Age of Empires II: HD Edition

Age of Empires II: HD Edition

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IGZ Multiplayer Map Pack
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Apr 6, 2013 @ 12:27am
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IGZ Multiplayer Map Pack

Just a collection of official maps from when i used to play AOC on IGZ

Map List:

1 (IGZ) A Pirates Life.scx
2 (IGZ) Apocalypse Blood.scx
3 (IGZ) Archers Backfire.scx
4 (IGZ) Archers Hellfire.scx
5 (IGZ) Bait Blood TowersV3.scx
6 (IGZ) Battle Arena Smash.scx
7 (IGZ) Battle Bots Revo.scx
8 (IGZ) BYO CB.scx
9 (IGZ) Capture The Flag.scx
10 (IGZ) Castle Blood Millenium.scx
11 (IGZ) CastlefestV2.scx
12 (IGZ) Cavalry Blood.scx
13 (IGZ) CB LODV1.scx
14 (IGZ) CBAV10.scx
15 (IGZ) CBAV9.scx
16 (IGZ) CBF - NoTowerV6.scx
17 (IGZ) CBF - TowerV6.scx
18 (IGZ) CBT.scx
19 (IGZ) CBZ.scx
20 (IGZ) Chaos BloodV1.scx
21 (IGZ) Core Blood.scx
22 (IGZ) Deathrow.scx
23 (IGZ) Defend The Empire.scx
24 (IGZ) Dome Blood.scx
25 (IGZ) Dome TD.scx
26 (IGZ) Dragon Store.scx
27 (IGZ) Dual Blood.scx
28 (IGZ) Dual BloodV4.scx
29 (IGZ) Empire Giant.scx
30 (IGZ) Empire.scx
31 (IGZ) Europe [L2P].scx
32 (IGZ) Europe Map 2003.scx
33 (IGZ) Europe RandomV4.scx
34 (IGZ) Excalibur VII.scx
36 (IGZ) Flag Assault.scx
37 (IGZ) Flame of Eternity.scx
38 (IGZ) Fortress Attack, Def.scx
39 (IGZ) Fury Blood.scx
40 (IGZ) Germs BloodV3.scx
41 (IGZ) Grave BloodV4.scx
42 (IGZ) GwarzV2.scx
43 (IGZ) Hellraizer HoF.scx
44 (IGZ) HerofestV7.scx
45 (IGZ) HitmanV1.scx
46 (IGZ) Ivory BloodV2.scx
47 (IGZ) Khans Blood 8P.scx
49 (IGZ) King MovesV3.scx
50 (IGZ) King of Towers.scx
51 (IGZ) Kings Conquest III.scx
52 (IGZ) Laser Tag.scx
53 (IGZ) Mini CB ClassicV2.scx
54 (IGZ) Mini CB esc0bar.scx
55 (IGZ) Mini CB Saint SeiyaV1.scx
56 (IGZ) Mini CB Store.scx
57 (IGZ) Mini CB StoreV9.scx
58 (IGZ) Nations at War.scx
59 (IGZ) Paintball CTF Giant.scx
60 (IGZ) Paintball CTF.scx
61 (IGZ) Paintball.scx
62 (IGZ) Path Blood Heroes.scx
63 (IGZ) Path Blood.scx
64 (IGZ) Phat BloodV3.scx
65 (IGZ) Pool Blood.scx
66 (IGZ) Prefose.scx
67 (IGZ) Protect the King.scx
68 (IGZ) Race of War Ice.scx
69 (IGZ) Race of War.scx
70 (IGZ) Radical Blood 4P.scx
71 (IGZ) Radical Blood 8PV3.scx
72 (IGZ) Rambit CB Auto FinalV1.scx
73 (IGZ) Rambit CB Final.scx
74 (IGZ) Rambit CB GoldV5.scx
75 (IGZ) Rambit CBA II.scx
76 (IGZ) Rambit CBA.scx
77 (IGZ) Random CB.scx
78 (IGZ) Riot Blood.scx
79 (IGZ) Sharp Blood.scx
80 (IGZ) Small BloodV2.scx
81 (IGZ) Smosh 1v1V1.scx
82 (IGZ) Smosh.scx
83 (IGZ) Soldier Store 8 P.scx
84 (IGZ) Soldier Store AccelV3.scx
85 (IGZ) Soldier Store Revamp.scx
86 (IGZ) Soldier Store.scx
87 (IGZ) Spider Blood 1v1.scx
88 (IGZ) Spider Blood.scx
89 (IGZ) Star Blood.scx
90 (IGZ) Star TD.scx
91 (IGZ) Teammate Blood.scx
92 (IGZ) Teams TD II.scx
93 (IGZ) TSO.scx
94 (IGZ) Ultimate CBF.scx
95 (IGZ) Unique Blood.scx
96 (IGZ) Veteran Blood BvsG.scx
97 (IGZ) Veteran BloodV6.scx
98 (IGZ) Virus BloodV1.scx
99 (IGZ) Warrior Wars.scx
100 (IGZ) Water Fest.scx
101 (IGZ) WoA.scx
102 (IGZ) World MapV2.scx
103 (IGZ) World Risk.scx
104 (IGZ) Yeomen Blood.scx
105 (IGZ) Zoomv1.scx
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dl*TackleVille Dec 9, 2016 @ 2:33pm 
could you please update the files?
nOm nom NOM3 Nov 16, 2016 @ 4:22pm 
This is for an old version of the game. you have to somehow get the maps updated to the new version or else it gets disabled
KingKarateka Jul 2, 2016 @ 8:25pm 
Jinx May 4, 2016 @ 1:54pm 
Same thing happend to me... I subbed but i dont get the maps. Any1 that knows how to do it?
Tipunch Aug 12, 2015 @ 9:43am 
Hi, I susbrided but I can't have access to the maps... I do no tunderstand. Help?
«Hekero IronSight» Jun 22, 2015 @ 11:34pm 
Just Suscribe, it adds to the game automaticly.
RoNi Dec 29, 2013 @ 9:20am 
How do i download this?
sudo Apr 23, 2013 @ 5:33pm 
Great maps, but Path Blood and Castle Blood Auto now have more recent patches. Path Blood is buggy in this, and some units don't work.
JJBandit Apr 17, 2013 @ 4:23pm 
i tried germz from this pack, and apparently p5 was spawning in p4's base.. or something i was told.. i think this is the biggest collection atm, some real classics, and some i forgot even existed. but i wonder it they are straight ports, or if they have been debugged as such and a couple of things have just been missed? awesome map pack though, tnx..
Mark Apr 9, 2013 @ 3:01pm 
good pack of maps, thanks.

@aleksandr, why bother its not like they have big filesizes or anything