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Razas de Noche
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Apr 18, 2013 @ 7:11pm
Apr 28, 2013 @ 10:07am
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Razas de Noche


This MOD adds new playable races to Skyrim. (THIS MOD IS IN BETA STAGE)
Este MOD agrega nuevas razas jugables a Skyrim. (Este MOD aun esta en fase Beta)

New Races: / Nuevas Razas:
* Draugr
* Skeleton / Esqueleto

Mod Language / Idioma del Mod: English
Im trying to make this mod Multilanguage.
Estoy intentando hacer este mod en varios idiomas.

The Skeleton can wear armors (With some little bugs) and Draugrs can be customized!
Los Esqueletos pueden ponerse armaduras (Con algunos pequeños fallos) y los Draugrs pueden ser customizados.

"Please, if you like the mod, use it or want to continue being developed, need your positive vote. Thank you"
"Por favor, si te gusta el mod, lo usas o deseas que siga siendo desarrollado, necesito tu voto positivo. gracias".

Know Bugs:
* Skeletons:
- Nord skin with some armors:
This is a problem with the original armors. These armors have human parts along the armor parts.
- Have some armors glitches.
Same problem before, the armors are not prepared to work in non human races.

* Draugr:
- Cant wear any armor: Im working to convert all draugr armors to be usable by the players, but need time to convert all armors nif to be compatible.

* Glowing eyes:
- If you use the showracemenu to change a human character to draugr/skeleton have a eyes bug.
need to start a new game to fix some of the problems.

If any can make a better Screenshots/Videos, please send to me and i put in the mod (With credits).
Si alguien puede hacer mejores capturas de panlla/videos, por favor que me los envie y los pondre en el mod (con creditos)

KnallErBSE-[73] For some great Sreenshots!
SlickLlama for the first Video gameplay!

To view the Changelog, please press the Change Notes in Steam.
Para ver la lista de cambios, por favor pulsa en Change Notes en Steam.

Please remember: This mod is in beta stages, and need more work to be complete.
Por favor recuerda: Este mod esta aun en beta y puede contener algunos errores.

Glowing eyes bug FIX: (Source:
- In third person, open the console and enter "player.addspell 000f71d1"
- Close the console and notice a slight darkening around your character
- Open the console again and enter "player.removespell 000f71d1"
- Close the console and your eyes should stop glowing.

Tags: Dragur , Skeleton , Esqueleto , Races
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SDG Jul 24 @ 12:06pm 
Im working to convert all draugr armors to be usable by the players, but need time to convert all armors nif to be compatible. thats what i was hoping for to be fixed but don not seem like it happend );
ShadowShroud Jun 14 @ 2:34pm 
I have a problem, when I get to the race selection, the skeleton shows up as a nord body with a floating pair of teeth and the draugr only shows up as flying teeth. Is this mod incompatible with any offical skyrim dlc?
M1GUE1[ABK] Jun 6 @ 4:15pm 
Thank Mr.skeletal
NIKE Apr 12 @ 9:02pm 
A big thanks to SitWulf great mod
SiTWulf  [author] Mar 16 @ 2:55pm 
Hi all...
Thanks for coments and critics...
For a long time i leave this Mod alone and not make any change, now.. i finally decide to abandon this mod.

I like to give really thanks to all people help me making this, finding bugs etc... really thanks!.

If someone like to continue my work, please tell me and i try to help a little to continue...

Once again... thanks for your Endorsements. See you.
BellaBunny Feb 16 @ 12:46am 
mod seems to be broken. all I get when I look at the races is (Skeleton) nothing but teeth,and (Draugr) nothing but teeth and default hairstyle for each gender.
Denny Crane Jan 31 @ 2:37am 
When playing as a zombie guy, i can still see the back of the teeth at the top of my screen when a weapon is not drawn.
Necromancer T Dec 25, 2014 @ 3:09pm 
The skeleton has a nord body for some reason
math genius Dec 22, 2014 @ 3:23pm 
I can help you with a tranlation to german
∞Moon∞ Oct 20, 2014 @ 8:51am 
I got an idea! I don't know if it's too hard or whatever, but how about a dragon priest? :D