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The Black Sword
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Known alternatively as the Shade Blade and the Blackrock Sword, the Black Sword was an artifact of great power forged from the indestructible substance known as blackrock. Forged on the Isle of Fire by the Avatar, and wielded thereafter by the hero of Britannia, the artifact was lost after the Avatar's adventures on Serpent Isle came to an end.

While that Black Sword has long been lost, nothing's stopping you now from making a new one.

This mod not only adds the Black Sword, and the ability to make it, it adds blackrock as well to forge it from. It can't be found in ore veins, but it has a small chance to be found on Dwarven Spiders and a smaller chance to show up on Falmer, starting at level 18. If you find enough (at least 10) you can forge an unenchanted Black Sword at the Skyforge. This version is slow and heavy, owing to blackrock being, well, rock, and not really the best material for a weapon. But, if you get yourself a couple of filled black soul gems, you can balance the blade into the fully powered Black Sword.

With the full sword, you get the Rain of Fire ability, which can only be used once a day but when used rains fire on the area it's cast. On top of that, the Black Sword also can soul trap, and serves as a reusable soul gem capable of taking black souls. The sword will also completely refill your magicka while draining the life force of your opponent. Have a tough opponent? No worries, the sword could instantly kill them with a single strike, if it feels like it.

You can make a 1 handed version of the Black Sword. It's a bit faster than the 2-handed one (of course) but does a bit less damage. Still has all the same effects as its two-handed sibling, of course.

Making the sword requires the Ebony smithing perk and the Arcane Blacksmith perk. Plus there's the need for 10 pieces of blackrock in order to make the thing to begin with. Since the Black Sword is very powerful these restrictions are in place so you can't get it at lower levels, since it'd just make the game like eating a can of spam.

Known Bugs: None at the moment. If you come across any, lemme know and I'll look into it. Compatability wise, the mod should be compatible with a lot, since it doesn't rely on a DLC nor does it modify anything weird that'd butt heads with other mods.

The armor my character is wearing in the screenshots is the Sententia armor from the TERA armor set. I use the CBBE version which can be claimed here:

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DEvasto  [author] Jul 9 @ 12:37pm 
Awesome and you're welcome, have fun!
Danielson Jul 9 @ 12:35pm 
There weren't any issues, ty!
DEvasto  [author] Jul 9 @ 12:05pm 
Aight, good luck and enjoy (if things go well).
Danielson Jul 9 @ 12:03pm 
I'll give it a try for now, and will come back to you
DEvasto  [author] Jul 9 @ 11:28am 
It might. If the Arcane Blacksmith perk is removed utterly and not replaced with something else, then you wouldn't be able to forge the sword. In theory at least, I don't use any smithing overhauls myself so I don't exactly know how they'll mesh. You could give it a shot and put this mod above your smithing mod in the load order and see what happens. Be sure to get back to me on your results in case I might need to make a patch.
Danielson Jul 9 @ 11:14am 
So, I'm using a mod that removes arcane blacksmith and changes smithing a bit, will this conflict with the pre-requisites to forge this weapon?
DEvasto  [author] Jun 25 @ 4:06pm 
The Black Sword is hardly "normal." While there is an unenchanted version (the "unbalanced" Black Sword), the complete version allows you to rain fire on your opponents, has a chance to instantly kill, can soul trap and is a reusable soul gem, and will replenish your magicka while draining your opponent's life. Now I, personally, don't like to make a sword like this super easy to obtain. If it was something more mundane, I'd treat it as such, but as it's not the case here I tried giving a bit of challenge to the process of making it. Since the initial release I've done my best to make finding Blackrock a little easier, and I MAY adjust it further, but ultimately I'm not going to make it plentiful.
Alcatraz Jun 25 @ 10:51am 
why did you make it so hard to find a black rock its just a normal sword i dont fucking care about the stats i just like the texture
Genjohnwilliam Jun 10 @ 3:18pm 
never mind
Genjohnwilliam Jun 10 @ 3:16pm 
it's not showing up to craft help