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Apr 21, 2013 @ 10:34am
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FN Herstal's SCAR-H (SOF (Special Operations Forces) Combat Assault Rifle: Heavy) is a modern battle rifle chambered for 7.62×51mm NATO rounds. It replaces the SIG SG 552 and features five different skins (one of them being an uber manly pony princess version). This version uses cR45h's black textures and includes sounds and a HUD icon.

Five skins:
- Bull's black
- Bull's tan
- cR45h's black
- cR45h's tan
- Funreal/haus' Princess Celestia (Equestria Nationale Solar Celestial Assault Rifle: Heavy)
Get them here: http://l4d2.gamebanana.com/skins/125728

This mod uses my particles addon. Get it here:
To obtain this weapon, start a listenserver (enter map "mapname" in your console), open your console and enter:
"sv_cheats 1" and "give rifle_sg552".
Then, enter "changelevel [map name]", for example: "changelevel c1m2_streets".

arby26 - animations, flashlight model/texture
ImBrokeRU - model, UVs
Bull - textures
cR45h - textures
MrFunreal - retexture
K1CHWA - gold base/lightwarp texture
FxDarkLoki - magnifier lens
Doktor haus - compile, texture edits (normal maps, selfillum and VMT stuff)
Strelok - sounds
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I think Doktor and Funreal abandoned this...
A Fez Nov 6 @ 10:00pm 
Having an animation glitch with this gun, it stutters and disappears.
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Wwierd, the addon doesn't show up on the list in-game.
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This is probably impossible, but if you could have that Hybrid sight correspond with the aiming. that'd perfect an amazing Mod.
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Stygian, you can spawn the SIG552 from the console, or if you have server plugins, you don't have to have a german copy to use that weapon.....