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Medusa Armor
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Apr 15, 2013 @ 12:58pm
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This mod add a new set of High Resolution heavy Armor to the game.The Medusa Armor is Female Only.

*Medusa Armor Defense Base Ratings:


*Where to find it

-In a guarded Locked Chest(you will find the key on the spider named Athena) located North east of Kjenstag ruins.(check the Map pic).
-To any forge assuming you have the Dwarven smithing perk for the Medusa armor.The armor is temper-able too.
If you apreciate my work and wish to donate, you can do it there:
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BashinNik 10 hours ago 
Чумовая детализация!
BLAZE Dec 22 @ 12:01pm 
no dont ask me why it took me so long to figure it out.
BLAZE Dec 22 @ 12:00pm 
nevermind i found out why mine doesn`t want to work by reading the instructions again(female only)
Revenant Dec 21 @ 10:50pm 
So Detailed it looks like it doesn't belong to the game.
Zionis Dec 21 @ 3:27pm 
beautifully done, props
christianjnp Dec 19 @ 5:22am 
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talynamber Dec 7 @ 6:58am 
This is THE most epic, well textured female armor, ever. Well done!!!I don't use the mask, I hate helmets, but I will make a set for my mannequin. Any weapons forthcoming to go with this? A matching colored and textured sword?? Oh, I DID make this with no trouble at my forge. This is armor worthy of the female Dovahkin for sure.
BLAZE Nov 30 @ 10:48pm 
doesn't work instead of medusa armor it gives me dwarven armor
wall socket Nov 29 @ 6:17pm 
magnificent, I feel world-saving at last
Dr. Death Oct 17 @ 5:09pm 
so have to use High settings or it will crash my game?