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|EUPRP| Alien Scenario
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Door STool
Created by OLD SOH
==== END OF SUPPORT ====
I am no longer putting time into this addon.
Feel free to pick up development on your own.
Link to source: http:// /va1h
==== END OF SUPPORT ====

Version: 1.7 (fixed for gmod 13, by me)
Not originally my wo...
Easy Bodygroup Tool
Created by Rubat
An improved bodygroup tool, also supporting skins! And it works on effects too!

Right/Left click on an entity to select it.
Reload to select yourself

If the entity is highlighted with halo effect, then open context menu and ma...
Explosion Effect
Created by EP45
Not made by me. Just reuploading

origianl maker : The Vman
original post :

To see the effect, Both Serverside and Clientside must have this stuff....
Explosive Entities
Created by CapsAdmin
A tool which makes props explosive.

Damage the props you've used this toolgun on to make them explode.

To undo press z....
Created by CapsAdmin

Gives you the ability to personalize your player model's look by placing objects and effects on yourself. You can go from putting just a hat on your head to creating an entire new player model. PAC can also work on vehicles or props.
Aliens CM : Infestation
Created by IFFY
Game - Aliens : Colonial Marines

Model - Infestation Stuffs
Type - Effect Prop

Port - IFFY
Models, Textures - GearBox, Sega...
Alien: Isolation - Working Joe Player Model
Created by Sire
The synthetic antagonists from Alien: Isolation now available as a ragdoll and player model.
FYI I don't plan on porting any of the other characters from the game; perhaps just a few props.

- The model now has three different skins that can ch...
AvP Face Hugger/Chest Burster Models
Created by Dead Serious
Hello all I bring the much sought after face hugger and chest burster alot of us have been seaching for, I did not create these repeat did not create these models nore do I take any credit for them they were made by bloodwail from another site I'm uploadin...
AvP Corporate Megapack
Created by Lt_Commander
AvP Corporate Megapack

An expansive megapack of all things corporate from the 2010 release of AvP, incuding a few non-cannon models. Every ragdoll and major prop has bodygroups, many have skingroups, and all props have a full range of shaders, from spec...
Advanced Duplicator
Created by WireTeam
A tool for duplicating contraptions that include many complex components including Wiremod devices, and most other SENTs.

Nebual made the amazingly creative icon for this.

Wiremod Landing Page:

Alien: Isolation - Alien
Created by Wheatley

What's new?
  • Completley new A.I. Core.
  • Original model from Alien: Isolation.
  • New animations.
  • New vent model.
  • Lockers.

How to use?[/
Alien: Isolation - Flamethrower
Created by Wheatley
Alien: Isolation - Flamethrower
Finnaly I finish it. That was hard to make it's model looks like a one from the original game.

Open your spawn menu -> Weapons tab -> Alien: Isolation -> Flamethrower...
Alien: Isolation - Flare
Created by Wheatley
Flare from Alien: Isolation

Flare SWEP. Used to light up dark places but use it carefuly, it may summon the Alien...
Use LMB to turn on.
Hold RMB to aim then release to throw.
Press LMB whil...
Alien: Isolation - Motion Tracker
Created by Wheatley
Motion Tracker from Alien: Isolation

How To Use
Go to Weapons > Alien: Isolation > Motion Tracker.

Wheatley - coding.
Lt_Commander - model, materials.
Creative Assembly...
Alien: Isolation - Noisemaker
Created by Wheatley
Noisemaker from Alien: Isolation

Used to distract Alien.
Hold LMB to aim then release to throw.
Press RMB while holding LMB to stop aiming.
Can be crafted using:
1 - SCJ Injector
Alien: Isolation: ai_lockdown
Created by Wheatley
Alien: Isolation: map ai_lockdown (remastered ai_alien_test)

Redesigned map for Alien: Isolation: Gamemode

What's new?
  • Map was expanded: added new corridors and vents.
  • Visual part of the map was improved.
Alien: Isolation: Gamemode
Created by Wheatley
Alien: Isolation: Gamemode

Whats new?
  • Fully new gamemdoe base: reworked all systems, weapons, UIs and other!
  • More optimized code: should be no freezes and/or FPS drops!
  • More
Fallout 4 - Facial Hair Pack
Created by dickmosi


Eighteen Facial Hair styles from Fallout 4

This addon adds Eighteen types of facial hair:
  • The Bard
  • The Beast
  • The Cho
Created by .Ż. Dathus [BR]
Version: 2.8.23

PlayX is an advanced media player that can be used to play video/music from 13 media providers.


Software Compability
Windows: [url=htt...
PAC Gear
Created by Marsi
Re-uploaded after being removed for the workshop
All models belong to their rightful owners
Will take down if the original author requests it....
Created by Proxima
This is probably the second useless, unrealistic (but neat) addon that relates to computers! With gTerminal you can pretend you're running a basic console based operating system and cyber with other people on user-created networks (sort of like real life!)...
Mass Effect Props - Part Four
Created by Archer [HPMC]
Mass Effect Props - Part Four description coming soon...
Sci-Fi Citizens v4
Created by Lt_Commander
I present to you version 4.0 of the Sci-Fi Citizens.


Playermodels - Workshop Link

Included in this download are 27 mo...
Sci-fi Props Megapack
Created by Lt_Commander
Over 70 Unique Sci-Fi Themed Props!

Included in this release is the bulk of two years’ work on a specific visual theme. When combined with my other similar releases, this is little short of the cores assets needed to make a total conversion source mod....
Special Effects
Created by Draco_2k
All kinds of fancy visual flair at your fingertips.

Fire, sparks, smoke, steam, electric arcs, light glow, starfield effect, and charged balls of energy. Everything you need to give your ultra-professional cinematography that extra edge.

Terminal & Scripted Message Mod
Created by Offizier Xenikay
Hi , this is a simple mod to make your own secret scripted message ! I guess ...
There's a password to protect the content of the disk , you can write the maximum of 200,400,800 characters is a disk.

If there's a lua error , write it in the comment
VJ Base
Created by DrVrej
VJ Base is an addon that is used to create many different types of addons. It's especially used for creating SNPCs, as it comes with one of the most advanced artificial intelligence that exists in Garry's Mod. Check out the feature l...
Weight STool
Created by OLD SOH
==== END OF SUPPORT ====
I am no longer putting time into this addon.
Feel free to pick up development on your own.
Link to source: http:// /va16
==== END OF SUPPORT ====

EDIT: Here's a link to the original author's version of the S...
Xenomorph SNPC
Created by Mayhem
Just something I had on my harddrive that I thought all of you might get a kick out of.
Requires VjBase to work properly.

*Keep in mind, I do this in my spare time or when I feel like it. I don't work on this 24/7, so asking when something is done or w...
Standing Pose Tool
Created by Winded
This small tool can pose a ragdoll to it's model pose, which usually is a standing pose for ragdolls. It does not work properly with all ragdolls, but for most of them it does....
Created by Saloblёv
This is a reskin of Srgt.Shotup/Zupadupazupadude WIC Style Soldies remade for HL2 leak's conscripts.

Thanks for guys in this thread for inspiring me:

You can use this models for HL2Roleplay or posing but ...
Female Conscripts
Created by Saloblёv
This is a reskin of Rusty Female National Guard remade for HL2 leak's conscripts female version.

Original models you can see here:

Player models by Lucky9Two:
Model Manipulator (Fixed)
Created by Heinrick
NOTE: This file is tested monthly. If you are getting an error, I will specially check it again for you.

Model Manipulator let's you change NPCs, other models, and your player model into another model. E.G., select a bed and you can...
No Collide World [Reupload]
Created by Coverop
No colllide World tool is back! Now In Gmod13!

Simple tool that allows you to disable the collision between prop and map (like the picture presents, train is IN the map)...
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this is not ww2rp, this is fallout rp