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Puppy Cube
Universe: Portal
Models: Character
Tags: Sfm
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Apr 4, 2013 @ 5:45pm
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Aperture Science Mobile Weighted Cube! This one actually can stab you in the back, not that it would.

Use it with the rig provided:
Just stick that in the game/platform/scripts/sfm/animset folder.

WARNING: If you rig the cube DO NOT DELETE IT and DO NOT SELECT HIDDEN BONES IN IT. The rig uses DMEAimConstraints which are bugged in sfm in such a way that they will preform fine but if you touch the joint they are attached to the SFM will crash. You have been warned, just hide the model in a corner off camera or something.

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Companion Cube Sep 10 @ 6:34pm 
How can i get myself with legs?
Companion Cube Sep 10 @ 6:31pm 
Oh that's me they're talking about!
BenThunderBox Aug 12 @ 1:45pm 
Hello looking for models like this i need one for Caroline and Cave Jon. in portal 2.
XEN0KID Jun 28 @ 7:31pm 
ok then
Rantis  [author] Jun 28 @ 6:28pm 
Load the rig
XEN0KID Jun 28 @ 12:58pm 
nope. downloaded the cube from here, loaded him up, started examining his cute little features. my main problem is with the pistons, their a bit fiddly
Rantis  [author] Jun 28 @ 12:04pm 
did you load the rig?
XEN0KID Jun 28 @ 11:36am 
if you fixed it up a 'lil, this would be amazing! i dont know if its just me but the joints are more fucked up than justin beiber
Coot Bandicrash Jun 25 @ 7:42pm 
Awwww... He's so CUTE!!!!!! :3
Mob Slayer Gaming Mar 7 @ 10:58am 
something is wrong when i got it. it has it but it is not there its invisable. has anyone elsehad this same roblem or is it my stupid computar