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Pro FPS Player
This guide will teach you how to play the First Person Shooter part of the game. It covers your main goals, shows you tips and tricks of the game.
The round is divided in 2 phases:
1. Short phase of capturing resources.
2. Long phase of destroying enemy structures. It comes when you start to see enemy structures and your commander have researched Advanced Kits.
Short Description of the Primary Objectives
1st phase:
  • Capture and hold the Primary Resource Point(big white circle on minimap).
  • Capture more resource points than an enemy team.
Remember that a team that owns more resouce points in 1st phase has a huge advantage. So don't hide somewhere, capture more points, protect primary.
2nd phase:
  • Switch to Exo with Siege Kit and destroy enemy structures. Priority: 1. Power Station. 2. Power Transmitter; 3. Turret; 4. Transport Gate...
  • Switch to Support with BBQ Kit, find unprotected enemy structures and destroy them.
  • Repair your buildings. Priorities are the same as for destroying.
Remember your goals:
  • Capture resources;
  • Destroy enemy buildings;
  • Repair your buildings.
You kill those players who stand on your way to achieve these goals. Nuclear Dawn is more a Player vs Buildings game then a PvP.
Detailed Description of the Primary Objectives
1st Phase. At the round start capture a lot of resource points for your commander to build and research faster:
  • At first capture Primary resource point. Remember that you can't capture Primary while being under "Nanoskin" effect, in Exo's "Suit Lockdown" or in Stealth's "Invisible" mode. It takes 20 seconds to capture Primary. If you notice enemy captures Primary first you need to break their capture timer either by killing enemies or by stepping into the capture area. Suitable classes are:
    • Assault class with assault rifle;
    • Duet of Exo with Chaingun and Medic;
  • Capture Secondary resource points. Good classes are Assault and Stealth.
  • Capture tertiaries. Good classes are Stealth and Assault.
  • Always protect Primary from enemy team. Don't allow them to capture it.

2nd Phase. When Advanced Kits are researched and you start to see enemy structures the game enters the 2nd phase. Your tasks include:
  • Destroy enemy structures. As much as possible. This is the only way to win. Suitable classes are:
    • Exo with a Siege Kit. The most valuable player at the second phase. Destroys buildings fast and at long range. Easily destroys enemy turrets. But requires a lot of ammo, so need to be close to the supply point or to engineer who can drop an ammo pack. A Good Siege Point is a place on a map where your team has a transport gate, supply station and you see enemy buildings from it. If your commander have built such a point for your team you must immediately switch to Siege Kit and destroy all buildings you can reach.
    • Support with BBQ kit. Good against buildings and players in close range. Very good for diversions. Weak against turrets. But if you run around it you can sometimes destroy it.
    • Assault with Grenadier Kit. Good against buildings and players in mid range.
    When destroying enemy structures keep in mind that it is very important to cut the power to enemy forward transport gate, turrets and supply stations. So your primary targets are Power Stations and power transmitters(Wireless Repeater and Relay Tower). If you cut the power it is very easy then to destroy powerless buildings.
  • Make a diversion that cuts enemy power. Destroy a power relay that transfers power to enemy forward spawn. Will be described later.
  • Repair your structures. Support with an Engineer Kit can repair buildings and is the second most valuable class on the battle field after Siege Exo. But remember that the best defence is offence. If you have too many engineers you will not be able to crush your enemy. It is a good practice to have 1 or 2 engineers in critical locations where your structures are under heavy fire.
  • Protect your resource points and capture new ones. It is important but not vital. If your team has a Good Siege Point you MUST siege and destroy enemy buildings.
Diversion is one of the most effective tactics in the game and greatly increases your team's chances to win the round. Diversion means destroying important enemy structures what gives your team a huge advantage. Important structures are:
  • Power Transmitters(Wireless Repeater and Relay Tower) that give power to enemy forward Transport Gates;
  • Power Station;
  • Armory;
  • Assembler;
In most cases diversion consists from cutting the power for enemy buildings.
Here is the list of diversions you can make:
  • In the first game phase select an Engineer, run unnoticed to enemy Power Transmitter that powers up enemy forward Transport Gate and destroy this transmitter. You can throw an EMP grenade first to disable the Transport Gate quickly.
  • In the first phase select an Engineer with a gizmo that gives you 3 EMP grenades. Use these grenades onto enemy Transport Gate to disable it, you will win a lot of time for you team to capture and hold Primary.
  • In the second phase select a Support BBQ class. Run unnoticed to enemy Power Transmitters and Power Stations and destroy them.
  • Use Support BBQ or Assault with Grenadier Kit. Run to the enemy base and destroy Armory or Assembler.
  • Take a friend or two, select a Stealth Saboteur class and run to the enemy Power Transmitter that powers up their forward Transport Gate. Destroy this Power Transmitter.
To understand the core of diversion tactics you need to play as a commander for some time to know how the power system works in Nuclear Dawn and what does Armory and Assembler mean.
What is not effective in Nuclear Dawn?
  • It is generally not effective to run around the map or sit in some hideout and kill players with stealth's knives or sniper kit with no purpose.
  • Stealth and Assault(with rifle) are not very usefull in the 2nd game phase, unless you effectively protect Siegers while they destroy enemy structures.
Useful Tips
  • Bullets and hand grenades do very very small damage to buildings. Use Exo's Siege Kit, Support's BBQ Kit, Assault's Grenadier Kit against buildings.
  • Empire's Exo with Siege Kit(X01) has a damage fading. If Consortium buildings are far from you your X01 weapon will do less damage to them.
  • Consortium buildings have weak points. See wiki for screenshots: http://www.nucleardawnthegame.com/wiki/index.php/Consortium
  • You can teleport between Transport Gates. Press "E" near the Transport Gate and select a destination Transport Gate in the opened window.
  • Press "Enter" to open a window for selecting your class, loadout and a Transport Gate where you will spawn. This window is automatically opened after your player have died.
  • Select your gizmos wisely. http://www.nucleardawnthegame.com/wiki/index.php/Gizmos
  • Read this wiki for all information you need about the game: http://www.nucleardawnthegame.com/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
  • If you want to quickly change class or respawn it is more efficient to just die or suicide than running back to the armory. To suicide type "kill" without quotes into developer console.
  • Developer console can be enabled in keyboard settings and is shown by "~" key.
  • BBQ flamethrower can pass through multiple structures with a slight damage fall off on the further target.
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=Rev= | Mat The Termin8r Mar 31 @ 7:56am 
I disagree with Snipers being not useful in the second phase, people who are good, experienced snipers can effectively take out the enemy team and enemy sieges firing at your buildings, and even take out enemy attackers. It's good to have at least 2 with a max of 3-4, and there should be Stealth Snipers AND Assault Snipers, they can both attack in different ways that can help them and their team. Stealth Snipers are the ones who attack and stay out of sight, most likely camping. Assault snipers can't go invisible, so they will have to change positions every few kills, and also counter enemy snipers and stealths with their thermal vision. Having both on a team, and in a good area, close by each other, will allow them to attack and counter attack effectively, and protect them from sneaky-beaky people.
Sto3IV Mar 26 @ 4:16am 
Who can teach me how to play as commando?
Josh May 25, 2014 @ 9:34pm 
Awesome. Any ND players in NZ or AU add me and we will play sometime.
Arachnid Soul May 21, 2014 @ 4:14am 
Nice guide. Thanks.
ER Gaming®-DE Robin Mar 8, 2014 @ 4:11am 
Das Spiel ist der hammer:) leider spielen es nur noch wenige :(
[RotLG] OddDreams101 Feb 26, 2014 @ 12:43pm 
Game died is more accurate, US interest in this game never took off due to poor advertising XD
DIMEDROLL  [author] Feb 25, 2014 @ 1:13am 
wiki died :(
[RotLG] OddDreams101 Sep 24, 2013 @ 2:18pm 
As an experienced Consortium player/commander and siege data gatherer (both teams) from way back, I've never seen significant weak points on CON buildings using the XO1. Unless it was post Patch 5, this may just be observer's error with the damage falloff of the XO1.
Mr.DarkAssassin1991 Sep 6, 2013 @ 11:43am 
Nice guide =))