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Treant Protector Jungle Guide - Insert Witty Tree Pun Here (Working Both Sides)
By Jachymor
A fast farming jungle build for Treant Protector to reach Level 6 and Arcane Boots by minute 7.
Intro: Shouldn't Treant Be Supporting?
Yes and no.

Treant is a useful support since he has a cheap heal, lots of damage and is rather sturdy and can turn invisible. HOWEVER being in lane doesn't grant him this much gold and experience and real kill chances come at level 6. His slow is useful, indeed, but without a follow up stun or nukes the enemy can easily blink or leap away.

Treant can achieve a lot even when being in the jungle. If the jungle creeps are right, he still can use Living Armour on allies while staying alive in the jungle. Also, if a proper ganking chance arises, he can stealth out of the jungle and surprise the enemy way better than when he is in lane.

The benefits of a jungling Treant are:
Arcane Boots
Level 6
Suprise Ganking
Living Armour support

Also the possibility to share the jungle with Chen or Enchantress or Enigma and stack heavy camps are present aswell while providing gank protection and rune controll.

Beware! The guide works best in the Radiant jungle since there are chokepoints everywhere and can only be limited used on the Dire side.
1. Items And Skill Build
Treant doesn't require a complex item build and can go straight for Arcane after the starting buy. Also his skillbuild can be opted to be supportive or ganking heavy.


Stout Shield: Basic damage block. Also, if stout shield triggers, it will not waste a charge of living armor!
Quelling Blade: 85 Base damage + 30% Damage on creeps = Over a 100 damage per hit from level 1.
Tango: To not fall below 50% health in the beginning.

If Random: Courier or save money

Skill Build:

Start With Living Armour. Use it whenever needed, prefer Allies if possible. Remember its global range, you can make dives happen and save allies from certain death. If no certain death is available, use it for yourself to keep your health up. Use it first when there are fewer creeps attacking you to make it last as long as possible. Max it as soon as possible for a supportive build, otherwise Level 2 is sufficient.

Nature's Guise VS Life Sap
Skill Nature's Guise at Level 2 if you are afraid of ganks happening. This way you get out alive and there is very little chance they have detection at this early level. Also, while they are wasting time and money hunting you, your allies get time to farm or come in for the counter gank.

Life Sap provides you with a useful 24% slow and team regeneration. You should get it at level 4, max it if you want to increase your ganking damage.

Skill your Ultimate whenever possible. As soon as you have it, jungling time is over and you should go for teamfights and ganks.
2. How To Jungle
Radiant Side:

The Radiant Side provides the easiest way of jungling since there are more choke points available. You want to farm the Medium Camps. The upper camp has a natural choke point which can be used. Lure one creep into the trees to the left and punch it. The rest will try to run around, hit you once and return to the camp.

The lower medium camp has a choke point in the middle of the trees aswell, but it takes a while to reach it. Instead, destroy the tree in the middle that rises like a middle finger and is the northernmost of all. You can get one creep stuck between the creeps then and, if you are south enough, the upper camp will still spawn if if you are in sight.

Dire Side:

It is harder here. No real natural choke points, most camps are in a corner. The western medium camp can receive a choke point by cutting down a path close to the cliff. The forest around the small camp allows a path aswell by simply cutting down tree wherever desired. However, since the camps are so far away, it will take longer and you might consider taking other camps aswell, while risking to take more damage.

No matter what you do: Test this build before using it in a real game! You want to be sure where to cut down trees to get the best choke points.
3. Pulling, Choking and Healing
What sounds like a bizare love technique is actual the way to jungle Treant. Lure creeps into the choke points and fight them one by one. Use your Heal when only 1 creep is attacking you, so it will last longest. When reaching x:53 minutes, pull the current camp creeps out of the camp to make another camp spawn. Since you chokepoint jungle, you can deal with the additional creeps rather easily since they can't attack your simultaniously.

When your current choke camps are cleared, do not hesitate to stack large camps. Your carry will thank you as soon as he gets the chance to clear them - maybe with your support?

And yes, that is all you need to do to efficiently jungle. Always take the needs of your team into consideration to leave the jungle early for a gank or defense and, if only Satyrs and Ogres are attacking you, heal your allies rather than yourself.
4. Video (Medium Case)
This Video shows a good run through the jungle even tough I mess up 2 stacks. Despite my mistakes I made a proper time, so imagine how fast you can be if everything works out. Don't worry, I'll show a better run eventually. Also it explains the basics, so take this video as reference for the jungle experience.

5. Video (Dire Side Run)
To be fair, it can work equally well if you don't ruin your stacks, but small camps can wither you down rather quickly.

6. Video (Best Run)
- In The Making -
7. Credits
Thanks to everyone who keeps reading my guides, it helps me create more and more content and I love doing so for you.
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Roosevelt Franklin Jul 9, 2013 @ 1:54pm 
This was a great guide, but Treant Protector's living armor got nerfed recently, so who knows how effective this still is :(
Turnip the Beets Jun 11, 2013 @ 5:44pm 
How do u activate this build in game -_-
dr.tox May 9, 2013 @ 4:08pm 
Really nice guide!
Jachymor  [author] May 7, 2013 @ 6:25am 
Thanks for the feedback, thus I am giving you the Dire Side run which works pretty well aswell.
25C-NBOMe May 3, 2013 @ 5:24pm 
Da hora esse guia x)
LordessClaire Apr 30, 2013 @ 9:39pm 
Suprisingly effective guide here. Would you mind making a video of the method on Dire side, since that's more difficult?
Mr. Stimpson Apr 23, 2013 @ 9:22pm 

Nice guide.