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Doom Tank Music
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Apr 6, 2013 @ 6:25pm
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Replaces Tank music with the theme... errrr i mean.... music from E1M1 level of Doom.
I was looking for this one in the workshop thinking someone surely would have made it already. Nope! Just Doom 2 tank music. So I made it. Enjoy.
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(♕)Mr.Admin-Bear © Aug 16 @ 11:12am 
now replace the zombie horde sound with that from cyber demon
when he make's that grrrrr sound XD
Jojy Aug 12 @ 10:16pm 
As some others have said, I too played Doom at a young age. Not until a couple years after release due to my age, unforunately, but I still did. I actually still play it sometimes, and it never gets old. They don't make shooters like they used to.
-=RMC=- FireCorvo Jul 30 @ 8:07am 
@Maniac wait a minute....you played doom as a kid? ._. Now i have seen everything..
Craig Boone Jul 16 @ 6:20pm 
nice ak skin i got that one too
Maniac Jul 4 @ 7:52pm 
This brings back childhood memories and is definitely an awesome tank music. Especially on the "Tanks Playground" map.
Sarge Jun 15 @ 8:37am 
Can't wait for the new Doom
jack mitchelson Jun 3 @ 7:08am 
doom song
Valentine May 30 @ 8:27pm 
Well, that was entirely my intention.
Magpie's Magpie  [author] May 26 @ 2:13pm 
It's the internet... no one cares. Now go shoot some zombies.
Anti scrub.co combine guard. May 26 @ 12:38pm 
@ people like grapes

1: Epic name :D love it.
2: It isnt really being a pussy. I like quiet volume. Im not sue if so, but if there is a way to turn the music volume the same level as sound volume that may work.

3: people, call me a pussy if you want, but all I will say if anyone says so is: I honestley dont give two fracks.