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You Sha'n't be Beheaded! You Are All Pardoned Version
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Apr 6, 2013 @ 12:51pm
Mar 16 @ 8:08pm
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''As they walked off together, Alice heard the King say in a low voice, to the company, generally, 'You are all pardoned.' 'Come, that's a good thing!' she said to herself, for she had felt quite unhappy at the number of executions the Queen had ordered.''

In the same vein as my previous mod, ''You Sha'n't be Beheaded!''
This version modifies one global value, DecapitationChance, changing it to zero and ideally removing decapitation from the game altogether except for scripted executions, like the Helgen and Solitude execution scenes.

It also disables the decapitation kill moves, which is a much more reliable removal of decapitation.

It's very small, and I don't expect much response to it, but I'm sure there are some folks out there who would like something like this.

NOTE! I would suggest NOT merging with Wyre Bash. The mod should be loaded at the very end of the load order, just before any Bashed Patches. In my experience merging it with Wyre Bash made the mod unfunctional.

Q. What do you have against decapitation? I don't see why this "problem" needed solving.
I'm not telling you to download it, and I'm not saying you're evil for liking dismemberment.
I have NOTHING against decapitation and I'm not trying to "fix" it.
Skyrim is very tame compared to some video games, and I actually enjoy killing vampires by decapitation.
I made this mod to give people options. Some people (myself included) don't like watching a character they care about get tortured or torn apart. Some people want to play characters who don't dismember others. I know for a fact that some people play Skyrim with their kids, and want the ability to turn decapitation off.

Short version:
It's not a bug-fix, it's an option.
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GeneralTaco Jul 28 @ 6:20pm 
Yeah, I understand, I just think it's pretty pointless for someone to want. It's not like decapitations are even that common.

Cool, thanks.

(I'd like to point out that i'm not bashing your mod or anything, I just think that people who want it for their kids are kinda dumb)
JKalenad  [author] Jul 28 @ 6:14pm 
This mod exists because someone requested it. That's all the defense I need to give.

As for a mod that does nothing BUT decapitate, there is a mod that does that. Dance of Death. It also adds new killmoves.
GeneralTaco Jul 28 @ 6:09pm 
Just my opinion. Props to you though for giving people a choice.
GeneralTaco Jul 28 @ 6:07pm 
I still don't understand why this mod exists. The entire game is gruesome, bloody, violent, etc. Trying to make skyrim kid friendly is like trying to make sewage taste good by adding syrup.

If you're playing skyrim with your kid, you obviously don't care (or are too stupid not to) that you are playing a violent/bloody game. If you don't want your kid to see this stuff, play a more kid friendly game. And really, if your kid is old/mature enough to actually play a videogame like skyrim, they are old enough to see a virtual decapitation. Just saying.
GeneralTaco Jul 28 @ 6:01pm 
Fascist Lion YES! That'd be awesome
Mr.Chicken Jul 22 @ 2:01pm 
id like a mod in which you only decapitate people can you do that?
=[DSG]= Lan Can't Aim Jun 28 @ 8:31am 
Thanks and good work. LIKED, SON!
Sister Jack Jun 23 @ 6:37pm 
Kids should be exposed to beheadings early in life to get them ready to enter the work force.
meomwt Mar 20 @ 1:57am 
Hi, I've run through a good few fights and so far no beheadings from any character. Nice one, thanks!
meomwt Mar 17 @ 11:05am 
thanks JK! I'll try it out now.