

C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Demolition Company Gold\data\districts.xml
This file is the same for both Normal & Gold editions of the game

The file contents will look like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
-<districts><district mapYPos="0.76" mapXPos="0.09" image="data/menu/districtScreen/townDistrict.png" requiredLevel="1" name="TownDistrict"/><district mapYPos="0.2" mapXPos="0.13" image="data/menu/districtScreen/factoryDistrict.png" requiredLevel="2" name="FactoryDistrict"/><district mapYPos="0.51" mapXPos="0.54" image="data/menu/districtScreen/cityDistrict.png" requiredLevel="5" name="CityDistrict"/><district mapYPos="0.38" mapXPos="0.2" image="data/menu/districtScreen/trainYardDistrict.png" requiredLevel="4" name="TrainYardDistrict"/><district mapYPos="0.28" mapXPos="0.49" image="data/menu/districtScreen/portDistrict.png" requiredLevel="6" name="PortDistrict"/><district mapYPos="0.82" mapXPos="0.49" image="data/menu/districtScreen/modDistrict.png" requiredLevel="7" name="ModDistrict"/><district mapYPos="0.05" mapXPos="0.2" image="data/menu/districtScreen/airportDistrict.png" requiredLevel="3" name="AirportDistrict"/></districts>

Now to change the level is very easy, just change Level="x" where X is the required level.
Save your file and you are good to go.
< >
High Lord Jarl Pastrami Human Dec 7, 2016 @ 3:02pm 
Thanks! :)
[FUED] LordSmoke  [author] Dec 7, 2016 @ 1:27am 
Hi Interesting Human, edit the file in Notepad.
High Lord Jarl Pastrami Human Dec 6, 2016 @ 5:16pm 
So, I dont think that this will be notcied, but how do I active Console Mode? I see the line of text you say to change, but I can't edit it... I'm looking at it through Interent Explorer.
Ministry of Aesthetics Jul 7, 2016 @ 6:09pm 
For the rocket mod, i found rocket.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="no" ?>
<device type="rocketLauncher">
<annotation>Copyright (C) The Destructors Mod Team, All Rights Reserved.</annotation>

<rocket explodeDamage="1.25" explodeForce="1" explodeRadius="4" filename="rocket.i3d" node="0|0" startNode="1" gravity="0.001" velocity="30" />

<rocketExplodeParticleSystem node="0>" file="$data/maps/particleSystems/explosion.i3d" disableDuration="1" deleteDuration="10"/>

<rocketExplodeSound file="$data/devices/explosive/explosiveMiddle.wav" pitchOffset="0.9" volume="1.2" radius="100" innerRadius="50" />

<sound name="idleSound" file="rocketStart.wav" pitchOffset="0" volume="1" />
<sound name="hitSound" file="rocketHit.wav" pitchOffset="0" volume="1" />

Timo654 Dec 11, 2015 @ 5:13am 
I edited a map so you can just fuck around.
It is a modded map by blackburner, I made it so you can destroy all the buildings and you have all the tools.
NOTE: When you start it up, it will say its complete. Just continue and play it :)
Timo654 Nov 26, 2015 @ 8:49pm 
Maybe a list of weapon names that you can add?
[FUED] LordSmoke  [author] Apr 10, 2014 @ 4:53pm 
Been a long time since I looked for any, will have a check over the next few weeks and if I find any good ones I will add them in.
sexy stock photo santa man Apr 10, 2014 @ 4:52pm 
Can you put more mods?
[FUED] LordSmoke  [author] Dec 16, 2013 @ 10:31pm 
Good point Hellbringer, I will add this in over the weekend. Thanks for the Tip
Knucleheadic Spazatron Dec 16, 2013 @ 1:15pm 
You should add in the tips section that you can use the gravity gun thing to move a vehicle outside the work space and drive around a textured (but non solid) city.