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Torchlight II Essentials

~ Updated May 26, 2017 ~

This is a Mod Compilation that uses many of the community created mods that I've grown to really appreciate and feel add important elements to the game. Some key features are new Classes, extra Pets, UI enhancements, unique Weapon and Armor sets, new Level Designs and more interesting Loot / Vendor Items.

Class Mods
Level Layout Mods
Item / Gameplay / Balance Mods
Texture / User Interface Mods
Pet / Merchant / NPC Mods

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* Notes *

Put Torchlight II Essentials at the top of your Mod Load Order to stop conflicting problems with other mods.

If you have a non-Steam version of Torchlight II you can download the mod directly with this link.

If you don't like some of the UI mods here, e.g. Ubuntu Font and Pretty Damage, you can Subscribe to Essentials - Vanilla UI and disable them.

*** The point of this mod isn't just to allow people to bypass the 10 Mods Limit, it's also to showcase and share with people many of the wonderful mods the Torchlight community has created. If any original authors do not want their work here please let me know and I'll remove it as soon as I can. ***

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Jul 3 @ 2:00pm
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MechaTails Sep 22 @ 5:02pm 
Does this mod add any of the fixes/improvements from Unearthed Arcana? Like the missing quests, dialogues, texts, etc.
rcorigami Sep 21 @ 4:40pm 
missed one it is second from the top under Merger:
Dracos Mergedf pack w/ vanilla stat/ 100 cap

Any suggestions on anything is welcomed. I do like having a lot of selections in character creation. So those would stay but open to others.

Again thank you for your response.
rcorigami Sep 21 @ 4:29pm 
Thank you for the response. Here is my list:
Dracos UI Merger
General Passives for All
Brothers in Arms Warbound
Extra Synergy Classes
Addon to Additional Classes
SynergiesMond Compatiable Torchlight @ Esstentilals
Additional Classes

Lastnight I tried using this Mod here instead of the compatible version and game would crashe as soon as I clicked the play button. Would I need to chang the order? Or is Essentials just not working with SynegiesMod?

Thank you for your time and for the effort you put into modding it is greatly appreaciated.
Lone Wolf McQuade  [author] Sep 21 @ 1:15am 
You can send me your mod list here and maybe I can help you. The mods on top of the list take priority and overwrite the ones below that share the same files.
Lone Wolf McQuade  [author] Sep 21 @ 1:12am 
I would not recommend using that compatibility mod. All it does is combine Essentials with Better Sorting for Synergies , and both mods are not getting updated. It's using a version of Essentials that is 3 years old now, and is not keeping up to date with the changes Synergies is making.

I think I'll make my own small compatibility mod that would still require this mod to be installed, to keep the different versions of Essentials to a minimum so they don't confuse people.
rcorigami Sep 20 @ 5:08pm 
Will this mod version work with SynergiesMod? Or do I need to use the Compatiability mode version? Curious becuase I see you have updated this version (thank you for all the work on updating). But it seems that the SynMod compatability version is not updated.

I am fairly new to mods and just had a friend join the TL:2 community and I am trying to advise the best of my ablity.

So with that said I wonder simce you say place at the top of order it really goes at the bottom of list shown, correct? What ever is at bottome takes priorty.

thank you for your advise can I PM you my mod load would that help or I can place here?

Cheers! :)
fly790420 Sep 17 @ 7:42am 
@Lone Wolf oops thank you so much. I didnt realize that I actually had Epic encounter mod activated, which I dont really need. I will try again without it.
Shooter19pro Sep 16 @ 3:43pm 
Alright Thank you for the fast reply. I wanna use the endless dungeon mod with Essentials and Synergies mod so its a good thing that i can use it cause i dont play multiplayer. Thanks for the help!
Lone Wolf McQuade  [author] Sep 16 @ 3:16pm 
As far as I know dungeon mods work fine with Essentials. You just can't use them with Synergies and play online multiplayer, it causes the host to always crash when someone connects.
Shooter19pro Sep 16 @ 2:57pm 
So are you allowed to use dungeon mods with this mod? oh and what problems are casued when you use this mod with synergies?