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Trainers Guild for Aspiring Warriors
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Apr 13, 2013 @ 1:46am
May 4, 2013 @ 5:58pm
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*Dawnguard Required*

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Welcome to the Great Hall of Ysmir, tribute to the god king Talos. Learn the art of war from some of Tamriel's greatest fighters. Become what you were born to be!

What this mod adds:
*New Guild Hall of Ysmir
*7 New Master Trainers (Offers Training and can hire as followers for 500 gold)
*1 New Blacksmith (Buy and sells Weapons and Armors)
*1 New InnKeeper (Gives Rumors and Bounty Quest)
*Player Home/Room (Purchase from InnKeeper)

Location of Great Hall of Ysmir:
*Right beside Whiterun Stables

Reported Not to be Compatible With:
*Whiterun Outskirts Market
*Nernie's Whiterun
*Fair Khajiit
*Katixa's Ciderhouse (Reported to work if loaded before this mod)

Load Order to Use:
(Recommend Using Boss)
*1)Trainers Guild for Aspiring Mages
*2)Trainers Guild for Aspiring Thieves
*3)Trainers Guild for Aspiring Warriors

*Cleaned and Optimized with TES5Edit

*Player house/room can be bought from Thorek the Caretaker. Price is dependent on your speechcraft. Once bought, you have to read the Deed for key to appear.

*Thanks to John Mcroy for his artwork that I use for the cover of this mod.
*Thanks to Bethesda for Skyrim and the Creation Kit.
*Thanks to Steamworkshop and the Skyrim Nexus.

*Easter eggs, special and unique items are scattered thoughout the mod. Some are easy and others are hard to find. Search around, you never know what you'll find.

Note on Versions:
Dawnguard versions are the original, they have more content and all around better in my opinion. The Non-DLC versions were made for people that don't use Dawnguard. Changes vary between the two from minor to major changes. Use Dawnguard if you have Dawnguard, and use the Non-DLC version if you have no official DLC packs.

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*Better Males by Chris57 and FlavoredSoul
*Better Embers by Dragonborn 77
*Detailed Faces v2 by Xenius
*Dimonized UNP by Dimon99
*Enhanced Lights and FX by Anamorfus
*HD Enhanced Terrains by Hritik
*Hybrids HD Plants and Herbs by Gabriel Gullbergh-Mystikhybrid
*Immersive Hud by Gopher
*Improved NPC Clothing by Baron David
*No More Blocky Faces by Xenius
*Perfect Legionaire by Ali Bengali
*Project Reality by JJC71
*Proper Dark Brotherhood Armor Retex by Stivmachine
*Skyrim HD-2k Textures by NebuLa
*SkyUI by SkyUI Team
*Static Mesh Improvement Mod by Brumbek
*Straight Hair Retexture by Navetsea
*The Eyes of Beauty by Gabriel Mailhot
*UNP Female Armors by Exeter
*Ultimate HD Fire Effects by BuzzDee84
*W.A.T.E.R by Sparrow Prince
*XCE Character Enhancement by Xenius
*XCE Warpaint and Dirt by Xenuis
*YY Anim Replacer by Yukl
*QuietCool ENB by WolfStryder
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tanner9wolf Aug 22 @ 8:27pm 
gamingshiz13 Jul 4 @ 12:04am 
Random off topic question: How do you make your inventory look like that? Mine's different ...
Shorttdawg Jan 20 @ 9:08am 
2nd last one, Masser's like "PHOTOBOMB!"
(HH)Paul-Panzer Jan 10 @ 5:29pm 
Is not working
IAMGROOTBITCH Oct 28, 2013 @ 5:51pm 
what do you use to make your skyrim look like that because i want it
Owdin Oct 26, 2013 @ 5:27am 
Sorry, its fixed. if anyone else has the problem you have to be in the first room with him in order for it to be in his inventory for sale
Owdin Oct 26, 2013 @ 5:23am 
The Caretaker does not sell the deed to the room
Any way i can fix it?
dovahlcon Sep 30, 2013 @ 3:20pm 
thank you !!!!!!!
Grump"The Hammer"gro-Maul Sep 24, 2013 @ 5:48am 
Something is up with the block trainer, my skill is only 29 and she say's she can't teach me anymore. Only was able to find trainers in block, hy. armor and archery and lt. armor. No inn keeper or offer from the guy that I thought was the inn keeper for room. Also the archery trainer will train you up to lvl 98. Might be a conflict with some other mod I have. ?
CybertrazH Aug 12, 2013 @ 9:54am 
Will look forward to it, my friend. gonna miss you!