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Apr 4, 2013 @ 4:00pm
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No longer used on the server anymore.
We now are using gm_fork

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No Remorse(0ddly) Jan 23 @ 11:55am 
Regardless of who hosted it first, you made the gamemode start working again for gmod since gmod 10, like you fixed it when Shell Shocked gave up on it. So regardless on who hosted first, if it wasn't for you nobody would be hosting it.
|UDG| The Commander  [author] Jan 23 @ 11:51am 
"It was an RPG originally created by the Shell Shocked Gaming and Tower Yard Entertainment Team for Garry's Mod 12."

Shell Shocked Gaming is not Joker Ice is it?

Ive been running the gamemode since it was released by "Shell Shocked Gaming and Tower Yard Entertainment Team" since Gmod10.

You have yet to provide any proof that Joke Ice has been running it any longer.
PG. Leafdroid Jan 22 @ 8:39am 
Cʀɪᴇʀʏ, just shut the fuck up. You are a stupid retard, this isnt your problem, stop wasting ur life on commenting something u dont even know about, go to school.
|UDG| The Commander  [author] Jan 22 @ 8:04am 
You are stupid, after being told by several people who has been running the gamemode the longest and who has the better version you are still raging like a little bitch.

Face the facts, you are wrong because you didnt do any research.
EmilTheGreatOne 'ETGO' Jan 22 @ 7:59am 
Dude, Does it look like i need TO KNOW if you banned me i was never gonna play on it either way so don't need to tell me fucktard and yeah you go ahead and ignore me idgaf. That just shows how stupid you are just wait untill someone is smart like me you will get so low on garrys mod and everyone will hate you as i dont give a fuck you are so stupid.
|UDG| The Commander  [author] Jan 22 @ 7:52am 
I am ignoring anymore comments from you, you stupid retarded fuck head who can't even do research, go fuck off you scrub.

Also, you are banned from all Underdone Gaming servers.
Have a nice day.
EmilTheGreatOne 'ETGO' Jan 22 @ 7:20am 
How i don't get it?
Its so false so yeah rekd
|UDG| The Commander  [author] Jan 21 @ 9:16pm 
How don't you get it?
I was hosting UD way before Joker Ice, end of story.
EmilTheGreatOne 'ETGO' Jan 21 @ 8:40am 
Lol i dont get the part with "Without you, Joker Ice would never existed"
As i belive Joker Ice was first and best not that other part to "the god of UnderDone" Really no

You both are wrong.
No Remorse(0ddly) Jan 20 @ 7:28pm 
What a twat, I know for a fact that you ended up making UnderDone work for gmod 10, thus you are the god of UnderDone. Without you, Joker Ice would have never existed, so I believe you with this fight with a check mate.