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How To Beat Alex Mercer The Easy Way (Any Difficulty)
By Robot3[RK]
What to defeat Mercer without dying? Want to kill him? Most of you are probably thinking nooooooo don't kill him! But the devs want us to kill him so here's how Mercer is going to die by starting with this guide. Also if Insane Mode Mercer is taking a hard time on you then you really should read this guide!
How to defeat Alex Mercer


The information below will guarantee your victory if you read carefully. Additional help is provided below via Youtube Video.
*Video sometimes stutters and audio will lag.* l.5x

Alex Mercer "First Form":

During the first Stage or his first form (in this case the Blade form) use your "whipfist" as your primary weapon and "hammerfist" as your secondary. When engaging for an attack, jump in the air but not too high or too far from Mercer (make sure when you jump you do not jump or land in the outer or edge of the map) then strike him with your "whipfist". Keep doing this process repeatedly after each strike. At some point, there will be an action button for your "hammerfist". Make sure you executive your "hammerfist" before it's too late. After that keep whipfisting him and repeat that whipfist process until his health is 0.

Tip: At this point, when his health is gone, press "Space" to dodge his air Blade forceful strike.

Alex Mercer "Second Form":

On this stage, your "hammerfist" is the best choice of murder. After you have dodged his helicopter (press space to dodge helicopter) use your hammerdive attack. Keep spamming the sh!t out of this move as you have no choice but to. Also, make sure when you are spamming the hammerdive, you do it in a similar fashion as the whipfist move like you did earlier in the first stage or first form.

Note: I don't remember if it was stage two or three but when he puts his hand down in the ground get away quick as this is his ground spike attack which can be very dangerous if you get caught in it (just found out he does this move on any form)! Also if he summons those birds (most likely on his third and final form) use your devastator move. Also when his health hits 0 and he jumps in the air, quickly hit "Ctrl" (your spike block)

Alex Mercer "Third/Final Form":

This stage is probably easier than the previous one. Anyways just do like you did with your "whipfist" just like his first form stage.

After his health is gone, press space to dodge is hammerfist and just do those quick action moves correctly and you'll be fine.

Congratz! You have defeated Mercer and won the game! Good job! :)


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Void Dec 22 @ 6:11am 
My brother started off playing the second and I have only played the first... We got into arguments over Mercer apparently becoming the Antagonist in Prototype II which made me mad. I watched my brother fight him and I was very disappointed.
Guardian of Katakiuchi Nov 13 @ 4:45pm 
He is quite easy fighting him on insane if i had to do that with the old alex or this one redone to match the origanl id be like uh oh im going to realy have to try hard.
Guardian of Katakiuchi Nov 13 @ 4:42pm 
No affence if any of u millions and millions of people see this are a member of the crew who made prototype 1 and 2. But idk why its hard for some people to defete him. This Alex is so hrobly built compaired the first one heck the first Alex mercer would of riped heller limb from limb with no effort at all. He was far more addaptive and eveulved then heller or this alex
Gazedelivery Sep 28 @ 9:02am 
МОДЕРАТОР Aug 25 @ 8:05pm 
это очень классная игра особено мне там нравяться усилители способностей и я очень жду игры протои 3 и я надеюсь что её скоро выпустят в продажу
dgon.2004 Jun 2 @ 9:54pm 
крутая всётаки игрушка я её на диске скачивал и регался в Steam
ElfShotTheFood May 21 @ 8:23pm 
Nice guide. This was the only part of the game I had any problems with.

During the final stage I was able to take off half his health with one charged whip attack. After that it was just spamming the whip attack like crazy and jumping when he lunged at you.
NoobCat May 20 @ 6:08am 
Can you turn the world back to normal after that? I finished but can't find a way - Steam Overlay
Destroyer May 18 @ 7:38am 
Для того чтобы сесть в танк нужно нажать у и после этого еще раз у, после этого еще несколько раз у.
DubstepGeek May 11 @ 4:54pm