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Steve Model with Phonemes and Rig (Check Description)
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Apr 5, 2013 @ 11:09pm
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Steve Model with Phonemes and Rig (Check Description)

This model has a full phoneme chart, and a rig that can be downloaded here as the workshop does not allow for these files yet.

Put the pre file (the phonemes) in the folder the model is in, and the rig in platform/scripts/sfm/animset.
Ignore my stupid flexes. Just use the phoneme preset file.

Everyone's favorite block dude is now in SFM!

This is the model I used in a few videos on my youtube channel ( and now it's available for you!

If you like it, leave a like!

Note to Valve: According to the Minecraft ToS, I am allowed to share this model. If you have any issues with it being here just remove it and contact me explaining why.

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ALLENJOHN Sep 10 @ 5:49pm 
aaaaa guys look up how to change skins in sfm
[rsk] yoyomann Jul 10 @ 4:31pm 
Just to stop certain comments, you can change Steve's skin by using VTFEdit and changing the textures, if you dont want to get rid of steves original textures, save them somewhere else for later use, using VTFEdit is really easy, just copy the texture to a photo editing software, change it, copy it and paste it back into VTFEdit and save the texture with the same name it had before and bam, you've chnaged Steve's skin, hope this clears up everone wanted to change Steve's skin
MC | Tylenol Jun 28 @ 1:28am 
First FNAF, them MLP and now Minecraft? Dear God, this place is like a cancer ward
Kozzer Jun 19 @ 10:44pm 
his chin seems to move very akwardly when his mouth moves, but that's just determined on the videos.
wrcw May 29 @ 2:06am 
does this come with skin? can you change it?
Jimotheous May 26 @ 2:46pm 
this is awesome. Can you make minecraft mobs to?
jedisammy May 19 @ 8:25pm 
Without this, I wouldn't even have the OC I know in love. THANK YOU FOR THIS!
MarcoBosglez Apr 2 @ 4:11pm 
can i put a skin in the steve, such as cinema 4d?
¿ Wat Iz Dis Ting ? Mar 23 @ 4:54pm 
If I don't download the phoneme file could I still move the eyes and face features or not?
drpigeon1 Mar 3 @ 1:17am 
make the model have the abillity to have a skin put on it from a file plz