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Liliths Thorn - Custom Rapier Sword
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Apr 20, 2013 @ 5:38pm
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Liliths Thorn - Custom Rapier Sword

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Lilith's Tools - Steam Version
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Lilith's Thorn - Custom Rapier Sword

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Latest version: 1.0

This mod adds a rapier (inspired) sword into the game and 4 variations made out of the main sword that can be crafted at any forge with deadric smithing perk.

The weapons are meant for end game like all my other weapon mods and they should be balanced as well. The weapon damage on the swords is lower than on daedric weapons
but their speed and critical damage are higher. All the weapons can be upgraded to "awakened" form that gives them glow and darker textures. The awakened weapons have slightly higher damage (+1 base damage).

The style of the weapon ended up looking quite daedric (maybe?) so these might be "lore friendly" :P


Lilith's Thorn: Main design.

Lilith's Thorn (alt): Handguardless version of the main one.

Lilith's Thorn (2h): Handguardless, two handed version of the main one with battleaxe animations.

Lilith's Thorn (2hGs): Handguardless, two handed version of the main one with greatsword animations.

Lilith's Thorn (dg): A dagger version (no handguard)

Stats (2h): base damage 23 (24 on daedric greatsword), speed 1.0

Stats (1h): base damage 13 (14 on daedric greatsword), speed 1.3

Dagger: base damage 13 speed. 1.3

Crafting requirements(2hs): Daedric smithing, 5 void salts, 8 ebony ingots, 5 daedra hearts

Crafting requirements(1hs): Daedric smithing, 3 void salts, 6 ebony ingots, 4 daedra hearts

dagger: Daedric smithing, 3 void salts, 4 ebony ingots, 3 daedra hearts
or use the console

1: type "help thorn" into the console

2: it gives you the IDs. I guess you did this since you found the IDs

3. type "player.additem *id* *amount* " without the * and "

The armor used in the pictures is Lilith's Armor
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Sep 11, 2014 @ 6:03pm
Huge rapier?
< >
Sam Da Wiz Jun 26 @ 2:34pm 
plz help
Sam Da Wiz Jun 26 @ 2:34pm 
it says compiled script not saived or somthing
Sam Da Wiz Jun 26 @ 2:33pm 
what do i type to spawn it in?
Noukheim  [author] Jun 24 @ 9:38am 
I received a lot of feedback regarding the blade resembling something else than a rapier and i actually made an optional file for it. It's only available on nexus though since workshop provides sub-par tools for modders.
Benyed Jun 24 @ 9:16am 
Good thing it's a game then! ;D
killerzebra24 May 30 @ 4:48pm 
this looks more like a mix between a basket sword, arming sword and a long sword in my opinion (which would be a bit ridiculous for a real life battle as most fantasy swords are not very efficient) but for a video game it is quite an interesting concept even though it would seem to be a bit heavy, but that's just my opinion.
spankmaster_jr May 8 @ 1:39pm 
Ok I Will, Thanks!
Noukheim  [author] May 8 @ 10:55am 
sorry don't really have them anywhere lying around. There's no reason why the IDs wouldn't show up in the console if the mod is working correctly for you. make sure the syntax is right.
Dafuq_the_Boa May 8 @ 7:13am 
Dafuq_the_Boa May 8 @ 7:13am 
dear any/everyone for some reason on my computer only to item IDs pop up so if you would be kind enough the tell me the ID of the one with handguard that would be great! please help.

thank you