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HearthFire: Windstad Manor - Fortified and Upgradable -by OH
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Apr 16, 2013 @ 12:02pm
Apr 26, 2013 @ 5:48pm
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Quick Update (3/24/2014) .. So, have some fantastic news. With some help, I was able to recover my last in progress version of this mod which contained some significant improvements! The next update Will not only be available sooner, but will be a significant revision on the current version (v2.0).

Cant wait to share it with you all!

Quick Update (3/20/2014) .. I am alive! after a very long break I'm back at it. I'm spending the next couple weeks to review everyone's comments (here and on Nexus), logging all the bugs, and getting a new update out to the community. Lots of features planned! Stay tuned!!

Ever wished that the Hearth Fire DLC did just a little bit more? I wanted my home to be a castle so I decided to make one! This mod integrates into the Hearth Fire mod and extends it. Once you have house steward available in your home, you will be able to speak with him/her to "improve the grounds" by adding an outer wall, inner fortress, well, farm house, gates, beacon, stockade and other features. The new book on the drafting table will describe all the various features and keep you up to date of the changes.

Hope you all enjoy and I'll update when I can.

Feedback is always appreciated and please let me know if you find any bugs (here or on steam). This is my first crack with the creation kit so please be kind. Suggestions for things to add will always be welcome as well!

[First Video Review] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ofhn1DbZxGU @ 9:30

Just subscribe! For best results make sure this mod runs last.

Notes: Requires the Hearth Fire mod. Should be safe with most every mod unless they change the landscape and/or features in the immediate area around Windstad Manor.

Alternate: Download from Nexus at: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/35079

Why would you ever want to? ;)

Just unsubscribe, or disable the mod at startup. If you remove the mod your save games should work just fine but all the features this mod comes with will be gone, and any improvements to the Grounds will be gone. If you make a new save game then decide later to re-install the mod, then you will need tore-purchase all the upgrades again.

Current Features:
  • Ground Guide book (located on the drafting table) outlining the buying guide.
  • Complete integration with your current House Steward buying menus (under "Make improvements to the grounds" speech option), with voice support
  • Can now recruit the following:
    -Castle Guards
    -Stockade Guards
    -High Gate Tower Guards
    -Bridge to Solitude Outpost Guards
  • Can now buy the following:
    -Outer Walls
    -Farm House
    -Castle Roads
    -Inner Fortress (with drawbridge)
    -Builders Shed
    -Bridge to Solitude (with double drawbridge)
    -Bridge Beacons
    -Smithy Shack
    -High Gate Guards Tower
    -Bridge to Solitude Outpost
    -Bridge to Solitude Monument
    -Castle Barracks

Future Items/WIP:
  • (NPC) "Smithy" (where you will be able to buy upgrades to your castle guards
  • (NPC) "Quartermaster" (recruit castle guards option will be moved here)
  • (NPC) "House Cook"
  • (NPC) "Ferry Man" (which can take you to the most logical towns and settlements)
  • (NPC) Castle "Enchanter" (to enable a Portal function)
  • (NPC) Castle "Guardian Dragon"
  • Farm House support (where you will be able to recruit various NPC as townsfolk and vendors to fill out your Castle and have a functional granary).
  • Improved walkways on the walls to be able to walk the full way around (including guard patrols)
  • Castle Docks
  • Larger/Improved Stockades.
  • Sub-Basement (with Escape Route)
  • Weapon Racks and Practice Dummy (Stockade and Inner Fortress)
  • Inner Fortress Sanctum
  • Prison
  • Family "Run for your Lives" to the Inner Sanctum
  • Random Thieves
  • Triggerable/Random raids/sieges (possible with catapult support)
  • Option to change race of the Castle NPCs
  • Castle Guards to be friendlier and option to have as follower

Change Log:
(Update 04/26/2013) -- (v2.0) uploaded to Nexus and Steam!

Added Bridge to Solitude Monument and Outpost, High Gate Guards Tower, Smithy shed (with forge), Castle Barracks and Guards! (Castle, Stockade, High Gate Tower, Bridge Outpost)
(Update 04/24/2013) -- (v1.3) uploaded to Nexus and Steam!

Added a Bridge to Solitude! Also added Bridge Beacons and updated the Grounds Keeping book with info on new features.
(Update 04/23/2013) -- (v1.2) uploaded to Nexus and Steam!

Added castle roads, inner fortress (with functional drawbridge), beacon and builders shed (all buyable from the steward). Moved farm outside the walls (placeholder still). Renamed portcullis pull chains.
(Update 04/21/2013) -- (v1.1) Uploaded to Nexus!

Manor features are now buyable from the house steward, complete with dependency buying structure. When you speak to him/her after installing the mod, you will have an option to "Make improvements to the grounds". All current (and future) features are will accessible from there. Fully integrated into the out-of-the box hearth fire DLC, you should not even notice it didn't come like that! Full speech support with the house stewards natural voice and complete with a buying structure for the mods (you need to build the walls before you can add a portcullis gate for example).. tried to make it as much of a natural extension to the Bethesda DLC as possible given my limited experience.

There is a convenient book I wrote which can be found on the drafting table outside. It will explain all the various features currently implemented and hints at what is upcoming. I'll outline what has been added in this release:
-Ground Guide book (located on the drafting table) outlining the buying guide.
-Complete integration with your current House Steward, with voice support.
-Several buyable features.
-Corrected a glitch in the local dungeons where a work in progress crossed over and prevented you from getting into the tombs.
(Update 04/20/2013) -- Stables have been remade, will plug into the out of the box Hearthfire DLC. Also added no-respawn barrel, sack and chest for misc. storage and water troughs for the horses.
(Update 04/19/2013) -- v1.0 available. Contains original version of the outer walls which will be static only (install the mod and they will be available regardless, if you want the dynamic upgradable option, use the latest version).
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valletpeter 23 hours ago 
how to use
mycastlecellar Jul 8 @ 6:21am 
Awsome Mod; big guy. Keep up the good work.
mycastlecellar Jul 8 @ 6:20am 
I think everyone would have to agree with me. This way we can have it our way. NOT Bethesda's way! Thanks Kermit. Even if you don't follow my advise; it was good that you at least read it.
mycastlecellar Jul 8 @ 6:17am 
7. The stabe should be away from the house or behind it. No one wants smelly horses in front of the door to their house. Also the Front door to my home I would want to be a lot bigger with Guards on either side of it. 8. I don't know why but the adopted children are afraid of being in the Castle instead of the City. Maybe because there is still a lack of protection.

Kermit; why not just have a "Build a Castle Kit"? This way we can have a home with a Castle anywhere in Skyrim. Let's face it; on the three sites that allow you to build a home they are all the same. They are on crappy spots of land that no one would ever really purchase in the first place. So why not DIY any where in Skyrim and defend it with all these guards we have. Make your own. Please Kermit; you are already doing all this stuff, so do one step further.
mycastlecellar Jul 8 @ 6:07am 
Hi Kermit; it's me again. I don't have enough room to write all the changes and flaws I see that may help with better Castle Walls and Fortress to this mod. So I have sever changes that may help by looking at what I would personally want around my home. 1. The Stockade: Walls are too low and there is no shelter for those guards against the weather. 2. There is still no entrance to any of the parapets around the property. 3. The lever for the inner Fortress is on the outside of the Drawbridge on an easy platform. For protection the Lever should be inside the Second Fortress with guards already there to let you in and out.
mycastlecellar Jul 8 @ 6:02am 
4. No shelter for the guards or the First Family if attacked at the Inner Fortress. 5. the Inner Fortress walls should be higher at all points or balconies. My character can easily enter the whole fortress by entering from the hillside. This is ridiculous. The hillside leaves the whole fort/castle vulnerable to attack. 6. I don't know if you can make any changes to the Steward or just create your own. But if he/she joins you as a follower for even a little while the place starts going away. I did this once before and it was a big mistake. I had to purchase everything all over again.
Dalton1234496 Jul 4 @ 5:46pm 
like what town
Dalton1234496 Jul 4 @ 5:46pm 
where do you buy the house
Lord Baelish Jun 30 @ 6:40pm 
Best house mod out of the ones i have! Now I feel safe knowing that my house is guarded with big walls and tons of guards! here's my opinion.. It's great! I smiled while looking at everything I felt safe, no weird creature will attack me and my family now! - PS - I hope you aren't turning this mod into a little town.. I kinda like it the way it is.. if you do turn it into a town I hope things go well.. kinda scared from the prison, thieves, and raids you mentioned lol.. but it makes it more realistic! keep at it! 9.5/10
Makaishura Jun 25 @ 9:45pm 
I think this is an awesome mod, and I too would love to see this for the other two manors that you can build. However, I've found a large bug. I can't go into all of the details, there's not enough space, but briefly: Once I buy the land and leave the Jarl's longhouse I get stuck in the next loading screen. If I try to load a game from the main screen that was saved after buying the land I get stuck in a load screen. If load a game from the main screen that was saved before buying the land, and then once in game I load a game that was saved after buying the land, I'm fine.