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[Taichi's AoE2HD Modding] Use Custom palette on any game object
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Apr 6, 2013 @ 10:55am
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Hey peoples,

Today ive done some research about the usage of different game palettes on specific objects like: trees, cliffs and fire animations.
These in-game objects use custom palettes within the game located in the data\ folder of the game's installation directory.
Seems that it is possible to use a custom palette on any slp object in the game besides the regular 50500 palette aoe2 runs on.

What this mod does:
It simply adds a slp called ARRG2NNW.slp to the data\slp\ directory which replaces the west european feudal age archery range with the oak forest tree graphic that uses an custom palette to show as proof, any object can use custom palettes within the game.

Theres only 1 issue left, where is the data that tells which of the palette files must be used as slp palette?
1 Hint, its not inside the exe nor gamedata file. It has to be somewhere inside the slp perhaps, pls help me figure out this mystery.
The text file about the game palettes isnt the source either