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Dragon Knight (v.50)
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Apr 14, 2013 @ 6:31pm
May 23, 2013 @ 12:31am
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Dragon Knight (v.50)

WARNING: Development of this MOD has ceased and it is not up to date with the current version of the game. If you are a MODDER and would like to continue making this mod better/fixing issues, please do so, as you have my permission.

WARNING PART2: Hello to all MOD users, if you are using this mod then you hopefully looked at the last time I updated it... almost 3 years ago... i.e IT IS NOT UP TO DATE....and I have no plans to update it currently. I have not played nor modded Torchlight 2 in all this time, and none of my mods are up to date as the game as been patched many times since I last modded it.. so yes its very possible this mod, and my other mods dont work anymore.

Sorry but please use common sense, and look at when a mod was last updated before attempting its use. The mod is still here and posted so that if someone wanted to update it/make it better or merge it into a compiliation after fixing said issues, they can and have my permission to do so. Good Luck.

The Dragon Knight

Dragon Knights are Mythic Warriors without equal. Their pasts are shrouded in mystery, for none know how they came to be. At first glance it would appear they are mortal, except for the fiery red eyes, and body temperatures 2x hotter than any normal man.

They hail from an Elite Clan of Warriors claiming direct lineage from the legendary Dragons of old. Indeed it would seem that Dragon Knights are attuned to the ways of fire, as Dragons are. They can shoot molten flame from their hands with but a thought.They Can blast fire from their stout shields, and are strong enough to wield Two handed weapons as if they were childrens toys. They can call down Blasts of Fire from Dragons spirits in the heavens, and receive Blessings from the Ancient ones.

When the Draconic Empire needs victory it calls upon the Dragon Knights to bring Fiery wrath and Flaming Steel to their enemies. Dragon Knights know no fear, as they are raised from birth to face battle with the tenacity and fury that befits their lineage. They are Warriors of the highest Skill, Dragon Mages wielding the eternal Flame, and capable of facing Legions of enemies due to their ability to heal themselves using the Draconic Stamina, provided by their once ancient ancestors.

Detailed Description:

Combined and altered 30 skills from Multiple Classes into one Elite Class capable of soloing Synergies Elite level difficulty.

-Ranged Fire Damage Focusing on High DPS Dragon's Fire Magic.

-Excellent Shield and Tanking Abilites

-Self Heal and Support Skills

-Unmatched all around performance.

-Play tested and balanced by over 5000 subscribers and their suggestions. Updated in v.50

-Full Flavor text added to all skills. Updated in v.50

-Full compatibility with all original Classes and Custom Classes. No original files altered, and won't overwrite your current characters in any way. Updated in v.50

-Excellent Playability, with many possible builds to choose from, a class tailored for any type of player.
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Pvt. Prinny Aug 29, 2014 @ 7:39pm 
able to wield two 2 handed sword, increased attack speed, major heal skill, decent defensive, i will say this class is very OP, at least in early level. i dont know about higher level since i just try it, but i think this class will be still very OP even in higher level. i think u need to nerf it a little for balance sake
[PriPara] Blushing Boo-pri Aug 28, 2014 @ 4:02am 
Bob Loblaw Aug 28, 2014 @ 1:50am 
Love this class. Enjoy the playing style it provides while not neglecting the much needed defense. Thanks.
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better than the dragon prince class :3 !
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