Dota 2
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Cheat Commands
By Jimo
I will demonstrate how to enable cheats in a private lobby and list and describe the different functions which become availible to you.
This guide will demonstrate how to enable cheats in a private lobby and will list and describe the different functions which become availible to you. These "Cheat Commands" are frequently used to test item combinations and new heroes. They are also fun to just mess around with.

Please note that these commands do not work in public matchmaking and are not able to assist a player with actual cheating.

Activating Cheats
To begin playing with cheats, load up Dota 2.

Click on the button at the top of the Dota 2 dashboard which says Play.

Once you've clicked on Play you will need to create your own private lobby. To do this select Create Lobby from the menu and then click on the Create Lobby button.

Once you've created your lobby you will need to join one of the empty slots. You can do this by clicking in the text area which says Join Slot. At this point your Steam friends will be able to see your lobby and join it if they wish to by going to Play > Find a Lobby > Friends` Games.

Once you're on a team click on the button at the bottom which says Edit Settings.

This will bring up the Lobby Settings menu. To be able to use cheats all we need to do is check the box which says Enable cheats. On this menu there are a lot of other different settings which can be adjusted to your liking too.

Once you have Enable cheats checked, click on Save Settings.

Begin the game by clicking Start Game at the bottom of the Lobby. Once you're done loading select your hero and spawn in.
Cheat Commands
Now that you know how to activate cheats it's time to start having some fun. Below you'll find a list of commands, what they do, and an example of how each line would be written in the game.

  • -allvision

    Enable or Disable allvision which gives you perspective as if you were on both teams.

  • -createhero <name>
    -createhero <name> enemy
    -createhero <name> neutral

    Create a friendly, enemy or neutral named hero. Reference the section in this guide called Heroes for each hero's respective command line.

  • -enablecreepspawn

    Enable or Disable interval creep spawns.

  • -dumpbots

    Provide AI statistics on the top right side of your screen.

  • -givebots <name>

    Give the specified named item to every bot in the game. Reference the item list section of this guide for the item command lines.

  • -gold <x>

    Give yourself a specified amount of unreliable gold.

  • -item <name>

  • -killwards

    Destroy every ward on the map.

  • -levelbots <x>

    Level every bot in the game to the specified level. Their level cannot exceed 25.

  • -lvlup <x>

    Level yourself to the specified level. Your level cannot exceed 25.

  • -refresh

    Instantly give yourself full health, mana and refreshes cooldowns.

  • -respawn

    Instantly respawn at the fountain. This command also works while you're dead.

  • -spawncreeps

    Instantly spawn a creep wave. This command only works if you have -disablecreepspawn turned on.

  • -spawnneutrals

    Spawn neutrals if there are no existing creeps in the camp.

  • -spawnrune

    Spawn a rune at one of the two possible rune spots.

  • -startgame

    Allows you to skip the pre-game countdown, this command will only work prior to the horn. It will bring the countdown to zero and the game will begin.

  • -wtf

    Toggles wtf mode which makes all of your spells and items have no cooldown.

This section of the guide will give you the command lines you need to spawn a Hero. Look for the hero you want to spawn from the list and then reference the line on the right side of the table.

An example of this would be -createhero npc_dota_hero_ancient_apparition

Hero Name Command
Ancient Apparitionnpc_dota_hero_ancient_apparition
Bounty Hunternpc_dota_hero_bounty_hunter
Centaur Warrunnernpc_dota_hero_centaur
Chaos Knightnpc_dota_hero_chaos_knight
Crystal Maidennpc_dota_hero_crystal_maiden
Dark Seernpc_dota_hero_dark_seer
Death Prophetnpc_dota_hero_death_prophet
Dragon Knightnpc_dota_hero_dragon_knight
Drow Rangernpc_dota_hero_drow_ranger
Elder Titan npc_dota_hero_elder_titan
Faceless Voidnpc_dota_hero_faceless_void
Nature's Prophetnpc_dota_hero_furion
IO npc_dota_hero_wisp
Keeper of the Lightnpc_dota_hero_keeper_of_the_light
Lone Druidnpc_dota_hero_lone_druid
Heroes Continued
Hero Name Command
Naga Sirennpc_dota_hero_naga_siren
Night Stalkernpc_dota_hero_night_stalker
Nyx Assassinnpc_dota_hero_nyx_assassin
Outworld Devourernpc_dota_hero_obsidian_destroyer
Ogre Maginpc_dota_hero_ogre_magi
Phantom Assassinnpc_dota_hero_phantom_assassin
Phantom Lancernpc_dota_hero_phantom_lancer
Queen of Painnpc_dota_hero_queenofpain
Sand Kingnpc_dota_hero_sand_king
Shadow Demonnpc_dota_hero_shadow_demon
Shadow Shamannpc_dota_hero_shadow_shaman
Skeleton Kingnpc_dota_hero_skeleton_king
Skywrath Magenpc_dota_hero_skywrath_mage
Spirit Breakernpc_dota_hero_spirit_breaker
Storm Spiritnpc_dota_hero_storm_spirit
Templar Assassinnpc_dota_hero_templar_assassin
Treant Protectornpc_dota_hero_treant
Troll Warlordnpc_dota_hero_troll_warlord
Vengeful Spiritnpc_dota_hero_vengefulspirit
Witch Doctornpc_dota_hero_witch_doctor
This section of the guide will give you the command lines you need to spawn an NPC such as a neutral creep or a building. Look for the NPC you want to spawn from the list and then reference the line on the right side of the table.

An example of this would be -createhero npc_dota_goodguys_tower1_bot

NPC Name Command
Dire Ranged Creepnpc_dota_creep_badguys_ranged
Dire Ranged Mega Creepnpc_dota_creep_badguys_ranged_upgraded
Radiant Ranged Creepnpc_dota_creep_goodguys_ranged
Radiant Ranged Mega Creepnpc_dota_creep_goodguys_ranged_upgraded
Dire Melee Creepnpc_dota_creep_badguys_melee
Dire Melee Mega Creepnpc_dota_creep_badguys_melee_upgraded
Radiant Melee Creepnpc_dota_creep_goodguys_melee
Radiant Melee Mega Creepnpc_dota_creep_goodguys_melee_upgraded
Radiant Top Tower npc_dota_goodguys_tower1_top
Radiant Mid Towernpc_dota_goodguys_tower1_mid
Radiant Bottom Towernpc_dota_goodguys_tower1_bot
Dire Top Towernpc_dota_badguys_tower1_top
Dire Mid Towernpc_dota_badguys_tower1_mid
Dire Bottom Towernpc_dota_badguys_tower1_bot
Radiant Misc Buildingnpc_dota_goodguys_fillers
Dire Misc Buildingnpc_dota_badguys_fillers
Radiant Legacy Top Melee Raxnpc_dota_goodguys_melee_rax_top
Radiant Legacy Mid Melee Raxnpc_dota_goodguys_melee_rax_mid
Radiant Legacy Bottom Melee Raxnpc_dota_goodguys_melee_rax_bot
Radiant Legacy Top Ranged Raxnpc_dota_goodguys_range_rax_top
Radiant Legacy Mid Ranged Raxnpc_dota_goodguys_range_rax_mid
Radiant Legacy Bottom Ranged Raxnpc_dota_goodguys_range_rax_bot
Dire Legacy Top Melee Raxnpc_dota_badguys_melee_rax_top
Dire Legacy Mid Melee Raxnpc_dota_badguys_melee_rax_mid
Dire Legacy Bottom Melee Raxnpc_dota_badguys_melee_rax_bot
Dire Legacy Top Ranged Raxnpc_dota_badguys_range_rax_top
Dire Legacy Mid Ranged Raxnpc_dota_badguys_range_rax_mid
Dire Legacy Bottom Ranged Raxnpc_dota_badguys_range_rax_bot
Radiant Legacy Ancientnpc_dota_goodguys_fort
Dire Legacy Ancientnpc_dota_badguys_fort
Radiant Siege Creepnpc_dota_goodguys_siege
Dire Siege Creepnpc_dota_badguys_siege
Juggernaught Healing Wardnpc_dota_juggernaut_healing_ward
Neutral Kobold npc_dota_neutral_kobold
Neutral Kobold Tunnelernpc_dota_neutral_kobold_tunneler
Neutral Kobold Taskmasternpc_dota_neutral_kobold_taskmaster
Neutral Centaur Coursernpc_dota_neutral_centaur_outrunner
Neutral Centaur Conquerornpc_dota_neutral_centaur_khan
Neutral Fell Spiritnpc_dota_neutral_fel_beast
Neutral Hellbearnpc_dota_neutral_polar_furbolg_champion
Neutral Hellbear Smashernpc_dota_neutral_polar_furbolg_ursa_warrior
Neutral Mud Golemnpc_dota_neutral_mud_golem
Neutral Ogre Bruisernpc_dota_neutral_ogre_mauler
Neutral Ogre Frostmagenpc_dota_neutral_ogre_magi
Neutral Giant Wolfnpc_dota_neutral_giant_wolf
Neutral Alpha Wolfnpc_dota_neutral_alpha_wolf
Neutral Wildwingnpc_dota_neutral_wildkin
Neutral Enraged Wildwingnpc_dota_neutral_enraged_wildkin
Neutral Wildwing Tornadonpc_dota_enraged_wildkin_tornado
Neutral Satyr Mindstealernpc_dota_neutral_satyr_soulstealer
Neutral Satyr Tormenternpc_dota_neutral_satyr_hellcaller
Neutral Ancient Stalkernpc_dota_neutral_jungle_stalker
Neutral Ancient Primal Stalkernpc_dota_neutral_elder_jungle_stalker
Neutral Ancient Drakken Sentinel npc_dota_neutral_blue_dragonspawn_sorcerer
Neutral Ancient Drakken Armorernpc_dota_neutral_blue_dragonspawn_overseer
Neutral Ancient Rock Golemnpc_dota_neutral_rock_golem
Neutral Ancient Granite Golemnpc_dota_neutral_granite_golem
Neutral Ancient Thunderhidenpc_dota_neutral_big_thunder_lizard
Neutral Ancient Rumblehidenpc_dota_neutral_small_thunder_lizard
Neutral Vhoul Assasinnpc_dota_neutral_gnoll_assassin
Neutral Ghostnpc_dota_neutral_ghost
Neutral Hill Trollnpc_dota_neutral_dark_troll
Neutral Dark Troll Summonernpc_dota_neutral_dark_troll_warlord
Neutral Satyr Banishernpc_dota_neutral_satyr_trickster
Neutral Hill Troll Beserkernpc_dota_neutral_forest_troll_berserker
Neutral Hill Troll Priestnpc_dota_neutral_forest_troll_high_priest
Neutral Harpy Scoutnpc_dota_neutral_harpy_scout
Neutral Harpy Stormcrafternpc_dota_neutral_harpy_storm
Neutral Ancient Black Drakenpc_dota_neutral_black_drake
Neutral Ancient Black Dragonnpc_dota_neutral_black_dragon
Necronomicon Warriornpc_dota_necronomicon_warrior_1
Necronomicon Archer npc_dota_necronomicon_archer_1
NPC Continued
NPC Name Command
Observer Wardnpc_dota_observer_wards
Sentry Wardnpc_dota_sentry_wards
Animal Couriernpc_dota_courier
Flying Couriernpc_dota_flying_courier
Witchdoctor Death Wardnpc_dota_witch_doctor_death_ward
Shadow Shaman Wardnpc_dota_shadow_shaman_ward_1
Venomancer Plague Wardnpc_dota_venomancer_plague_ward_1
Enigma Lesser Eidolon npc_dota_lesser_eidolon
Enigma Eidolon npc_dota_eidolon
Enigma Greater Eidolon npc_dota_greater_eidolon
Enigma Dire Eidolonnpc_dota_dire_eidolon
Nature's Prophet Trantnpc_dota_furion_treant
Invoker Forged Spiritnpc_dota_invoker_forged_spirit
Broodmother Spiderite npc_dota_broodmother_spiderite
Troll Warlord Skeleton Warriornpc_dota_dark_troll_warlord_skeleton_warrior
Diretide Roshannpc_dota_roshan_halloween
Warlock Golem npc_dota_warlock_golem_1
Warlock Golem (Scepter)npc_dota_warlock_golem_scepter_1
Beastmaster Scout Hawknpc_dota_scout_hawk
Beastmaster Greater Hawknpc_dota_greater_hawk
Beastmaster Boarnpc_dota_beastmaster_boar
Beastmaster Greater Boarnpc_dota_beastmaster_greater_boar
Brewmaster Earth Spiritnpc_dota_brewmaster_earth_1
Brewmaster Storm Spiritnpc_dota_brewmaster_storm_1
Brewmaster Fire Spiritnpc_dota_brewmaster_fire_1
Pugna Nether Wardnpc_dota_pugna_nether_ward_1
Templar Assasin Psionic Trapnpc_dota_templar_assassin_psionic_trap
Clockwork Cog npc_dota_rattletrap_cog
Stormspirit Remnantnpc_dota_stormspirit_remnant
Gyrocopter Homing Missilenpc_dota_gyrocopter_homing_missile
Lycan Wolfnpc_dota_lycan_wolf1
Lone Druid Bearnpc_dota_lone_druid_bear1
This section of the guide will give you the command line you need to spawn a specific item. Look for the item you want to spawn from the list and then reference the line on the right side of the table.

An example of this would be -item item_ultimate_scepter or -givebots item_ultimate_scepter

Item Name Command
Abyssal Blade item_abyssal_blade
Aegis of the Immortal item_aegis
Aghanims Scepter item_ultimate_scepter
Arcane Boots item_arcane_boots
Armlet of Mordiggian item_armlet
Assault Cuirass item_assault
Skull Basher item_basher
Band of Elvenskin item_boots_of_elves
Belt of Strength item_belt_of_strength
Battlefury item_bfury
Black King Bar item_black_king_bar
Blade Mail item_blade_mail
Blade of Alacrity item_blade_of_alacrity
Blades of Attack item_blades_of_attack
Blink Dagger item_blink
Bloodstone item_bloodstone
Boots item_boots
Boots of Travel item_travel_boots
Bottle item_bottle
Bracer item_bracer
Broadsword item_broadsword
Buckler item_bucker
Butterfly item_butterfly
Chainmail item_chainmail
Cheese item_cheese
Circlet item_circlet
Clarity item_clarity
Claymore item_claymore
Cloak item_cloak
Courier item_courier
Crystalys item_lesser_crit
Daedalus item_greater_crit
Dagon item_dagon
Demon Edge item_demon_edge
Desolator item_desolator
Diffusal Blade item_diffusal_blade
Divine Rapier item_rapier
Drum of Endurance item_ancient_janggo
Dust of Appearance item_dust
Eaglesong item_eagle
Energy Booster item_energy_booster
Ethereal Blade item_ethereal_blade
Eul's Scepter of Divinity item_cyclone
Eye of Skadi item_skadi
Flying Courier item_flying_courier
Force Staff item_force_staff
Gauntlets of Strength item_gauntlets
Gem of True Sight item_gem
Ghost Scepter item_ghost
Gloves of Haste item_glovest
Greevil Whistle item_greevil_whistle
Hand of Midas item_hand_of_midas
Headdress item_headdress
Healing Salve item_flask
Heart of Tarrasque item_heart
Heaven's Halberd item_heavens_halberd
Helm of Iron Will item_helm_of_iron_will
Helm of the Dominator item_helm_of_the_dominator
Hood of Defiance item_hood_of_defiance
Hyperstone item_hyperstone
Iron Branch item_branches
Javelin item_javelin
Linken's Sphere item_sphere
Morbid Mask item_lifesteal
Maelstrom item_maelstrom
Magic Stick item_magic_stick
Magic Wand item_magic_wand
Manta Style item_manta
Mantle of Intelligence item_mantle
Mask of Madness item_mask_of_madness
Medallion of Courage item_medallion_of_courage
Mekansm item_mekansm
Mithril Hammer item_mithril_hammer
Mjollnir item_mjollnir
Monkey King Bar item_monkey_king_bar
Monkey King Bar item_monkey_king_bar
Mystic Staff item_mystic_staff
Necronomicon item_mystic_staff
Null Tailsman item_null_talisman
Oblivion Staff item_oblivion_staff
Ogre Club item_ogre_axe
Orb of Venom item_orb_of_venom
Orchid Malevolence item_orchid
Observer Ward item_ward_observer
Items Continued

Item Name Command
Perseveracnce item_pers
Phase Boots item_phase_boots
Pipe of Insight item_pipe
Platemail item_platemail
Point Booster item_point_booster
Poor Mans Shield item_poor_mans_shield
Power Treads item_power_treads
Quarterstaff item_quarterstaff
Radiance item_radiance
Reaver item_reaver
Refresher Orb item_refresher
Reaver item_reaver
Sacred Relic item_relic
Ring of Aquila item_ring_of_aquila
Ring of Basilius item_ring_of_basilius
Ring of Health item_ring_of_health
Ring of Protection item_ring_of_protection
Robe of the Magi item_robe
Rod of Atos item_rod_of_atos
Sange item_sange
Sange and Yasha item_sange_and_yasha
Satanic item_satanic
Scythe of Vyse item_sheepstick
Sentry Ward item_ward_sentry
Shivas Guard item_shivas_guard
Slippers of Agility item_slippers
Smoke of Deceit item_smoke_of_deceit
Sage's Mask item_sobi_mask
Shadow Blade item_invis_sword
Soul Booster item_soul_booster
Soul Ring item_soul_ring
Staff of Wizardry item_staff_of_wizardry
Stout Shield item_stout_shield
Tailsman of Evasion item_talisman_of_evasion
Tango item_tango
Town Portal Scroll item_tpscroll
Tranquil Boots item_tranquil_boots
Ultimate Orb item_ultimate_orb
Urn of Shadows item_urn_of_shadows
Vanguard item_vanguard
Veil of Discord item_veil_of_discord
Vitality Booster item_vitality_booster
Vladmir's Offering item_vladmir
Void Stone item_void_stone
Wraith Band item_wraith_band
Yasha item_yasha
Items Continued
Item Recipe Name Command
Recipe: Abyssal Bladeitem_recipe_abyssal_blade
Recipe: Aghanims Scepteritem_recipe_ultimate_scepter
Recipe: Arcane Bootsitem_recipe_arcane_boots
Recipe: Armlet of Mordiggianitem_recipe_armlet
Recipe: Assault Cuirassitem_recipe_assault
Recipe: Battlefuryitem_recipe_bfury
Recipe: Black King Baritem_recipe_black_king_bar
Recipe: Blade Mailitem_recipe_blade_mail
Recipe: Bloodstoneitem_recipe_bloodstone
Recipe: Braceritem_recipe_bracer
Recipe: Buckleritem_recipe_buckler
Recipe: Butterflyitem_recipe_butterfly
Recipe: Crystalysitem_recipe_lesser_crit
Recipe: Eul's Scepter of Divinityitem_recipe_cyclone
Recipe: Daedalusitem_recipe_greater_crit
Recipe: Dagonitem_recipe_dagon
Recipe: Desolatoritem_recipe_desolator
Recipe: Divine Rapieritem_recipe_rapier
Recipe: Diffusal Bladeitem_recipe_diffusal_blade
Recipe: Drum of Enduranceitem_recipe_ancient_janggo
Recipe: Etheral Bladeitem_recipe_ethereal_blade
Recipe: Eye of Skadiitem_recipe_skadi
Recipe: Force Staffitem_recipe_force_staff
Recipe: Hand of Midasitem_recipe_hand_of_midas
Recipe: Headdressitem_recipe_headdress
Recipe: Heart of Tarrasqueitem_recipe_heart
Recipe: Heaven's Halberditem_recipe_heavens_halberd
Recipe: Helm of the Dominatoritem_recipe_helm_of_the_dominator
Recipe: Hood of Defianceitem_recipe_hood_of_defiance
Recipe: Linkins Sphereitem_recipe_sphere
Recipe: Maelstromitem_recipe_maelstrom
Recipe: Magic Wanditem_recipe_magic_wand
Recipe: Manta Styleitem_recipe_manta
Recipe: Mask of Madnessitem_recipe_mask_of_madness
Recipe: Medallion of COurageitem_recipe_medallion_of_courage
Recipe: Mekansmitem_recipe_mekansm
Recipe: Mjollniritem_recipe_mjollnir
Recipe: Monkey King Baritem_recipe_monkey_king_bar
Recipe: Necronomiconitem_recipe_necronomicon
Recipe: Null Tailsmanitem_recipe_null_talisman
Recipe: Oblivion Staffitem_recipe_oblivion_staff
Recipe: Orchid Malevolenceitem_recipe_orchid
Recipe: Perseveranceitem_recipe_pers
Recipe: Phase Bootsitem_recipe_phase_boots
Recipe: Pipe of Insightitem_recipe_pipe
Recipe: Poor Mans Shielditem_recipe_poor_mans_shield
Recipe: Power Treadsitem_recipe_power_treads
Recipe: Radianceitem_recipe_radiance
Recipe: Refresher Orbitem_recipe_refresher
Recipe: Ring of Aquilaitem_recipe_ring_of_aquila
Recipe: Ring of Basiliusitem_recipe_ring_of_basilius
Recipe: Rod of Atositem_recipe_rod_of_atos
Recipe: Sangeitem_recipe_sange
Recipe: Sange and Yashaitem_recipe_sange_and_yasha
Recipe: Satanicitem_recipe_satanic
Recipe: Scythe of Vyseitem_recipe_sheepstick
Recipe: Shadow Bladeitem_recipe_invis_sword
Recipe: Shivas Guarditem_recipe_shivas_guard
Recipe: Skull Basheritem_recipe_basher
Recipe: Soul Boosteritem_recipe_soul_booster
Recipe: Soul Ringitem_recipe_soul_ring
Recipe: Tranquil Bootsitem_recipe_tranquil_boots
Recipe: Boots of Travelitem_recipe_travel_boots
Recipe: Urn of Shadowsitem_recipe_urn_of_shadows
Recipe: Vanguarditem_recipe_vanguard
Recipe: Veil of Discorditem_recipe_veil_of_discord
Recipe: Vladmir's Offeringitem_recipe_vladmir
Recipe: Wraith Banditem_recipe_wraith_band
Recipe: Yashaitem_recipe_yasha
Closing Notes
If you have any questions or comments regarding this guide please feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch with me on Steam or through my website[].

You can also check out all of my other Steam Guides here.
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! ◦ Ν у ∆ └ ε у ☠ May 10, 2016 @ 9:12am 
i have brought a question. how do you collect so many ranged creeps as i noticed in the "axe - the helicopter video?

i attempt to type -disablecreepspawn first. then i type -spawncreeps. however, i never get so many creeps to be able to do that in which axe hits casting his counter helix plenty of times against so many ranged creeps circling him. how is that possible?
Watch your mouth Oct 30, 2015 @ 3:12am 
Is there a createhero earth spirit cheat or did you just forget to put it on???
Old King Cole Sep 30, 2015 @ 2:05pm 
how do you give an item to an npc hero that you have created? Like giving an aghs to an alchemist?
¡Miққeη· Jun 21, 2015 @ 7:38am 
we need more commands ^^
Diamante`Hawk彡 May 3, 2015 @ 7:09am 
Giving items to bots doesnt work at all for me.
⎛⎝Moxie⎠⎞ Apr 1, 2015 @ 5:22pm 
I think you are missing the Quelling Blade in the items section, just a heads up. Thank you for this guide!
¡Miққeη· Mar 18, 2015 @ 10:17am 
-createhero fountain , -createhero fountain enemy
-createhero sentry
-createhero tower , -createhero tower enemy
-createhero roshan
¡Miққeη· Mar 18, 2015 @ 10:15am 
now they work again :)
Egossi Mar 12, 2015 @ 9:12am 
there is also a -createhero vision and -createhero invis
they just create empty spaces with vision but can be killed as well.
MarioXLV Mar 2, 2015 @ 2:34pm 
they still work for me