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Skyrim Chess
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Apr 11, 2013 @ 7:18pm
Apr 20, 2013 @ 12:22pm
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Skyrim Chess is a mod that brings chess to Skyrim. It's fully playable and games can be restarted at the press of a button. To install, just hit the green subscribe button and Steam will take care of the rest. This mod doesn't require the script extender.
There is no AI.

To play:
1. Get to the game. Fast travel to Whiterun Stables and head west toward the patch of trees. After no more than 100 feet, you'll see the portal stone. Activate it to travel to the island.
2. Hit the button.
3. Talk to the pieces.

Bear rooks, elk knights, sabrecat bishops, dragon priest/wisp mother queens, and atronach kings.
Argonians and Khajiit are pawn scum heroes because Skyrim belongs to the Nords democrats people.

Can't get the pieces to move?
Remember that in chess, tiles are labeled by file (a-h) and rank (1-8). These numbers and letters don't change based on which team you're moving. A tile is always in the same spot. A1 is always in the lower left corner of the board as you're facing the board from the start button, H8 is always the top right corner of the board as you're facing the board from the start button, and so on.

Known Issues:
-- Bishops are often slow to respond and finish their turn
-- Bishops bob up and down while standing in place and appear to clip through the ground
-- Knight's heads become very twitchy if they're moved during certain animations
-- White pawns sometimes run away when they are supposed to kill another piece
Please report all other issues and leave me feedback!

Still to come:
-- Castling and en passant. Expect these very soon.
-- Pawn promotion. I haven't decided yet how I'm going to implement this. I plan to at least implement automatic queen promotion while I work on the best way to offer a selection.

Need a refresher on how to play chess? Check these pictures out![en.wikipedia.org]
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Bob Bob The Gamer Nov 25 @ 2:46pm 
Hey neat mod. I just had a few concerns. The first is you cannot castle. The second is the game does not register when it is Check mate. (Even if the pieces wont move after you take the king). Some pieces would get caught on one another when engaging the battle. I ended up killing the piece I wanted taken and it turned out alright. Also any chance of a computer making moves? Other then that it was perfect, just a few issues I found and wanted to report to you. Also i am considering doing a showcase for it so if I do I will pm you the link. Thanks for your time.
K L a t t o Oct 26 @ 3:32pm 
Don't know if this has been suggested but you should be able to move pieces with a Spider Control Rod type deal
MrBearBear06 Oct 25 @ 3:18pm 
skyrim belongs to everone 0:<
MrBearBear06 Oct 25 @ 3:16pm 
I like chess:)
ReDragon Oct 25 @ 1:56pm 
Dear mod author, I'm not sure about the savegame location after I uninstalled this mod. But there are some other things that mess up. One is the racemenu which has two new races that make trouble. The other is the teleport marker to your chess isle which is the same as the vanilla college of Winterhold entrance. And last you're using arrays in your scripts, after mod uninstalling they won't clean up right. Keep on coding please..
f.balroni Oct 24 @ 4:18pm 
cixel  [author] Oct 22 @ 5:15pm 
@ReDragon, out of curiosity, were you on the mod's island in the save you tried to load? I'm sorry for any trouble it caused. I've never experienced that.
ReDragon Oct 7 @ 7:57pm 
Whenever you install this mod, do never try to uninstall. It makes your savegame unplayable. The mod idea is marvelous, but the implementation is half work.
f.balroni Sep 27 @ 7:04am 
nope skyrim belongs to the thalmor and talos isn't a god long live the empire watch what happens to me XD
Mandogcat172 Aug 31 @ 3:02pm 
looks fun!