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Dragons + V1.8
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Feb 26, 2012 @ 7:21am
Jul 30, 2012 @ 2:44pm
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Works with Dawnguard!

(This mod were called legendary dragons before, but because dawnguard adds legendary dragons I had to rename this one.)

This mod adds more dragons to your skyrim. Black dragon (Lvl 100) You can encounter them at lvl 50. Dragon mount (You find it from dragon lair) and Mythical dragon (Lvl 120) You encounter them at lvl 60.
These dragons has over 30k hp (Except mount. It's essential.)
I made this mod because vanilla dragons became way too easy.
This mod doesn't edit any of the original dragons and they also use custom races and custom shouts.
If you think that these dragons has too much health then use reduced health version http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=14059
If you only want black dragons use this.

V 1.8 You can get dragon souls from these dragons again.
V 1.7.5 Renamed Legendary Dragon to Mythical Dragon
V 1.7.4 Problem with people being unable to see dragon mount should be fixed now.
V 1.7.3 Spawn rate should be decreased, renamed some dragons and textures are changed (Again I didn't make those textures)
V 1.7.2: Removed health regeneration from legendary dragon, removed golden key, changed recipe for legendary key.
V 1.7.1: Fire breath drains mana now instead of stamina, removed legendary daggers from chest in dragon lair and replaced them with spelltome: conjure legendary dragon and removed it from winterhold college, encounter chance should be much higher now, will be probably dropped back to normal sometimes.
V 1.7: Added location called dragon lair (Huge WIP) (you get mount from here) Legendary daggers now have crafting recipe and they are no longer dropped from legendary dragons.
Added new legendary dragon (Lvl 120) Has every spell from other legendary dragons and spell called dragon drain and also can conjure legendary dragons (nerfed version of course). You need to be lvl 60 to encounter these. Dragon mount and legendary dragon has custom skin (I didn't make those skins) and dragon mounts skin is just a place holder.
Increased walking speed of the mount.
You need to have killed legendary fire dragon and legendary frost dragon once to get dragon mount, or kill legendary dragon once.
BSA file is now my own custom one.
V1.6.1: Fixed crash, when fast traveling with dragon mount. Legendary daggers can also be improved with grindstone.
V1.6: Added conjure legendary fire dragon spell. You can get that spell from winterhold college.
Added legendary dragon mount. Might be buggy. (Got alot of help from mike's mystical mounts mod. Race and dragon mount itself is made by me, but I had to borrow his bsa file. (So thanks for him for making that mod)
These dragon mounts will also defend you, when you get attacked, but you are not allowed to be mounted while they are attacking something.
V1.5.1: Frost breath now deals same amount of damage as fire breath. These dragons now uses custom race instead of alduins, making this mod compatible with mods that increase health of alduin race.
V1.5: Both dragons uses now custom breaths and both dragons uses alduins skin and model instead of Odahviings.
V1.4: Added legendary frost dragon and legendary frost dagger. Renamed legendary dragon to legendary fire dragon.
V1.3: Increased damage and speed of legendary dagger and you will now encounter these dragons randomly. (this mod is nof safer for new characters and players. Your character must be over lvl 50 to encounter these.) (thanks for SoulSharD for advice)
V1.2: Replaced dragons and added legendary dagger.
V1.1: Moved dragons further away from whiterun.
V1.0: release.

I'm probably gonna reduce amount of bones and scales they drop.
First of all to be able to enter the room, where the mount is you first will need legendary key.
Do not attack dragon mount I haven't disabled friendly fire yet and you can't kill it. If you do attack it, then run away and fast travel and then it won't attack you anymore!
This version might be very buggy, because I almost had to remake this whole mod.
To get mount out of the dragon lair you have to mount it and walk couple of steps, then get out of the lair and fast travel and mount should be right next to you.
It might take a while, before these dragons starts to spawn.
Breaths of these dragons can drain your health very fast, so having potions is almost necessary, or healing spell. Also fire breath drains magica and frost drains your stamina.
You can get the key to the lair, by creating it at forge.


When conjured black dragon dies, it causes earthquake.
Turning with mount is kind of awkward and currently mount is unable to fly.
For some reason dragons don't drop dragon blood.
This mod bugs Bend Will, so if you're trying to complete the main storyline in Dragonborn DLC, disable this mod.
You won't receive any souls from any dragons, caused by outdated script. Again, if you're trying to complete the main storyline in Dragonborn DLC, disable this mod.

Incompatible mods:
Flying mod become dragon (Causes crashing, when you get near mount)

You are not allowed to re-upload this mod, or any of the files to anywere!
If you have ideas you can suggest them.

Working on:
Probably gonna make conjure spell for summoning mount.
Dragon lair
Trying to get dragon mount to follow you. (if you now comment on this page)
Flying for mount (Will still take very long time) (Currently needing a lot help with this.)

You are allowed to use this mod on collection, but you are not allowed to include this mod in your mod!
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spellsnare Dec 14 @ 11:58am 
found a bug on your mod man when we kill the fist dragon in the game is not gave a dragon soul so i suggest if your start a new character desactivate it that mod is still great but he doing a bug wicth the fist dragon
matthewcole5 Aug 9 @ 2:50pm 
Also, I was hoping to unistall this temporarily because I can't currently defeat these dragons, but I can't because every time I revisit a location that these dragons were at the game crashes! Any help, please?
matthewcole5 Aug 9 @ 2:40pm 
The dragons keep killing me in one hit every time. Is that supposed to happen, or is it just a glitch?
Stonecraker May 28 @ 9:21pm 
where do you get the dragon blood from?
G20 Mar 12 @ 3:19pm 
Great Mod!
I forgot to give you the address a while back.
Here's the collection I added you too, with my compliments.
the more links the better ;)
maybe you'd like to lend your support too.
thefuzzyunicorn115 Feb 24 @ 3:09pm 
Actually I still receive souls from dragons, but they dont become skeletal. Not really a big problem really.
Muro  [author] Jan 15 @ 2:11pm 
Ye I'm aware of the problems in this mod, couple of other problems would be not receiving souls from any dragons, caused by custom script that is outdated, or something and Bend Will is bugged because of the custom skeleton, that is used on dragon mount. About the lair, I'm thinking deleting it completely and moving the mount back to it's previous location, which was near whiterun.
Courgus Jan 15 @ 1:12pm 
I agree with Dovahkiin.
It is very tricky with this Dragon, right on the start.
The other problem I've got is this:
After I tried to uninstall this mod, my game crashes all the time.
So I can't remove the mod without uninstall all of my mods.
I don't know why this happens but maybe you will be able to find out.:
I used, at least, two other Mods:

Dragon Combat Overhaul
Deadly Dragons

Got some other mods working but this three are the only Dragon mods I used.
So, if someone else may got this problem... you may be able to help them.

Last word:
This mod has a bright future, I think.
Just some tweaks and corrections and, I suppose, this would be great.
Aragorn Jan 12 @ 7:52pm 
where do you find the frost and fire dragon bloods for the keys?
[MAZK] Djuud105 Jan 9 @ 10:35am 
Awesome dragons.