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The Killer's Office (FINAL UPDATE 3.1)
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Apr 26, 2013 @ 10:14pm
Apr 27, 2013 @ 7:53am
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''Don't look back, it can only get worse...''

You find yourself in a dark office, with cubicles filled with death and destruction. Curious, you venture further and further into the complex, uncovering horrifying things along the way.

Yes, this is the final map. v2 and office are to be disregarded. Its not a beautiful work of art, but if it scares you, let me know. feedback and playthroughs are greatly appreciated.

This map is not a truly epic work of art, it has graphical issues and some other weird stuff. Also, try not to use you portal gun when you don't have to, because doing so may ruin your experience or break the map. so if there is a corridor, walk down it. if there is something else where it seems you must use the gun, use it. This map was started a reaaally long time ago, so you may see the quality increase over the map.

So, shut off the lights, close the door, and enjoy the ride.

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Camßεn  [author] 1 hour ago 
thanks, sadly I can't fix the crashing because it doesn't ever crash for me so I can't fix a problem I don't have
Anonymister 2 hours ago 
But please, do not think I am balefully criticizing your hard worked on creation without any appreciation for the effort you put into it. Crashes aside, this map was a lot of fun, and I liked the ending!
Anonymister Aug 21 @ 2:18pm 
The ported models were also a nice touch, I must say.
Anonymister Aug 21 @ 2:17pm 
This map would have been enjoyable, and maybe a bit scary (it was creepy for sure) if it did not crash every 5 minutes. I am not evening exaggerating, the map crashed Portal 2 three or four times. Other than that, good work, although I never actually finished the map due to it crashing so much.
Hedgeh0g1o1 Jul 28 @ 11:30am 
Yes :'(
Camßεn  [author] Jul 27 @ 10:25pm 
You actually pissed yourself? :D
Hedgeh0g1o1 Jul 27 @ 7:32pm 
Oh & BTW, TOO SCARY! I actually pissed myself it's that scary D:
Camßεn  [author] Jul 27 @ 5:12pm 
Hedgeh0g1o1 Jul 27 @ 4:27pm 
Does this require anything?
wafflesrawsome Apr 18 @ 12:55pm 
So there's jumspcares? No thank you. FUCK THIS!!!!! *runs away*