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Gloves Of Crafting With Crafting Workshop
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Apr 19, 2013 @ 12:45am
Feb 27, 2015 @ 11:55pm
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Gloves Of Crafting With Crafting Workshop


✓ Maxed Out Enchantments.
• Fortify Smithing 1000
• Fortify Alchemy 1000
• Fortify Barter 1000
• Fortify Carryweight 1000

✓ Zero Weight and Maxed Out Armor Rating.

✓ No DLC Required.


✓ Fully Loaded With All Amenities.

✓ 16 Labeled And Organized Crafting Storage.

✓ Conveniently Located In Whiterun via Trapdoor.

✓ Gloves Of Crafting On Workbench.

✓ Gauntlets Of Crafting On Workbench.

✓ Elixir Of Divine Enchanting.

✓ Bedroll For Well Rested Players.


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→ Version 1.6 - Feb 25th, 2015 @ 10:31pm
• added bedroll
• minor adjustments

→ Version 1.5 - Dec 15th, 2014 @11:46pm
• added elixir of divine enchanting

→ Version 1.4 - Feb 18th, 2014 @6:38pm
• fixed wrist texture

→ Version 1.3 - Jan 26th, 2014 @1:18pm
• added gauntlets of crafting (disenchantable)

→ Version 1.2 - April 28th, 2013 @5:58pm
• moved trapdoor to warmaiden

→ Version 1.1 - April 25th, 2013 @7:44pm
• added a crafting workshop
• gloves of crafting in-game

→ Version 1.0 - April 19th, 2013 @12:45am

Hey guys, this is my 5th mod, and my first one with enchantments. This mod provides a pair of gloves that can significantly improve your Smithing, Alchemy, and Bartering abilities and also increases your overall Carryweight. You can carry all your needed crafting materials to your crafting location, craft the best possible potions/weapons/armor, and sell them at the best possible price. So that Daedric Armor's base cost is 3200 septims, well now you can sell it at the right price, instead of getting ripped off by shrewd traders asking for half the price.

The update provides users with a free workshop conveniently located in the city of Whiterun, near Warmaiden's shop. This workshop has all crafting amenities and a pair of the "Gloves Of Crafting" placed on the workbench. There are 16 labeled containers to stow your resources and gear for crafting, which is all organized accordingly.

This is well suited for the avid weapon & armor smith, the passionate alchemist, the greedy merchant, or the thirsty adventurer. With all these satisfying enchantments, including zero weight and maxed out armor rating, these pair of gloves will surely give you a grip in any situation! I'm always welcome to constructive criticism.

Since the last few updates, the Gaunlets of Crafting and the Elixir of Divine Enchanting has been added. A bedroll has also been added for players who receive the "well rested" bonus.

Head into the city of Whiterun, and to the left of Warmaidens shop door, on the ground is a trapdoor heading into the workshop. The Gloves Of Crafting is located on the workbench in the workshop.

ID: 000CraftingWorkshopForGlovesOfCrafting
Name: Crafting Workshop
No Reset Zone
Can Fast Travel From Inside Workshop
Safe Storage
All Amenities Provided:
• Alchemy Lab
• Anvil
• Arcane Enchanter
• Cooking Spit
• Forge
• Grindstone
• Smelter
• Tanning Rack
• Workbench

Item ID: 08000D66
Form ID: 02000D66
ID: UltimateCrafting1ClothesPsiijicGloves
Name: Gloves Of Crafting
Value: 18042013
Enchantmenting: UlitmateCrafting1EnchArmorFortifySmithing

Effect: Fortify Smithing 1000, Fortify Alchemy 1000, Fortify Barter 1000, Fortify Carryweight 1000

Weight: 0.0000
Armor Type: Light
Armor Rating: 600 (Max)
Race: DefaultRace
Biped Object: Hands, Forearms

• God Sword--------------------------
• Ninja Armor And Weapons-------
• God Armor--------------------------
• God Hammer-----------------------
• Gloves Of Crafting----------------
• Ring Of Nocturnal-----------------
• Powerful Skooma------------------
• Dragonborn's Hut------------------
• Devil Sword--------------------------
• The Arena Of The Undead------

If you replicate this content using this exact mod's files and wish to publish it, please state that it's not yours and provide a link to this page with the original author's name. Thank you.

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fpsquadrasnipar  [author] Jun 8 @ 6:02pm 
@love me dad: All the chests start empty, it's there for the player to fill with their own resources and equipment that they have bought or found.
love me dad May 18 @ 11:17am 
what level do you have to be for items to be in the chest? I spawned in then crafting workshop and all chests were empty
opoiuuuu Apr 13 @ 12:02am 
only this one
fpsquadrasnipar  [author] Apr 12 @ 11:55pm 
@opoiuuuu: This mod has been up for 3 years and never once have I heard if this issue or did I expect this issue. It's quite serious but beyond my knowledge to explain and solve this. Is there anymore details you ca give me? What other mods are you using?
opoiuuuu Apr 12 @ 11:41pm 
when i put it on is kill all the people around me and i know it was this mod because when i unticked it it stop killing people
fpsquadrasnipar  [author] Apr 12 @ 11:39pm 
@opoiuuuu: It's not supposed to. What exactly is happening?
opoiuuuu Apr 1 @ 7:39am 
fpsquadrasnipar  [author] Jan 26 @ 12:39am 
Sorry guys, I've been wrapped up in college as of late.

@Foxminer87: Your very welcome! That's what this whole mod is supposed to be for!

@captmarc123: Well then, I'm quite flattered. I really am. Although, for the time being my mods will remain on the Steam workshop.

@penhoop: WOAH! That means a lot to me! I'm truly glad my fellow Skyrim players are enjoying my mod. As of late, I'm too busy to further pursue the expansion of my mods, but when I get down time, I will be sure to get down to work again. I will be sure to make a similar mod when TES:VI is released.

@God: The ID code will be different for every user. Use the console to find the code that works for you.
Foxminer87 Jan 3 @ 12:28pm 
OMG! Thanks so much, this is literally the only way to do the Fortify Restoration Loop anymore, as the gloves of crafting are above the % cap. Now can make crazy weapons!
captmarc123 Nov 6, 2015 @ 12:14pm 
I vote to add this to nexus also BECAUSE I also have used it since I first saw it.... until/unless steam does their "client update" and deletes/un-subs your mod from my load order many many times so far if it was on nexus or ANY other site it would not happen so PLEASE upload somewhere thanks