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Fixing the Bound Sword Crash!
By [ATG] Sendai Hakurei No Miko
Annoyed from the game crashing when you use Bound Sword? Look no further than here for a tested and accurate fix! Thanks to the folks on the Skyrim Forum for this one.

Also thanks to the Skyrim Wiki for the Bound Sword image.

4-16 Updated how to get Item IDs for quest items to make it simpler.
The Problem
If you're here reading this, then you must be having this issue. This fix will only require very minor console usage and should take no more than 5 minutes. You'll also wind up with a free full set of iron armor afterwards.

Apparently, sometimes Workshop items, if you unsub them and they disapear, can some how or another leave unseeable items in your inventory, causing the spell to screw up for you, your game instantly crashing the moment you complete the cast. Thankfully a quick search on the Skyrim Forums came up with a easy and non game breaking solution.

I have a hypothesis for how these Workshop Items affect the spell, which you can read at the bottom of the guide.
Store Everything
The steps to fix this are extremely simple. However it will require you to use the console. It won't have any negative effect on your character though, I promise. In fact you'll gain a small bonus.

  • Go to your home
  • Put EVERYTHING you have into a container Doesn't matter what, just put it all up.

If you have quest items you can't drop, don't panic, but you are going to need to use the console here. As well as look up the item I.D. by typing player.showinventory (I'll provide the IDs for the 2 I had in the next section.
Getting Quest Items Back
For all of your quest items you have, you need to make a copy of them before you move on. Open up your console (the ` key) and type Player.Drop ItemIDhere numberofitem then press ENTER

To see the ID for your quest items type into the console player.showinventory

For example, I had 3 of those unusal gems, so I typed "player.drop 9dfbb 3" and then hit ENTER and whamo 3 Stones of Barez...in... whatever they are called, materialize in front of you.

Then I had a Meridia's Beacon, so I typed "player.drop 0004e4e6 1" and pressed ENTER and it also came into existance.

Look up the ID for and do this for ALL of the Quest items you have left.
The Fix
Assuming you did all of the previous required steps, and your inventory is now completely empty except for quest items (which a copy of all of them should be on the floor before you.)

Then the only thing you have left to do is open up your console and type this.


Your inventory is now cleared of any glitched items that are invisible and you are also given a set of iron armor, weapons, and some potions as a starting set. Do with these as you will, but your inventory is now cleared of all items and any glitched invisible items.

ALL spells, experience and Skill Tree perks are completely untouched and unharmed.

Now just remove all of your gear from your container, and pick up your quest items off the floor.

Test out your Bound Sword Spell and it should work!
Questions? Problems?
Hopefully this should fix the problems people have been experiencing with the Bound Sword Spell.

If not, please let me know in the comments below.

Thank you and enjoy!

To be honest, what I think goes on is that when you cast the Bound Sword spell, it creates an invisible, weightless weapon in your inventory. But if you had a weapon that got removed from unsubbing a mod in your inventory, it doesn't 100% go away and instead turns invisible itself. So when you try to cast Bound Sword, the game tries to create the deleted weapon instead of the Bound Sword, causing the crash.
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Speedy Von Gofast *,..,* Apr 10 @ 5:53pm 
I found a easier and safer way to do it (but not really "legal" in the game ^^') Make a little crime and surrender to go in jail. Inside the jail, all of your items will be confiscated.

This is the perfect place to use the command "Player.resetinventory". Then sleep in the bed to serve your sentence and you'll retrieve all of your items including quest items. :)
Speedy Von Gofast *,..,* Apr 10 @ 5:37pm 
I noticed that when spawning the elder scrolls, it's counted as a "book" and it doesn't trigger the animation anymore when using it. Isn't it will make problem in my main quest?
Speedy Von Gofast *,..,* Apr 10 @ 5:20pm 
This fix is an good alternative of another fix (which it consist to "resurect" the player and remove all active effect, which it's kinda annoying for the active stone and some mods)

Some peoples thinks this bug occurs when you use a mod which it add custom spells, I installed Midas Magics and this bug happened to me.

Good work on the guide for this fix
Regal Mar 8 @ 5:58pm 
thanks an
AKANexus Mar 5 @ 11:04am 
Sir, you have won the Internet Oscar for that fix!
Kira Mar 5 @ 8:33am 
I was worried my game was jacked and that I was gonna have to restart after all my hard work. I'll go back and try this, thanks so much for the help.
Hannibal Feb 9 @ 3:19pm 
Thank you so much! :D
Finally, I can use bound sword for the first time since... like forever. :)
Boobs Jan 20 @ 10:27am 
Thank you so much, it helped, I am happy now :3
Sparkatus Jan 10 @ 7:47pm 
HOHO, man you're a live saver! many thanks!
kharl92 Dec 24, 2013 @ 4:11pm