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How to use the server browser
By Scooby
How to use the server browser.
How to use the server browser
1)Open the console: console

2)Type "openserverbrowser" into the console.

3)In the server browser window, click on the custom tab.

4)Add tags by clicking on the Change filters button to get certain servers eg: empty, versus, secure

5)Clicking the bars at the top will put them in ascending/descending order of that item.

6)Right click the server in the list you want to play on and click "View Game Info".

7) Copy and paste the ip from the game info window and put it into this command:
mm_dedicated_force_servers "server ip"

8)When you host a lobby and click start game it will only join this server!

9)You can also join the server directly without a lobby by typing:
connect "server ip"

The quotation marks aren't needed. They are only needed if the argument has spaces eg:
bind f noclip
bind f "z_spawn hunter"
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#Devil Worshipper Oct 16, 2014 @ 12:18am 
This "OpenServerBrowser" Still Works ;D

there is a Workshop item that Creates the Server Browser right above the "Achivements" button
Aug 20, 2014 @ 8:19am 
I never knew about the server browser in L4D2. Really useful command, and I seriously wished that I knew that earlier.