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Torchlight II Essentials
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Torchlight II Essentials

~ Updated April 4, 2017 ~

This is a Mod Compilation that uses many of the community created mods that I've grown to really appreciate and feel add important elements to the game. Some key features are new Classes, extra Pets, UI enhancements, unique Weapon and Armor sets, new Level Designs and more interesting Loot / Vendor Items.

Class Mods
Level Layout Mods
Item / Gameplay / Balance Mods
Texture / User Interface Mods
Pet / Merchant / NPC Mods

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Put Torchlight II Essentials at the top of your Mod Load Order to stop conflicting problems with other mods.

If you don't like some of the UI mods here, e.g. Ubuntu Font and Pretty Damage, you can Subscribe to Essentials - Vanilla UI and disable them.

***The point of this mod isn't just to allow people to bypass the 10 Mods Limit, it's also to show to and share with people many of the wonderful mods the Torchlight community has created. If any original authors do not want their work here please let me know and I'll remove it as soon as I can.***

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Lone Wolf McQuade
Apr 22 @ 3:21am
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Lone Wolf McQuade
Feb 13 @ 7:08pm
Which mod makes the loot text box smaller?
< >
Sarcastee.BOI May 21 @ 12:21pm 
@A_Gamer_Who_Games i have the same problem too, fortunately i already backup my mod savegame, if u have backup, u can use bigbagmod, put tc esential below it, and u have or inven bag
A_Gamer_Who_Games May 21 @ 12:15am 
Yes, I was mad about losing 50 hours of my leisure time.
Video games allow you to invest alot of time and allow progression, so when you loose that saves you get mad. Not that hard to understand.

As for additional info, cheers ecips. Honestly didn't think it would have been possible considering every other game i've played has mods ingrained onto saves.
It seems i'll have to un-mod my charcater, just mad about losing all my stuff :/
Turkish May 19 @ 1:04pm 
@[MMW] ecips: I wouldn't bother with him. He doesn't want a solution, he just wants to bitch and moan like a child who got his toys taken away.
[MMW] ecips May 19 @ 12:04pm 
It says this on the additional info page:
* This mod will bind to your character. Use the Mod Unbinder to play without it

Sounds like the solution to your problem's been there all along.
Turkish May 19 @ 10:20am 
The only person you should be laughing at is yourself because the only hilarious thing here is how upset you have gotten over a video game. Actually, scratch that it isn't hilarious, it's just sad.
A_Gamer_Who_Games May 19 @ 2:35am 
My fucking god, and you actually admit to losing shit when the update hit.
You didn't complain becuase it was free!

lmfao, when did masochism become so common.

.. I have a feeling when the mod maker wakes up all these comments are dead, so it's been fun to bitch about this bullshit while I could.
A_Gamer_Who_Games May 19 @ 2:32am 
lmao, I just honestly cant get passed the masochism, it's as if he paid them.

The mod maker fucked up, big time. Wiped EVERYONES (200,000 subscribers) inventory and then we have actual people defending him...
All becuase 'it's free', as if wasting peoples time is ok because it is free.

All that happened here was I lost 50 hours of progress, and the mod maker shows that he does not respect my time.

Also, Turkish, I would LOVE to not use this mod (primarily becuase of the author not caring for my inventory), yet I have to because my saves are useless without this mod.
If someone allowed me to un-modify my saves, I would.
DeathSheepFromHell May 18 @ 9:09pm 
@Turkish That appears to be precisely what they are doing. I fail to see a problem here.
lalelunatic May 18 @ 6:01pm 
anyone else noticed that claptrap (the 10k boss variant that spawns engi pets) has a very wierd skin texture? it looks like a handmake scowl my grandma made back in the days =P.
Turkish May 18 @ 2:02pm 
Jesus Christ, fucking cry more. You don't like the mod, don't use it. The guy who made it has zero obligation to any of you. He doesn't get paid and you aren't forced to use the mod. I lost a ton of stuff too. You shrug and move on. Get over it