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Show Me Your Moves! [A Lesson In Warframe-Jitsu]
By Xanmyral and 1 collaborators
Have you ever seen people slide through laser walls without error? Ever seen someone do a jump kick into a Grineer face and wonder how? Want to learn how to make a fancy charged attack without having to hold the melee key? Seen anyone go from sliding to jumping, to jump kicking, to doing a fancy spinning slash in less than a second? Wanna learn how? Then if so, read this guide!
Have you ever watched someone jump kick and go like, "Man, I so want to do that and other related stuff"? Well then, this is for you! Have you ever seen anyone slide through a laser barrier the first time, every time, without error? Have you ever wanted to go, "Man, I sure wish I could do that!" Well congratulations, I know these things and will impart them to you!

Now, you may be wondering why I'm making this guide, well with the pub games I'm in I see a distressing lack of knowledge on how to do the things that I will entail to you as knowledge today! What started in me being mildly in wonderment in how people could not know this, from watching people wait patiently for a minute or more in front of lasers, I decided to teach them how to get through by demonstrating how without having to shoot the cameras.

Then I thought, wow, I should show more people this so I don't have to do this every time. So I will impart unto you the art of Warframe-Jitsu!

TL;DR: Imma gunna teach you some stuff that is useful.
First the BASICS! You know how to sprint, jump, melee, crouch, and move in a forward direction, yes? If so, congratulations, you have learned the basics! I won't go over these.

-Amaze your friends with basic movement and actions!
-Slash your foes with your melee weapon of choice!
-Feel determined as you move forward, wherever that may be! (Note: Please do not run off a cliff, I am not liable nor responsible for any injuries that may occur due to failure to use senses to know where one is or what is around them.)

TIP: Having crouch on toggle isn't necessary, but that's how I use it so it may be easier or harder to do such with the toggle than the hold.
Power Sliding
For the utmost basic in Warframe-Jitsu, it is assumed you know how to POWER SLIDE. You perform the power slide by sprinting forward, then crouching which will put you in a sliding stance. You can fire from this, and it is the starting stance for several other moves in Warframe-Jitsu.

The Power Slide:
-Show the Grineer and Corpus why their rock is weaker than yours!
-Shoot while sliding!
-Necessary for several other moves!
-When going down a hill, you actually speed up! Have fun sliding down the Corpus slope into the extraction elevator without stopping!
Jump Kicking
Now for the basics in Warframe-Jitsu. The JUMP KICK! You perform the jump kick by sprinting in a forward direction, jumping, and then consecutively hitting the crouch button. Not at the same time, consecutively. So, to break it down, sprint forward, jump then crouch. Congratulations, you know how to successfully jump kick!

The Jump Kick:
-Impress your friends!
-Jump over waist-height barriers with style!
-Knock down foes!
-Shoot while performing a jump kick for extra style!
-If you hit the ground while performing a jump kick, you automatically power slide!
-Provides more forward momentum while jumping, can be used to give you that little boost needed to hit the ledge!
Fancy Jump
Now for the third lesson in Warframe-Jitsu. The FANCY JUMP! You perform the fancy jump by being in the power slide stance, when you are just jump. Its that simple, just jump while sliding. Congratulations, you know how to successfully perform the fancy-jump-which-probably-has-an-actual-name!

The Fancy Jump:
-Impress both enemies and allies as you hurtle yourself over cover in style!
-Doing more flips than you can count Note: You can probably count them.
-This puts you in the air so you can combine it with several other moves! Such as the Jump Kick!
The fourth lesson in Warframe-Jitsu! I discovered this little gem when I was viewing the key rebinding section in the options, did you know you can BLOCK? Yes, that's right, you can block! ...I honestly don't use it that often, but its possible. Its currently set to mouse key 4, which isn't on most mouses I believe, so I'd advise setting it to mouse button three, which isn't set with anything and is there for easy access. Congratulations: You learned the long lost art of blocking!

-Show your mastery with rebinding keys!
-Reduce damage from bullets!
-Reduces damage from melee! (Note: I believe more, but I'm not sure.)
-Prevents staggers! (Note: I don't use this often, but from what I've seen it prevents stagger because stagger only activates when a certain threshold of damage is taken, as seen from lower level enemies not causing stagger when they melee you. Since this reduces damage, it can push a move that would stagger you down to below the threshold.)
-Wave your sword around ineffectually as you pretend to block bullets with them, while the bullets still cause damage; Learn that Indiana Jones was right!
-Drains stamina while active!
-Slash your melee weapon of choice, only breaking block for the extent of the attack and returning immediately to blocking! (Note: Does not work with any other weapon than melee to do this, you need to actively stop holding the button to fire your guns. Which is another reason I suggest mouse button three, because since if you can't fire your gun anyway, why do you need your index finger?)
Dashing Slash
I can now confirm that yes, you can do this with every melee weapon type. Although getting through the laser doors may be harder with slower melee weapons than the faster ones, but if you time it right you should manage just fine. Now onto the most important, free move lesson!

That's right, by reading all of this I will teach you the ultra move, the move that will get you everywhere and anywhere for free! (Note: I can't charge you even if I wanted to. (Double Note: Which I don't, I just want to see people be more fancy in their movements and not be stopped by something as simple as a laser barricade.)) The DASHING SLASH! To perform a dashing slash, while power sliding you simply hit the melee key. Yep, also that simple. You can also perform this in the middle of a jump kick! Which is very useful, as you can see below. Most importantly, you can get past the laser barricades every time! How? Beats me.

Before you hit the lasers, do the dashing slash and you will move past them with no harm what-so-ever. With the new update, you won't even possibly die while trying to see if it works! Not that I died while getting this down, no, not at all. You can even get past laser barricades in a closed door by power sliding into the door to where it opens, waiting for it to open enough, then dashing slash your way through. If you attempt to dashing slash your way through while the door is closed, it won't work. (Note: This doesn't always works, but does most of the time, the dashing slashing your way through the laser walls when the door is closed that is.) And it works every time! (Note: If used normally, when the door is open.) What was that, you say, yes I said every time! Tried and tested by myself, it works every time! Congratulations, you know how to perform the dashing slash! Why is it called the dashing slash? Because its forward crouch meleeing down right dashing!

Dashing Slash:
-Horrify your foes!
-Make the Corpus cry as you slash your way through their laser barricades unharmed!
-Has the full strength of a charged attack in only a fraction of the time!
-Extra forward momentum for your jumps! Combine it with a jump kick, and you can eaisly bridge that gap you thought impossible!
-Chain everything together!
-Never stop slashing, never stop being dashing!

Long Aside: When executing a dashing slash, this may only happen if your crouch is on toggle as I haven't tested this when it is hold instead, you become stuck sprinting until either you crouch and un-crouch, or run out of stamina. This is actually more useful than you think because right when you finish the dashing slash, if you continue going forward and hit crouch and melee in rapid succession you can perform another dashing slash without missing a beat! Yes, you can go through an entire level just dashing slashing your way through if there is no points where you have to jump... And even then, if you master the fancy jump, as instead you would go forward, crouch then jump, then crouch again to jump kick then melee to soar through the air like a bladed eagle!

Another Aside: Thanks to Sir DeathWeirdo, another way to get through laser walls has been seen. It doesn't require a dashing slash, but instead just a regular combat roll. What you have to do is time the roll to where you would be hitting the laser walls when you would be parallel to the floor, at almost the beginning of the roll, to make it through. It requires percise timing, but its very possible and with some practice could be pulled off most of the time.
Congratulations, you've learned all that I know, all that knowledge is imparted unto you! Rejoice, for class is over and count yourselves all as experienced Warframe-Jitus users!

Now go out there and make me proud!
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◀▲▼Recca▲San▼▲▶ Jun 2, 2013 @ 6:56pm 
hey, add another one please, a back flip! Aim, Down and Shift.
Mattklanks May 20, 2013 @ 2:06am 
I do all this, was wondering why I always have about 6x as many melee kills as everyone else lol.
Liro Raeriyo May 15, 2013 @ 3:15pm 
also were is the part about shield canceling? its such an important move to help speed up combos and attacks
Liro Raeriyo May 15, 2013 @ 2:24pm 
i think someone forgot about the part that it takes massive amounts of stamina to keep dash slashing
Blueraid May 13, 2013 @ 11:30pm 
psst. wall run and E to commence jump slash.
Blueraid May 13, 2013 @ 11:28pm 
Do not underestimate the dash DOUBLE slash, hold the crouch'n'dash and hit melee twice in timed sequence and blamo, twice the full damage horrifying your soon-to-be-dead enemies. With some practice (or none) you can change the direction of the 2nd slash, this proves to be useful against higher armored/hp/tanky enemies that takes more than few hits in the knee-cap.

so basically, ctrl+shift hold and double tap E, use mouse to change direction during 2nd slash.
I'm not really fond of heavy melee weapons so I'm not quite sure does it work for 2-hand weaponry. Heavy knuckles, longswords, daggers, duals seem to work just fine. Hope this helps.
Pyro670 May 10, 2013 @ 1:00pm 
This guide is strangely devoid of the entire section on how to wall run like a boss, which is strange considering its necessary for some stages and speeds up others...
DealerC May 9, 2013 @ 8:58pm 
Got some for you to look into if interested... Backflipping! I hold my gun of choice up like i want to focus on a target(my R mouse button), backstep and hit shift. Seeing my Rhino getting his jitsu on makes him feel faster... until he's just sprinting w/o his rush on :p Well Done on the guide and a thumbs up. b-_^
Peel May 7, 2013 @ 5:57am 
A good guide, but perhaps you should make specific reference to shield lancers in the jump kick section - I find it takes them out (with a finishing move) far easier than a spin attack (or slashind dash as you called it!). The kick doesn't do any damage as far as I can tell, but it stops them from knocking you down immediately...
Patemaani Apr 27, 2013 @ 1:27am 
You can also use slide to get trough lasers you need to time start of slide so you go trough lasers before animation for going to slide is done.