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Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted
Platforms: PC, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Multi-player
Apr 23, 2013 @ 8:56am

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About the Game
Developed by Virtrium, the MMORPG Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted immerses players in an online fantasy world of magic and mystery. Istaria is a land populated by monsters, magic, heroes, and player-built communities. Istaria is the only fantasy MMORPG to offer gamers the opportunity to play as a dragon, earning skills and abilities as they grow from a hatchling to adult.

Key Features
  • 11 playable fantasy races: Dragons, Dryads, Dwarves, Elves, Fiends, Gnomes, Half-Giants, Humans, Saris, Satyrs and Sslik populate the world and offer players distinct physical, mental and magical abilities
  • An open character class system: Learn skills from 50 schools while not being limited to one ‘class’. Players can change their character’s ‘class’ as often as they like with no penalty.
  • A real-time persistent world: Build and maintain structures, from simple houses to entire towns. Create businesses, process resources and develop economies within the game world by buying, selling and trading with other players.
  • Friendly gameplay: With a focus on cooperative, PvP-free gameplay, Istaria offers families a perfect place to enjoy a fantastical adventure. A friendly online community of players is always available to help new and seasoned travelers as they explore Istaria.
  • Virtually unlimited exploration potential: Soar through the skies as a dragon, or dig deep into the earth when building your lair. Istaria is a land without “zones” or predetermined player movement boundaries, thus allowing adventurers to explore the entire game world without limits.

Istaria offers Free to Play for a single human character - with no limitations or restrictions on character progression, quests, items, monsters, play time, etc.

Paid access provides
  • Extra character slots
  • Access to all player races: Dragons, Dryads, Dwarves, Elves, Fiends, Gnomes, Half-Giants, Saris, Satyrs and Sslik
  • Biped plot or dragon lair

We never force automatic billing. All paid access provide options for recurring or non-recurring payments. Istaria has Fire Breathing Dragons - not Ninja Billing.

System Requirements
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Ubuntu w/Wine 1.4.1
Processor: 1GHz Intel or AMD
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Disk Space: 2.0 GB for install, 2GB for cache
Video Card: ATI or nVidia with dedicated RAM (non-dedicated will work with 4GB of system memory)

To maximize the in-game experience, Istaria offers multiple rendering settings:
  • High Performance (lowering system requirements)
  • High Quality (requiring higher CPU / video memory)
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Rodneh Green
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Dwarfurious Jul 6 @ 9:58pm 
Your screenshots are bad. Show us actual in game screenshots with the HUD up, show us menus, inventories, character stats, skill bars, etc. Useful things.
mr.riki Jul 5 @ 2:16pm 
mr.riki Jul 5 @ 2:16pm 
Ka'ex Jul 4 @ 6:28pm 
The quests are boring and always the same pattern. Kill 20 those, fetch 10 that. You gotta grind hours for crafting and have pretty much nothing from it. The whole game is completely unbalanced and there's no such thing is good builds. Either you have the right classes and armor or not. Playing a dragon is awesome and all, but there are no real goals. Once you're ancient and got your armor there's a few high level bosses. You could get a lair and build it. But it's extremely boring to grind materials for hours. The whole game feels more like a bunch of chores with the only purpose to get to max level. Roleplaying is the only thing to do after that. The community is also pretty down these days. Sometimes only 20 – 30 players on the whole server. In the places with some people is silence or a bunch of trolls causing drama. And about those updates. They recycle the same 2 events each year, maybe adding 1 or 2 new items. The "new content" can't under any circumstances keep you busy.
Tails41347 Jul 4 @ 7:57am 
It's almost the only game where you can be a dragon. But yeah it cost to get the dragons...
Chompy Totodile Jul 1 @ 10:52am 
the main feature is playing as a darn dragon. people will download this to play as the DRAGON. they will not pay to play as it. lose the P2P and this will be a good game
Leszek16 {SPRZEDAJE ITEMY } Jun 26 @ 2:25am 
|RR| Fatalis Jun 24 @ 4:57am 
Kinda awful that you still have to pay to play all races besides humans. Would love to try out playing as a dragon, but meh I have other games where I can play as a dragon all I want for free. If you were allowed at least one free race of your choice or have one free slot for each race permanently then this would be a consideration to upvote for me.
Tarax00 Jun 22 @ 11:45am 
Me wantz!
Raptor R9 Jun 21 @ 9:43pm 
I love this game so much :)