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How to Do Multiplayer Co-Op
By -={D@}=- The009®
This guide will help you start and play a Multiplayer Co-Op Game.
I will go over the ports and steps needed for this all to work.
Port Forwarding
In order to host a game you will need to forward the following ports.
These ports are used by the Steam Engine and they are used for all of valves games.

  • Steam_1 TCP 27014 - 27050
  • Steam_2 TCP 3074
  • Steam_3 UDP 27000 - 27030
  • Steam_4 UDP 3478
  • Steam_5 UDP 4379 - 4380
  • Steam_7 UDP 3074

If you do not know how to forward the ports on your network you can go to http://portforward.com/ and they can help walk you through the settings for your router.
Hosting The Server
From The Menu Click On "Host New coop Game" and A small window will pop up.

On The First Screen Of The Pop-UP select the first map on the dropdown list.

Then on the second screen you have the option to add a password.

Once you have done that simply press start.

This will take you to the lobby screen.

If your name shows up as Unknown in the lobby screen press the ~ key.
In the console type
name "<your_Name>"
and hit enter.

Now that you have the server running your friends can connect to you.

You can also send a heartbeat to the steam servers to get your server listed for others to play if you do not add a password.

To send heartbeat open the console with ~ and type in
and press enter.
This will send a signal to the servers saying that your server is up and running for others to play.
Friends Joining Your Server
If you have set a password for the server your friends will need to enter it in the console.
Press the ~ key and in the console type
sv_password "<your_chosen_password>"
and hit enter.

Now they have set the password for the server it is time for them to connect to you.
You will need to know what your ip address is. If you do not know what it is you can go to http://whatismyipaddress.com or https://www.google.com/search?q=what+is+my+ip.

Now with your IP address have your friends type the following into the console.
connect "<your_ip_address>"
and hit enter.

You should now see your friends in your lobby.
Once everyone is in you just need to all press the left mouse button and the game will start.

Enjoy your Co-Op Fun.
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Like an expert Jun 25 @ 12:04am 
Games gay dosent work
Fis Jun 21 @ 3:42am 
Ah, I see, :)
-={D@}=- The009®  [author] Jun 21 @ 3:29am 
@Fis Yes you can use Hamachi Personally I prefer to not give people access to my network unless I know them, this guide is for anyone who wants to play with anyone without having to worry about something like securing hamachi. It is a good program but its use is only for those you turst, this way you don't have to trust the people you are playing with :)
Fis Jun 21 @ 3:10am 
Or what we could do is hamachi.
*A$AP* Jesusthellamas Jun 10 @ 5:41pm 
Aw, well thanks. I looked it up there doesn't seem to be any for linux yet.
-={D@}=- The009®  [author] Jun 10 @ 4:40pm 
@*A$AP* Jesusthellamas : I have no idea if there is a linux dedicated server for this. I don't think there is. I would check out the devoluper site to see if they have any information on that.
Hi YouTube Guys Jun 10 @ 8:10am 
i am new to the game
*A$AP* Jesusthellamas Jun 7 @ 10:48am 
Can you set up dedicated servers? I would need to know for linux if possible
☆BRO| Jack Daniels Apr 21 @ 3:54am 
oh, ok then
-={D@}=- The009®  [author] Apr 20 @ 4:47pm 
@[GER] Jack Daniels This is to do it without Hamachi