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DragonBorn House - Casa del Sangre de Dragon
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Apr 8, 2013 @ 2:31am
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DragonBorn House - Casa del Sangre de Dragon

Hey guys this is my first mod in skyrim soo.. there a couple bugs(SHELTER, STORAGES, NAV MESH but i will be updaten the mod. The house is in riverwood in front of sleeping giant close to alvor's house i hope you like it.

Next Update

Hola es mi primer mod en skyrim por lo tanto habran un par de bugs por ahi actualizare el mod para arreglar los bugs
Que no llueva dentro, baules para guardar tus objetos. y la navergacion para que tus seguidores caminen por dentro

Siguiente actualizacion:
No lluvia dentro de la casa

VIDEO ON YOUTUBE BY MMOxReview Skyrim mods weekly ''Thankyou :
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Storm_at_Sea Mar 22 @ 12:47pm 
Agree with tgard- nice looking, but quite lacking in storage. Fortunately I have a tower just outside the town so I have nearby storage, but it would be nice if this place had it, especially since it has the smithing/crafting/etc. tables but still needs storage, really all it's lacking, that and follower pathfinding would be nice, sometimes I leave my husky meeko behind and I prefer to leave it inside for obvious reasons, but I can't here- so I either leave the dog at the inn or my tower. :/ The bedroom -rooms in general are small and they'd (followers) probably knock stuff over/off tables in this house, but I'd be willing to try it. *Bottomline, I'm not busting on the mod, it's close to being really good. Is the update still planned, or is this abandoned?
Tgard Mar 19 @ 1:38pm 
good mod but i miss storage and chests
cshankle Jan 31 @ 11:20pm 
Will this mod work with riverwood enhanced mod
Navaara6 Jan 13 @ 3:40pm 
Sorry to be the one who asks this, but is it hearthfire compatible? So can kids live there?
Kilar Jan 12 @ 8:19am 
awesome mod..any idea when the storage update will happen??
YUGEKUNAMI Jan 10 @ 3:17pm 
awesome mod.
willwoodlief Jan 9 @ 7:56pm 
I might try but I just want to ask a small question because I look at mods they seem good...BUT they over power the game so tell me if this over powered or is it ok without having too much soul gems or op weapons because I like the game fun and chalenging
prwyland Jan 6 @ 5:07pm 
THIS IS EPIC!!!! I can't brleve this is his first mod!
Zerronek Nov 29, 2014 @ 8:47pm 
So my friend gave me permission to use his steam games and I got pretty into skyrim... I have been downloading mods and Can't figure out how to add them to the game
My brother told me to click the data files to add them But it won't let me.... Plz help
Spazzerman Nov 17, 2014 @ 1:18am 
A trualy amazing place would recomend to anyone to DL this