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Clouded Assasin Armor - Dawnguard
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Apr 18, 2013 @ 1:10pm
May 2, 2013 @ 9:17am
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Clouded Assasin Armor - Dawnguard

****I took my mods down for awhile beacuse I had no time too work on them and I still dont :P but I figured that I would bring them back but they will remain AS IS until I have time to come back to modding. Enjoy what they are so far and thanks fro subscribing :)****

*** I have been seeing in many of the recent posts people asking to unenchant the items. As it says above I will do these things when I get time to come back and work on it but I am a busy man and honestly have not had the time!! Not that I don't care about this mod or how good it could be or the subscribers (thanks to all who have subscribed btw), just really don't have enough down time. That being said anyone who knows how to mod is more than welcome to edit the files themselves for personal use, or to put up in the workshop. Thanks again, and sorry! ***

Adds a mix of vanilla armors to the game that have been retextured with swirling dark-red clouds of smoke that surround the player aswell as retextured vanilla weapons with different enchants. The armor is much like the Dark Brotherhood armor adding the nightingale hood with a few more perks ;)
The armor is under misc in the forge and you have to have the daedric smithing perk. The weapons are in differents sections like ebony and daedric. If its not showing up trying moving it up in your mod load order


Requires Dawnguard DLC

-Changed colour of Aholtocob scabbard so it's a little darker now and made glow map for the dagger a little darker
-Added a Bow called Ifrit's Bow
-Change colours of bow a bit, doesn't look as pink now :P
-Changed name of "King Slayer" to "Ahaltocob"
-Added a two-handed weapon called Hun-Came
-Added a crossbow called Aphetor
-Added a projectile for crossbow called "Oil Phial" can be crafted at smithing forge under dwarven
-Added and amulet called clouded amulet. can be crafted under jewelry
-Fixed problem where aphetor model wasn't showing up in inventory
-Added a new perk to the sneak tree called Death Incarnate (And yes, I stole the name from the quest of the same name) Also if anyone has an idea for where to place the perk let me know, it's currently in the sneak tree, look below for details to give you an idea.
-Added bolts called aphetor Bolts awhile back, forgot to post here :P
-Added a ring Called Clouded Ring


Backstabbing does more damage & one handed attacks are 15% more powerful.

Grants 50% resistance to poison and the ability to avoid death once a day.

Clouded Amulet:
Increase health by 25 points and sneak by 10 points.

Clouded Ring:
Bow Stagger chance & Attack speed are increased by 10%.

Your movement is muffled & and your carry weight increases by 20 points.

Archery is improved by 20% and you can breath underwater.


Enemies may die instantly while having thier souls taken.

Ifrit's Bow:
Does 40 points of fire damage and disarms enemies.

Slashes enemies in two while draining stamina.

Especially effective against Trolls, Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies, pretty much anything that's undead.
(This may be a little OP, let me know what you think)

Aphetor Bolt:
Just has exploding effect, nothing special.

Oil Phial:
A phial filled with oil that when launched from your crossbow explodes on contact leaving burning oil that damages anything that goes through it. Can be crafted under dwarven.


Death Incarnate:
Armor increases by 50 points, Grants 10% to Critical Hit Chance and grants the ability to Inflict a disease that reduces targets Magicka and Weapon stats by 10%.
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Leksan Aug 27 @ 9:07am 
Where do I find the armor
InvizibleDeath Jan 4 @ 7:51am 
do you add the kinves to...?
Otachi Jul 27, 2016 @ 4:18pm 
i just noticed i need dlc
Otachi Jul 26, 2016 @ 5:03pm 
Why does this have to require daedric smithing just make it for one leather strip in the leather section
🔷 Hokai 🔷 Dec 2, 2015 @ 3:57am 
how to get the armor
louis-chan Jul 15, 2015 @ 1:54am 
how do i get this
Redistuo Jan 2, 2015 @ 1:12am 
Good not that overpowered :)
Armor Piercing Aug 11, 2014 @ 9:05pm 
no need for the crossbow. that would be asking for way to much.
Sladen Jul 12, 2014 @ 3:33pm 
Is there some way to turn off the effects, because my FPS took a hit. What's the point of cool weapons if you're to laggy to attack anything? Also, the shadow effect blocks my view whenever I stop moving. But, except for these few things, this mod is amazing!
Badass Duck Jul 9, 2014 @ 9:46pm 
why cant people just stop putting enchantments on weapons just make it unlimeted