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Enchanting / Smithing Potion Elongurator
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Apr 27, 2013 @ 12:02pm
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What this mod does is make all smithing and enchanting potions last 5 minutes instead of 30 seconds. This was something I tweaked for myself ages ago but figured you guys n gals might like it also.

'But TS, what does that mean?' I hear you cry. Well my friends it means you now have time to make and enchant items at your leisure.

Choose a nice enchantment you want after looking through the options and...OMG.... as in ZOMG... you now will have time to pick a name for your enchanted item which you will have struggled with before. So now you have a few minutes to come up with the name 'Super Boots' for those boots you thought were super but could never think up a name for before.

This could easily be considered a cheat and for those intelligentia out there please send me your multi page thesis on how wrong this is to talktothehand@noreally.com and I will surely spend much time contemplating how right you are.

Not quite sure what FAQ would be appropriate for something so simple but am sure you lovely folks will suprise me, so will create one as we go :)

P.S Before anyone asks no I am not a MLP fan or Brony or whathaveyou, however I do find the concept of Bronies most amusing in a light hearted 'ahh ain't that cute' way as opposed to anything negative, so please don't hit me with your low-orbit friendship cannon, or do whatever you prefer, since I figure that's probably alright actually.


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Herobrine_Masher Jun 13 @ 12:04pm 
HEY YOU!!!! MOD CREATOR!!!!! /) brohoof
TheCanterlonian Jun 3 @ 11:19pm 
Thanks man! I didn't realize I needed this until I found it, now I do! : )
René Marcusio Apr 10 @ 10:46pm 
Well, you're not a hater, so we don't need to hit you with our OFC. :D
But what we can do is hug you. :D *Gives you a bit hug.* XD <3
brainzzzzz Mar 22 @ 12:16pm 
TS I just love your comments :)
Savick Mar 16 @ 10:06am 
Does this mod work for enchanting potions you add by using the cheat code player.additem?
jigafree71 Feb 1 @ 6:32am 
I got 37% enchanting and 147% smithing. It would rock if i could have more time.
Turbosnowy  [author] Feb 1 @ 4:25am 
Does not affect home made potions at this time sorry.
jigafree71 Jan 31 @ 10:10pm 
Will this work with crated potions at the alchemy labs?
NiteCyper Jan 19 @ 9:37pm 
One of the funniest Skyrim mod descriptions I've read.
Narylena Jan 7 @ 6:36am 
Nice little mod TS. It's kind of a shame it only works with the standard potions, especially since the ones I make are better. But I love your work so I'm still subscribing. :-)