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Shadow's Pimped Wardrobe!
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Apr 19, 2013 @ 2:13am
May 15, 2013 @ 6:54am
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In 1 collection by [KL] Master Dan [StormCats]
5 items
You will need DRAGONBORN DLC to run this
Thank you for your support and I hope you have fun :)

And yes, Your player will really look like that whilst wearing the Nightingale Prototype M1 suit,
(I particularly think my Khajiit looks badasssss!) I have done work on re-texturing the Katana's Shealth and have uploaded it. It has updated for you automatically, no need to worry :)

To obtain the kit:

1 ) Subscribe here.
2 ) Click 'play game' (Skyrim) in your Library.
3 ) when the launcher pops up, click 'Data Files'
4 ) When the small white window appears, scroll down in it to check that the box
for ''DANShadowsPimpWardrobe01'' mod is ticked.
Now the easy bit:
5 ) Play Skyrim!! (The items can be crafted at any forge).

The size of the data in this file is barely even mentionable, so don't worry, it has very little effect on space :D
Please ask permission if you wish to use my work for your own, thank you.

These Items Possess physical properties and enchantments that you cannot achieve in game.
So please don't complain that they are no different..

I have increased the draw speed of the Bows. Who likes waiting for the Bow to fully draw back, right? Not me! So I have made that a lot quicker. I also decreased all the items' weight, and increased their power to enable you to deal with whatever Skyrim has to throw at you.
The Weapons you see here have many abilities, From absorbing health or stamina, Paralysing, poisoning to purple shock sparks and setting the victim on fire!
EVERY item in this Wardrobe (except the Prototype Hood) has multiple powers and benefits , which cannot be achieved normally in game.

To make it more interesting:
and quest-like, I have created unique ingredient recipes for you to have to gather to make the items. Also, you do not require any Smithing perks to be able to Smithe or temper these items!

Contributor#1, 'Shadow', is the guy who I have dedicated this whole project to.
Contrib'tr #2, 'Stabby Kitteh, thx sooo much for helping me :D

Changes / Alterations
Following certain feedback, I have agreed to make some changes to the edits:

This is a new addition to the kit. An authentically made re-texture. It has a vanilla base damage of 14.00, (with critical damage of 1.00) for your liking, and can be Enchanted to your liking. It can become as powerful as you want it to be as you level up, just like any other weapon in the game. Thanks to the gracious, patient,
STABBY KITTEH. She made it possible for me to make this Katana, Thank you Stabby :)

-Additional Weapon: 'Shadow's Poison Bow':No SoulTrap.
-All Swords' and Bows' Damage reduced: as they have been reported as being OP:
BASE Dam: Edited. (THIS VALUE WILL, HOWEVER, INCREASE GREATLY AS YOU LEVEL UP): This is a lot better and will reflect the skill of the player better. I tested it, and believe me, it's a lot more Lore Friendly AND provides a more satisfying Combat Experience.
-Additional Weapon: 'Big Slasher': Kickaz Nordic Greatsword. Does Frost and Stamina damage, Poisons the victim, and absorbs some of the Stamina Drained!..Excellent!
Additional item: 'Work Gloves'. Leather Gloves that kinda go with the scruffy look

Technical Data:
  • Weapon weights altered.
  • Bow Draw speed increased to almost twice the Draw-speed.
  • Armour Rating improved
  • Heavy Armour set as light: rating same yet speed and stealth that of light
  • Clothes given Light Armour classification
  • Damage increased./ Lowered.
  • Crit. multipliers altered.
  • Crit Damage increased/reduced.
  • Tripple + Quadruple Enchantments added (Impossible in game).
  • Gold Values altered,
  • Nightingale outfit made playable.
  • Reach of weapon optimised,
  • Recipe ingredients re edited.
  • Temper ingredients changed
  • Arcane/unique Smithing perk requirements removed.
  • Filled Soul gem requirements on certain items.
  • Soul Trap perk added to certain weapons.
  • Muffle blackout ability incorporated into a secondary version of the Nightingale suit.
  • Enchantment Duration Massively Extended on weapons.
  • Enchantment costs Reduced.

Filling Soul Gems.
  • Where you see items requiring Filled Soul Gems, you will notice that a number of the weapons in this cache possess the 'Soul Trap' Enchantment, making filling soul gems a piece of cake!
  • Empty Soul Gems are widely available at traders such as the River wood Trader, or even the Khajiit Caravan...
  • Simply have empty soul gems in your inventory and as you kill a creature with the soul trap weapon, the gems will be automatically filled. (You will notice them indicated as 'filled' once the task is complete).
  • The enemy you kill determines the size of the Soul Gem that is filled when using the Soul Trap weapon...
  • FYI: The Soul Trap ability can be found in: the 'Trophy Sword', 'Poison Bow' and the Dagger set..so you can choose how you kill-to-fill!

..Increasing Weapon Damage and Armour Strength..
  • Don't forget to take your weapons over to the Grinding Wheel, (Armour to the Workbench).
  • You will need a small amount of the similar, basic ingredients, used in crafting the item, in order to temper it.
    (The ingredients are displayed in-game)
  • Don't forget also, as you increase the perks in the Smithing tree..you will be able to further temper your items even more..

(The following items require a Filled Soul Gem as part of the recipe, in order to be crafted)

  • Black Widow Bow.
    2Steel Ingot, 2Leather Strips, 1Garnet,
    1Sabre Cat Tooth, 1Mammoth Tusk,
    1Common Soul Gem (Filled).
  • Night Hunter Bow.
    2Steel Ingot, 2Leather Strips, 1Amethyst,
    1Refined Moonstone, 1Orichalcum Ingot,
    1Common Soul Gem (Filled).
  • Badass Sword.
    3Leather Strips, 1Frostbite Spider Venom,
    1Steel Ingot, 1Ebony Ingot, 1Quicksilver Ingot,
    2Petty Soul Gems (Filled).

  • Armoured Robes.
    4Leather Strips, 2Leather, 1Hawk's Beak,
    2Corrundum Ingots, 1common Soul Gem (Filled).
  • Shadow's D.B. Threads. ('Dark Brotherhood' Assassin Armour)
    1Common Soul Gem (filled), 4Leather Strips,
    2Leather, 2Iron Ingot, 4Red Mountain Flower.
  • Shadow's Assassin Boots.
    1Iron Ingot, 1Leather, 4Leather Strips,
    1Petty Soul Gem (filled), 4Red Mountain Flower.
  • Shadow's Assassin Hands.
    2Leather Strips, 1Leather, 1Iron Ingot,
    1Petty Soul Gem (Filled), 2Red Mountain Flower.
  • Shadow Plates.
    1Leather, 6Leather Strips, 1Common Soul Gem (Filled),
    2Corrundum Ingots, 4Steel Ingots, 1Mammoth Tusk,
    4Blue Mountain Flower, 4Lavender.
  • 'Nightingale' Prototype M1 Suit.
    2Ebony Ingot, 2Steel Ingot, 2Leather,
    4Leather Strips, 6Hag-Raven Feathers,
    1Greater Soul Gem (Filled).
  • Thief's Threads.
    2Leather, 4Leather Strips,
    1Greater Soul Gem (Filled).
  • Ring of the Nine.
    1Gold Ingot, 1Petty Soul Gem (Filled).
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FancyPsychopath Sep 30 @ 12:19pm 
Man i love this mod. The descriptions are the funniest descriptions in the history of descriptions. Muffeld like a mofo muffin yo! Lol!
☭Eli☭ Jul 17 @ 2:01pm 
i have the same problem as gavinc01. please fix it.
[KL] Master Dan [StormCats]  [author] Jul 2 @ 1:04pm 
No. You have to craft the items.

Alternatively, if you can't be bothered, use console commands.
BlackNova Jul 2 @ 3:18am 
cool mod but woulr rather u put the items somwhere instead of making us craft them :/
[KL] Master Dan [StormCats]  [author] Jun 4 @ 11:31am 
Hmm, I know what you can do to test this..

Subscribe to my Red Blade. This is essentially the same dds file. If that too is invisible, then you have a mod conflict with another mod that is changing the same files. Placing my mod lower in the plugins list below the other mod (which you will have to find out which one) should fix it.
Dovahkiin5671 Jun 3 @ 9:51pm 
i got the tungsten sword but its invisible unless i drop it. help?
Dovahkiin5671 Jun 3 @ 3:55pm 
Cool mod but how do i the tungsten sword?
[KL] Master Dan [StormCats]  [author] Apr 1 @ 3:39pm 
Why ask questions about re-editing game content on people's Steam Workshop submissions?

Why? Because it's the Steam Workshop, where people mess around with stuff. Why don't you try doing it?
Kirito Apr 1 @ 3:37pm 
Like the mehrunes razor (my fav wep) is the most OP wep in the game so why rename it and give it a new enchantment?
Kirito Apr 1 @ 3:33pm 
But whaii the daedric artifacts?