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Wulfharth's Dragonbone Weapons
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Feb 27, 2012 @ 7:55pm
Dec 25, 2012 @ 6:30am
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Apologies to everyone that just lost weapons. The Steam size limit forced me to split the mod in two. The katanas, nodachi, tanto, and scythe are available as a seperate mod:


I also posted gold re-texture versions in my workshop, for those in need of more bling.

This mod adds a bow, arrows, a warhammer, a waraxe, a battleaxe, a one-handed sword, a greatsword, a mace, a staff, and 2 types of dagger to the Dragon smithing catagory. The ingredients are leather strips, ebony ingots, and dragon bones. All are custom meshes and textures, have scabbards, and are upgradable and enchantable. The staves are obviously not craftable, but I made three staves with custom enchantments. They are in the possession of the dragon priests Otar, Krosis, and Vodsung. If you have already beaten them, just add the staves through console commands.

Staff names are in Dragon tongue and the enchantments are powerful, but they eat soul gems like a glutton:

Krah Rahgol- means "cold rage" in the possession of Vodsung. Ice based enchantment
Bruniik Ag- means "savage burn" in the possession of Krosis. Fire based enchantment
Unahzaal Feyn- means "unbridled bane" in the possession of Otar. Lightning based enchantment


Q- Does this conflict with any other mods?
A- The gold color versions of this mod.

Q- What are the stats?
A-These are all comparable to the Dawnguard dragonbone weapons, so better than daedric.

Q- Does this work with or require Dawnguard?
A- It works with Dawnguard, but doesn't require it.

My other mod:

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Big thanks to Oak333 on the Nexus for making some amazing screenshots for me. If you use the nexus, give that man some kudos!
And thank you to Ironman5000 for including these in his Immersive weapons mod available on the nexus:

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ckzllc Dec 23 @ 7:22am 
so how do i craft it???
ManOnFire Dec 20 @ 9:16pm 
so is this a retexture??/
ghostofthemorning Nov 27 @ 11:00am 
great mod, it's just a shame that there is some carry over from the nightingale bow, I.E. it makes it difficult to sneak and loose an arrow as for some reason the bow is very noisey and pretty much cancels out sneak ability, like having muffle, a sneak of 100 and full perks.
Neko On The Run Nov 3 @ 1:11pm 
I really like the new style of the weapons.
Could you possibly give them a new category in the craft menu?
Ambition Oct 5 @ 7:19am 
how can i get it???
Probably Evil Sep 26 @ 1:55pm 
could you add the object IDs for the staffs to the description please?
Cat Face Sep 26 @ 11:41am 
sorry just read the description again and there arnt craftable staves gonna go look for them now. Thanks anyway
Cat Face Sep 26 @ 11:40am 
Is there a craftable staff in this pack i couldnt find one?
Dovah-Kain Sep 24 @ 1:41pm 
what is that gold dragon armor
Pipe-Search-New-Job[龍] Sep 23 @ 11:28am 
Did you fix a trouble with Bow zooming?