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✓ Dwemer Style Player Home.

✓ Medium Sized: 30'x75', ~2150'sq.

✓ 79 Labeled Containers.

✓ 9 Display Cases.

✓ 7 Mannequins.

✓ Role Player Friendly.

✓ Internal And External Dwemer Hot Tub.

✓ Map Marker.

✓ All Amenities And Utilities.

✓ No DLC required.


• Update Log
• General Description
• Where Is Barzanthium?
• Detailed Information
• Note To Subscribers
• My Mods
• Fine Print
• Credit

→ Version 1.1 - April 27th, 2013 @ 6:48pm
• reduced steam in external hot tub
• fixed banners
• added minor decorations

→ Version 1.0 - April 27th, 2013 @ 2:00pm

Hey guys, this is my 10th mod, and my 2nd house mod. I have to say, this was by far the most rigorous project yet. From Monday 'til Friday, I spent roughly 65hrs in the Creation Kit and other resources, had many sleeply nights, and drank gallons of coffee; 6am was my usual bedtime, if I went to sleep at all. So if you like this mod, please rate it, for the sake of my lost sleep.

In the beginning, I wanted to make a house that was unique and special, so I did some research on which types of homes other Modders were creating. I noticed a lack of Dwemer style homes, so I decided to choose that as my main theme and guideline for the home. Before any actual modding, I analyzed various name configurations and scouted various locations in which I could build a Dwemer Home, that were all suitable for the Dwarven theme. After which, I began building the interior piece by piece and adding features and adjusting them accordingly. I posted various discussions to gather information for further implementation, before continuing on to the exterior with which the structure was easily recognizable as a Dwarven construct.

Barzanthium is a luxurious Dwemer style player home located in the Reach by the main road and river. Barzanthium comes fully loaded with all amenities as well as the very useful "labeled containers" with which there are 79 of. There are also 9 display cases and 7 mannequins to show off your hardware. This home contains many role-playing features for added realism including hot tubs, sinks, light switches, mirrors, a stove, and even a toilet. You'll notice all items, features, and containers are all organized formally and accordingly. If you are interested, go ahead and hit subscribe to check it out for yourself, I'm sure you'll be surprised!

Barzanthium is located south-east of Old Hrolden in the Reach, by the main road and river. The external is carved into the mountain side and isn't hard to miss. A map marker is also available for fast travel.

Barzanthium - Dwemer Style Player Home
Author: fpsQUADRAsnipar - no duplication without permission

Located in the Reach.
Near Old Hroldan, the Main Road and the River.

Medium Sized: 30'x75', ~2150'sq.
79 Total Labeled Containers
09 Total Display Cases
07 Functioning Mannequins
03 Sleepable Beds
03 Light Swtiches

52 Containers
05 Display Cases
01 Dwemer Hot Tub
01 Large Bed
01 Light Switch
10 Shrines Of The Divines And Nocturnal
01 Single Bed
10 Standing Stones

01 Alchemy Lab
01 Anvil
01 Arcane Enchanter
08 Containers
01 Cooking Spit
01 Display Case
01 Fireplace
01 Grindstone
01 Workbench

05 Containers
01 Cooking Spit
02 Dish Wash Sinks
01 Display Case
01 Single Bed

Common Room:
08 Containers
02 Display Cases
01 Light Switch
07 Mannequins

03 Containers
03 Angled Mirrors
01 Hand Wash Sink
01 Light Switch
01 Toilet

01 Forge
01 Horse Stable
01 Outdoor Jacuzzi
01 Portcullis Gate
01 Smelter
01 Tannning Rack

Interior Notes:
Can Travel From Inside Of Home
Lights Can Be Turned Off/On (3)
All Containers Are Safe For Storage
1 Door: Barzanthium/The Reach

External Notes:
Map Marker (Understone Keep Icon)
Raised Perimeter For Security
Gated Entrance (Portcullis) Opened By Pullchain
1 Door: The Reach/Barzanthium

Interior Data:
Encounter Zone: NoResetZone
Owner Faction: NONE
Lock List: NONE

Sword Of Barzanthium:
Value: 2704
Weight: 12 (Norm)
Reach: 1.5 (x1.5 Norm)
Speed: 2.0 (x2 Norm)
Damage: 20 (x2 Norm)
Critical Dmg: 10 (x2 Norm)
Detection Sound Lvl: Silent

To My Subscribers,

I understand that after a few weeks with a single mod, it can be boring and unamusing after sometime. Therefore, I intend to implement unique scenario features that will change with every update; periodically varying from 1-4 weeks. For example, you might have to fight off a Skeaver infestation for one week and then deal with a leaky hot tub the next, and maybe even discover a respawning chest full of gold and treasure! Basically, keeping my fans pleased well after hitting the subscribe button.



• God Sword--------------------------http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=139468723
• Ninja Armor And Weapons-------http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=139626518
• God Armor--------------------------http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=139791338
• God Hammer-----------------------http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=139818387
• Gloves Of Crafting----------------http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=140006336
• Ring Of Nocturnal-----------------http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=140164483
• Powerful Skooma------------------http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=140357921
• Dragonborn's Hut------------------http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=140667391
• Devil Sword--------------------------http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=141015513
• Barzanthium-------------------------http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=141728904
• The Arena Of The Undead------http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=228634989

Reproduction, manipulation, and/or alteration may be performed for personal use only. Absolutely no reproduction, no manipulation, and/or no alterations to be published privately or publicly without the sole permission and/or consent of the owner(s). With request, you must provide information of all changes and publication details.

If you replicate this content using this exact mod's files and wish to publish it, please contact the original author (myself) for permission before doing so. Thank you.

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G20 Nov 3 @ 8:53am 
I've added this to a little collection.
I thought you might like to know :)
with respect.
Hoping it brings you some more deserved attention. you might like to lend your thumb too ;)
Datgamergirlgobykk Oct 19 @ 4:09pm 
fpsquadrasnipar  [author] Oct 17 @ 3:49am 
@drxgonzalez: Now I really did consider that when I was first making this, but there were some problems I couldn't really fix. Creating a neutral creature, that wouldn't attack unless provoked. Now this neutral creature (centurion home security) would constantly get attacked by hostile vanilla creatures nearby (sabre cat, wolf, dragons) which it will always end up engaging about 99% of the time. Now imagine having to deal with all that hostility at your doorstep. To you it may sound like a bad neighbourhood, to me it sounds like real estate value plummeting.

@Lieutenant Rothwell: Thank you! I am very flattered. I'm glad you really like it.

@Datgamergirlgobykk: You're very welcome!

@(OOC)[OpK](2S):Slenderman☣[SA]☣: The journey is more than just the destination.
fpsquadrasnipar  [author] Oct 17 @ 3:48am 
@Everyone: The years of university and work have taken much of my free time so I apologize for my extended absence, however I continue to express my passion for all things Elder Scrolls. Keep an eye out for mods published by fpsQUADRAsnipar. ;)

If anyone is having difficulties, please read the description and refer to the visual aids. If you need any further assistance, I'm here to help!
drxgonzalez Aug 17 @ 12:30am 
you should make dwarven centurions and spheres and such to protect the home
Lieutenant Chiasson Aug 14 @ 10:21pm 
Never have i ever had the honor of using such a masterpiece as this....I personally am a big fan of the Dwemer and Dwemer lore...and the pure amazingness of this house just completes it...i can truly say that this mod....is art.
Datgamergirlgobykk Jul 21 @ 5:08pm 
Thank you
um can you make it so you have to buy it at whiterun for 0 gold and you just have to go to the steward and you dont have to be thane
fpsquadrasnipar  [author] Mar 15 @ 10:03pm 
@R0GUE: It is a shame that mirrors just don't exist in Skyrim. I tried to use a water pallet and tilt it sideways showing a rippling reflection but the CK won't allow it. I was then left with the next best option. Display cases as props mirrors. We can only hope that TES VI will have real working mirrors.
R0GUE Mar 15 @ 3:07pm 
I took a look, looks like you only have display cases posing as mirrors. I guess the tech for this game just isn't up to having actual working mirrors which is a shame. Oh well, I liked the house though I'm going to keep it in my mods list for now. Good work.