Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

Rising Storm/Red Orchestra 2 Multiplayer

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RO2 Beginners Guide! (Updated)
By MeFirst
This guide is written with focus on players new to Red Orchestra 2. If you are already a veteran (or you consider yourself one) you probably will not find a lot of new information here.

Since the last free weekend and the indie humble bundle, this guide became more read as I thought in the first place, so I decided to make a more up to date version of this guide.
Welcome to Red Orchestra 2: Heroes Of Stalingrad. Red Orchestra 2, which is also called RO2 in short can be a pretty fun game. However especially new players often have some problems getting along in the game. RO2 offers some ingame tutorials, but if you ask me they are pretty rubbish and will not really help you to have fun in RO2..
Game Modes.
What is Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad?
Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad also kown as RO2:HOS or RO2 is a first person shooter set on the eastern front of World War 2. To be precise it takes place in the battled in and around Stalingrad.You can play as a soldier of the German Wehrmacht and as a Soldier of the Red Arrmy. RO2 is putting the focus on a realistic gameplay experience where teamplay is not only a option but actually a requirement to win a map

I dont know what to do? What the hell are the goals in this game?
RO2 is featuring 3 game modes which are called Territory, Countdown and Firefight. The main game mode of the game is Territory.

If you have played any Battlefield game you should already know the basics. You must capture or defend specific areas on the map. Like in battlefield you can capture or hold a area by having more people in the zone as the enemy. Depending on the map, one team is maybe on the attack or the defense the entire time. However on some maps both teams need to attack while holding own objectives on the map. These objectives are usually called capture zones or in shot caps.

The next gamemode ic alled Countdown. Countdown is not basically a different version of Territory. In Countdown one team will defend a single objective, while the other team is trying to capture it. The special thing about countdown is that in general each player has only one life to successfully attack or defend a objective. If the attacking team has successfully captured a objective a new round starts and both teams move on to the next objective of the map. The first team who reached the end of the map or has capture the most objectives in the end wins. If the attacker team is failing to capture a objective the teams switch their positions. The attacker team will move to the defending position and the defenders will now be on the attack.

The last gamemode is called Firefight. To make it short, firefight is basically team deathmatch. The team that scores the most kills in a certain ammount of time wins.
Class Overiew
RO2 is a class based FPS and is using class limits exept for the Rifleman class. Ttaht means that the number of players who can play a class is limited. So you wont see half the team running around with machineguns or sniper rifles. How much spots for a class are avaible is depending on the player count. The more players are on a server, the more slots are open.

These are the classes that currently exist in RO2:

The Rifleman is the standard class in the game and usually the main force of a team will be playing this class. The Rifleman class is using bolt action rifles, Bolt action rifles are most effective on medium and long ranges and have a slow rate of fire. So if you have a bolt action rifle, you should try to avoid closs quarter combat against submachine guns and try to use your greater accuracy to your advantage. However this is not a reason to camp at the end of a map, your main goal is still to capture or hold a cap point on the map.

No big surprise here!. The assault class is equipped with a submachine gun and with that very effective in close quarter combat. So if you play a assault class you should try to get close to the enemy and take them out.

Elite Assault:
A slightly pimped assault class but often limited to 1 spot on each team. It has access to the MKb.42 (a protopye of the stg 44) on the german side and the AVT-40 (a SVT-40 that can fire in full auto) on the russian side.

The classic sniper you will find in most FPS. If you play one try to play for them team and not for your killcount. That means you should assist your team by taking out important targets like machine gunners, commanders and squad leaders and other targets of opportunity.

Compared to other classes the machine gunner is slow and setting up a machinegun takes some time. However if you get a bit of practive with this class you can do devastating damage on both the attack or the defense. On the defense machine guns are excelent to defend the flanks of a objective. On the attack you can use your machine gun to supress the enemy and with that help your team which is moving towards a target.

Squad Leader:
Obviously the job of a squad leader is to lead a squad in the battle, but there are also some other things you should do as a squad leader. Members of your squad can spawn on your current position unless you are in the borders of objective. Keep this in mind when you go into a position to attack or defend a objective. Of course your job is also to command your squad, this is in general done by the ingame command system, but we take a closer look at this later. Beside this your secondary job is to mark artillery targets for your commander (we also later get to that). Also dont forget that as a squad leader you have a smoke grenade. Smoke cover is very important in RO2 and in most cases attacking a objective without proper smoke cover ends in a desaster,

As a commander you are basically the head of your town. As a commander you have four main tasks:1.Give orders to your squads and coordinate the attack or defense, 2. provide artillery for your team, 3. provide reconnaissance with the recon plane and 4. also help your team with being in objectives on the attack or defense.

1. Ordering your team is basically like being in command of a squad, but just on a bigger level. You use the same command system a squad leader, but instead of parts of your squad you give our orders to entire squads.

2 and 3.
To call in artillery for your team you need a artillery mark first. You can mark a target yourself by using your binoculars or you pick a target from a squad leader. You can see and select artillery targets on the map and you select them by simply clickin on the artillery mark icon. At a radio you can call in a recon plane. A recon plane will fly over the map once and mark the current position of enemies. Use this information to select artillery targets and to coordinate your attack or defense. To call in a recon plane and to call in artillery you need to use a radio on the battlefield. You can find the position of a radio on the overhead map or with your tactical display.

4. As a commander you should try to be in a objective that your team is attacking or defending. The reason for that is that the commander counts twice in a objective zone. Also the commander has two smoke grenades which come very handy on a attack.

Anti Tank Solder:
A soldier that has a Anti Tank Rifle that is used to damage and kill enemy tanks. You should target spots like the tracks, the back or the turret with it. Anti Tank Rifle shots can kill a soldier in a enemy tank. Beside that Anti Tank Rifles also are pretty effective against infantry (shooting peoples heads off). Beside the AT Rifle you also will have AT grenades which will explode in impact.

Engineers were a bit useless in the past but that has changed. On a lot of map there are objectives for engineers to destroy. To name a example objective, on the map Red Octover Factory the engineer can blow up a blocked that at the first objective that makes attacking this much easier. Objectives for engineers are marked on the map, the tactical display and also shine in a yellow / golden color on your screen if you are close. Also dont forget that your satchel charges can damage or destroy a enemy tank.
Game Difficulties
RO2 has three different difficulty settings. These settings are called action, realism and classic. Realism can be considered the man difficulty mode since the game is based around this setting. Action mode is easier and faster mode but not widely played. Classic falls pretty much in the same category. Classic mode brings up some settings from Red Orchestra 1 to RO, like slower moving speed, no respawn on squad leaders etc. However classic mode is currently a bit the black sheep of RO2 since most maps were not made with classic mode in mind and so they dont really work well.

The last and so far unmentioned mode is called custom. Server admins can also make their own custom settings and servers that run something like that are labeled as custom.
How to find your way around.
When you jump into the game you notice that your HUD (Head-ups-display) is pretty much empty at the start. RO2 is using a dynamic HUD system. That mans that in general you only see information on that HUD that is considered important at the moment. If (as a example) you start to sprint, the sprint/stamina meter will apear, or if you are in a objective you will see a objective marker.

Tactical Display
Because of the way the HUD works, you maybe not always see the information you want to see at the moment. To solve this issue there is something called the Tactical Display. The Default Key for the tactical displa is the T key on your keyboard. As long as you hold the key down, you will see pretty much all information avaible at the moment. This is information such as, current orders, incoming artillery fire from your team, the position of squad/ team members, your magazine count etc. Here you can see a example picture

Overhead Map
RO also feautures a classic overhead map. On this map you can also of course see stuff like orders, position of squad/team members, artillery markers etc. The map itself also has a grid overlay. This can be used to call out positions more precise. As a example you can call out a enemy tank at E4 and not just somewhere left.

Command and Communication System.
The Command Wheel.
Most commands and orders will be given out by using the command wheel. If you press the key for the command wheel (default B key and if you are a squad leader or commander) the command wheel will open. There you can select different commands and alerts. Over the middle field in the wheel you can select parts of your squad (squad leader) or squads (commander) and give them orders. If you as a example tell Squad 1 to defend Objective B, the squad will get a notification and a marker to defend this objective on the map and their tactical display. Below are two screenshots of both wheels.

Communication System
If you are not a squad leader or a commander, you can still communicate with your team. If you press they V key a wheel like the communication wheel will open, but it is not used to order people around and instead used for stuff like follow me, take cover etc.

Beside this RO2 also offers three chat channels, public, team and squad. So with this channels you can talk to everyone on the servers, your team or just to your squad.

The best way to communicate with your team is the ingame VOIP (voice over ip) but for that you need a working microphone.
Progression and Unlock System.
Like a lot of modern FPS, Red Orchestra 2 has Progression/Leveling System that lets you not only gain ranks, but also unlock stuff while you do it. This system has been a controversial toppic in the RO2 community but the system is in the game and will most likely stay in the game and as a part of the game I am going to explain it.

The Progression System is basically working with 3 main merits which are Honor, Weapon Exerpience (XP) and Class Experience.(XP).

Honor is basically your global Rank in the game. When you play a round of RO2 you will gain two kind of points which are Kill Points and Team Points. The addition of those two scores are your honor points. When you reach a certain ammount of points you will gain a rank in honor. So what is the whole honor thing good for? First when you gain ranks in honor, the model of your soldier on the battlefield will look more wartorn, this is is only a cosmetic thing and has no influence on gameplay. If you however reach the honor rank of 80 you will get the hero status. As a hero you you have access to a different weapon loadout and friendl soldiers which are close to you are less likely suppressed if you are around. By default there can only be one hero per team on a map (while obviously more people can be on a server that reached level 80). The second thing that honor is used for is to be a secondary requierement for the next two following subjects.

Class Progression
You can not only gain honor ranks but also gain ranks for the classes in the game. Your total score you reach when playing a certain class will be added to your class rank. So to level up a certain class you need to reach the class level requirements and also a required honor level. The class levels are seperated into 5 ranks:

1. Raw Recruit.
2. Frontline Soldier.
3. Battle Hardened.
4. Veteran.
5. Highly Decorated.

Each rank will grant you a bonus on certain things and also different weapon loadout options. The bonuses are things like small percentage bonuses on stuff like stamina, movement speed, suppression resistance, weapn focus, stamina resistance, ammo distribution.

Weapon Progression.
Leveling a weapon is pretty easy. If you score kills with a weapon you will eventually reach a higher rank with the weapon. Reaching certain ranks will grant you unlocks for your weapons and similar bonuses for the weapon like when reaching a higher class level.

When you reach a certain level for your weapon you will unlock things for it. As a example you can unlock a additional scope for sniper rifles. In the past you were not able to pick unlocks by yourself. However now you can select what kind of version of a weapon you want to use. To do this you need to select the level of the weapon like as in the picture below.

Short tips.
Here are some short tips that can make your life in the game easier and also last longer.

You can also spring when you are crouched.

You can use the first cover system to "peek out" of cover, shoot out of cover or shoot blindly out of cover.

When you are in Ironsights you can use the mousewheel to change the range of your ironsight to a greater or shorter distance. This is very useful if you want to engage targets on long range.

A lot of weapons have a second fire mode (default key is the 6).

Set a key for the team voice chat and communicate with your team.

You can resupply Machinegunners.

As a Commander never put artillery fire right on a target you want to cap, put it behind the cap zone. This will stop the enemy from reinforcing it. If you just shoot right on it you also prevent your own guys capturing.

Use smoke grenades to prove cover for friendly troops and yourself.

When you set up a MG on a window for example you can press the crouch key to take cover without undeploying the mg.

Bullets can shoot through thin walls, sandbags etc.

You can change the barrel of the MG34 if it is overheated (weapon function key).

You can mark artillery targets and call out move orders to your squad, or fireteams by pressing the F key and left and right click.

You can make a underhand throw with grenade by pressing the melee button with a grenade equipped.

You can "cook" russian grenades by pressing the melee key after you activated a russian grenade.
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MeFirst  [author] Mar 12 @ 1:18am 
I would not recommend to play the game (or any other FPS) with a Gamepad. Mouse and Keyboard is still (and probably will for a long time coming) be the best option. When it comes to a mouse and keyboard it is important that you play with something that you are actually comfortable with.

Personally I use a G500s. I think I am running this mouse for the last 5-6 years. As far as I know it is out of production and so buying this mouse in partiuclar is pretty expensive. I would give the advice to have a look at the G402 and the "Pro" fom Logitech. I highly recommend go to a store that sell these models, so you can actually put your hand on the mouse etc.
soundmanct Mar 11 @ 5:29pm 
What is the best controller or mouse for the game? What are some of you more experienced players using?
The_Fartinator Feb 7 @ 2:45pm 
sapper67 - Once you complete the training and go back to the main menu, you then pick a server and go online
Katriin🐦 Oct 11, 2017 @ 6:28pm 
i just want to know how to change my name from ROplayer
sapper67 Mar 27, 2017 @ 3:43am 
Hi, I cannot get past the Training Stage. The game tells me to 'move to the Front' but when I press continue, I get the original menu back and have to start again. I am new to all this but surely there is something wrong with my version of the game?
Literate Xan Nov 25, 2016 @ 4:10pm 
My HUD is not enabled, even when I press T.
It's fucking annoying because I can't do the Tutorial properly.
Just Dan Aug 4, 2016 @ 5:48am 
I think Spring is supposed to be Sprint
Mac Mar 6, 2016 @ 6:13pm 
Wow, awesome! I didnt know I could Spring while crouched!
Nomad-Dushman Dec 27, 2015 @ 12:23pm 
Hey new in the game after i played in different class example:Germany after finished the round its says German Army battle comm.. comm thing i accepted the Japan one how is it works
GUCCI GANG(bigsmoke) May 9, 2015 @ 1:18pm 
I sometimes can't peek around corner without aiming