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MechKnight Chronicles: Knightfall
Apr 8, 2013 @ 10:07pm
Nov 12, 2013 @ 10:46am
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Release date: 2016
An ancient evil has returned from the pages of myth to bring ruin to the world. A small band of heroes have been spared and given the chance to fight back.
Choose Your Hero. Hone Your Skills. Save The World.

What is MechKnight Chronicles?

MechKnight Chronicles is our love letter to the brawler genre where you and up to 3 friends can join forces and fight to save the world!

Here at Dinosaur, we're Huge fans of 80s cartoons, anime, mecha, Transformers, and action games. We're bringing a new twist to the fantasy genre with our art style and aesthetics by taking what we love from the previous list and mashing them all together to create something new!
On the gameplay side we're Massive fans of Treasure and 90s Capcom. Guardian Heroes on the Saturn is one of our all time favorite brawlers. MechKnight Chronicles draws inspiration from not only Guardian Heroes, but other classic games such as Golden Axe, King of the Dragons, Knights of the Round, DnD: Tower of Doom, DnD: Shadow Over Mystara, and other classic games. We also pull inspiration from modern games such as Castle Crashers, Bayonetta, Devil May Cry, etc. Platinum Games are our new heroes. our aim is to create a combat system that is very deep and can be made into a science by anyone that is into competitive gaming, yet, easy enough for their loved ones to button mash and feel awesome so they can play along.

Dinosaur wants to make a splash with MechKnight by trying to redefine what people expect from a side-scrolling brawler. We're trying to build a modular game that will allow us to deliver a ton of content to the user, as well as bring down the production costs for MechKnight's future sequels.

MechKnight Chronicles features:

  • 4 Player co-op
  • 10 Playable characters
  • VS Mode
  • Choose your own path through levels
  • Customizable character stats
  • Story Mode and Story Mode Plus

  • 4 player co-op - Saving the world is always fun but saving the world with your friends is even better! Mechknight Chronicles will offer offline and online co-op. We're passionate about bringing friends, family, and strangers together. Some of our fondest memories were playing classic games on the couch with our friends, and we want to pass along those experiences to the new generations.
  • 10 Playable characters - We're offering up melee and ranged characters. Each class will offer small, medium, and large heroes. We also have some unique combinations of the melee and ranged classes to give you rage and tech powered characters. Using our modular animation system, we also plan on having lots of unlockable characters. Characters will also have unique combat abilities that will make whomever you choose stand out from the rest.
  • VS Mode - We're building our animation system in such a way that it will allow players to play as Any character that you meet in game. From our hero characters to the helpless villagers you meet along the way. Take these characters into the arena and battle them with modified stats. Can a level 99 villager defeat a level 1 boss? You can even play as Nachos the Pig!
  • Choose your own path through levels - We are giving our players the ability to choose their path through our levels. Along their way they will encounter different, colorful characters and stumble across rewards and penalties based on their decisions.
  • Customizable character stats - Players will earn experience as they fight. They will earn character points as they gain experience. Players will distribute these points across stats that will allow them to tweak the feel of their character. As they invest points into stats, they will unlock abilities as rewards. The more points invested, the better the reward.
  • Story mode and Story Plus mode - In Story Mode, players will experience the story the way we want them to. NPCs will join the party and some may die. The narrative will be told in an 80s Saturday morning cartoon style, complete with opening and ending credits. Characters in Story Mode will always start at level one whenever the campaign is restarted. Story Plus will allow the players to navigate an overworld map as they go through the game. They can replay levels as they see fit while they level up their characters. Characters will retain their levels in Story Plus Mode even if players restart the campaign. Story Mode Plus won't include any opening or ending credits. Players will let the story unfold at their own pace.
What is the press saying so far?

We received great feedback at PAX East. Here are some quotes about our pre-alpha build.
  • “9 / 10” -
  • "This pre-alpha build of the game plays and feels more put together than most “AAA” releases out there." -
  • "You give MechKnight Chronicles another year, and we could have a brand new Castle Crashers on our hands at the rate these guys are going." -
  • “Dinosaur’s first project is notable because of how well it hits these familiar notes, even at such an early stage in development.” -
  • “a few minutes into playing it I knew this was something special.” -
Who is Dinosaur?

Dinosaur is an independent game development studio comprised of an experienced group of industry veterans who are passionate about making addictive, engaging, and easy-to-play games that harken back to the games we played when we were growing up. Here at Dinosaur, we believe in gameplay first. We do not pursue an idea unless we feel strongly about it. Only then will we iterate on it.

Follow us!

We hope you guys want to see this game on Steam. We would love to offer up some 4 player co-op for everyone!
Until then, get the latest news here:
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Nov 8, 2013 @ 2:37pm
Q&A - Ask us anything about MechKnight!
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SRS Independence State Oct 30 @ 11:40pm 
Definately want to play it. Should be voted in already.
Juisci Sep 12 @ 6:32am 
cool :)
skankerzero  [author] Sep 11 @ 8:11pm 
We hope to have a combat demo out early next year if all the programming goes well. It will be a single room with waves of enemies to try out our full combat system.
Juisci Sep 8 @ 7:24am 
Is there any information when the playable demo is coming out?
OminousShadow16 Aug 27 @ 10:07am 
You guys take your time, in my opinion, the longer the wait the better the game. This already looks awesome. I will buy as soon as it releases. You're all awesome.
totoyoume2 Aug 19 @ 8:51pm 
skankerzero  [author] Aug 17 @ 3:23pm 
@JunkyFX ah yeah! good point! We should have some good updates coming in a couple months. My life has finally settled down again so I'll be cranking out some new characters here soon too!
JunkyFX Aug 17 @ 9:06am 
Might want to change the "Release date: Early 2014" to another date then. I know things take time, but haven't seen an update in awhile, and the date clearly was missed.
skankerzero  [author] Aug 11 @ 8:19am 
Game is far from dead. 2014 is mostly programming work so there is very little visuals to show at the moment. We will be showing our new demo January at PAX South if everything goes well.
JunkyFX Aug 7 @ 5:57pm 
Did this game fall off the face of the planet? What's the status?