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Backstreet Bonks
Created by :|
Here's a bunch more screenshots
Sting Wing
Created by Prinny, Dood!
Nothing spells bludgeon like the Sting Wing. Except bludgeon.

No longer will you have to beat your arch nemesis to death with a golf trophy. You can really sock it to 'em with the shocking power of a Sting Wing. Fed up with spies breaking your Razorback...
Scout Hoodie
Created by Snow
The Scout has been wearing the same shirt for 4 years, I thought it was maybe time for a change....
The Brother-Hood 2
Apparently something just got real! (We aren't exactly sure what though)


Running an old item through the new importer, and taking the rest of the classes along with it. previously only for Sniper and Scout, this item has been upd...
The Big Bully
Created by Sparkwire
Be the Big Man of School House Bullying (B.M.O.S.H.B) with this vintage All-American leather varsity jacket!

Comes with 2 lods and is paintable.

(We do not condone bullying under any circumstances)...
Delinquent's Downvest
Created by Zoey
Life: is it worth preserving? And if so, can a life preserver truly save you from Burt Reynolds? That's what most vests of this design are made to do. But since all you'll be doing is hanging around the Badlands trying to pick up ladies, you won't be anywh...
Lil' Bruce
Created by The Ronin
Picked this little fella up all the way in the outback....right off the shelf of an overpriced souvenir shop.

*Sniper Misc.
*Completely new design from the cozy camper's koala
*8 Styles
*Single texture

Featured on Extravision: http://w...
Spooky Sleeves
Created by <<GT500>> JZeeba
<type good description here>

Halloween 2012 Submission

2 LODs

Model: JZeeba
Texture: NeoDement

*** Not really intended to be worn under other jackets like TT or FL, but it doesn't clip that bad with TT. It does clip with the FL though.

Not only are these new tracksuit pants -clearly- more aerodynamic, comfortable and warm-- they also have stripes!...
The Brawler's Blaster
Created by [m00] Elbagast
A Scattergun replacement loosly based around the sawn-down Browning Auto 5 shotgun wielded by Bonnie Carter.

Pack Promo:

Pack In-game shots:

Mod Version:
Thinkers Projection
Created by ]TPG[ emrfish

I didn't invent the hologram, spy, but I was the first to recognize its potential as a hat.

-Mod version available here:

The Sub Zero Suit V1.5.1
Created by Sparkwire
UPDATE1.5.1: swapped out the demos lods to be correct (oops)

UPDATE: Added all new demo version, and minor fixes for the pyro version

Sure, piles of burning corpses are a good source of heat, but are they this snuggly? i think not.

Shout out to void fo...
VSS vintorez
Created by Cyxopyk
For all stalker (game) fans.

Possible stats: more zoomed moving speed and less maximum damage per shot.

check out screenshots and try model at