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Katixa's Usable Barrels
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Feb 24, 2012 @ 6:33pm
Jun 26, 2012 @ 11:35am
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Katixa's Usable Barrels

This mod makes almost all barrels around the world usable (inns, dungeons, forts, etc.)

They can contain any of the following:
- Nord mead
- Wine
- Honningbrew mead
- Black-briar mead
- Black-briar private reserve mead
- Empty!

Please report any issues you find (wrong names, notifications, non-working barrels, etc.).

Have fun!

This mod can be configured to work in one of these two ways:

1- One empty bottle type for every barrel type: This means that any beverage consumed will return always the same type of empty bottle. You will be able to use this bottle on any type of barrel (mead, honningbrew, wine, etc.). The item created will depend on the barrel used (a honningbrew bottle if used a honningbrew barrel, and so on).

2- Empty bottle type matching barrel type: This means that when you drink a Honningbrew mead, you will get an empty honningbrew mead bottle, that you will be able to use only with honningbrew mead barrels. This applies to all liquids. This is the "realistic" mode, because you see the same model in the inventory, and also you can only use a "black-briar" mead barrel if you are carrying an "empty black-briar" mead bottle.

The default option is one bottle for everything. You can change this setting using the contract book found at almost every Inn. Using this book will allow you to "sign" a new agreement on how to use these barrels.

Every bottle used will return empty to your inventory. Depending on the "contract" chosen, it will be the same bottle as consumed, or it will be just a standard empty bottle.

Empty bottles weight 0.1. You can get empty bottles by consuming existing filled bottles, or just buying one from the crate available at most Inns (1 gold piece). If you chose to play in the realistic mode (each barrel type needs the same bottle type), you can choose the bottle you want. Else you just get the default empty bottle, usable on any barrel.

Barrels at Inns are pay-to-use. All other barrels at homes, dungeons, etc. are free to use. Is up to you if you want to "steal" a drink from someone's house, or just let it be if you think it's wrong.

If you Sneak you can steal the empty bottles at inns, and also fill the bottle for free. If you do it without sneaking you will pay if required. There is no control on this so you won't get any bounty. It's just for roleplaying purposes: steal it, or be a good citizen and pay.

Should be compatible with any mod that uses game's default items. Anyway, if you experience issues (like an effect from another mod not being triggered, for example drunk, thirst, etc.), you may need to change mod load order. In some cases mods create their own specific items, therefore compatibility is not possible. This mod uses the game's default drinks, so if you have a mod using those same items, this should be 100% compatible.

- Temporary fix to lessen the impact of the 1.6 patch, which broke some parts of this mod. Still trying to fix it 100%.

- Fixed bug created by 2.0 update. Bottle crates work again (if you choose different bottles agreement, you are prompted with a menu to choose bottle type).

- Prices are now calculated using Speech skill and Haggling perks, applying additional 10% discount. Still cheaper than vendor, but similar price.
- Removed the price tag from the pay-to-use barrels, and replaced by "Buy", to let you know it's not free.
- Contract system using a note is removed. This should fix issues when going to prison, game start, etc.
- Now you don't need to carry a contract (item) in your inventory, so you can drop it if you want.
- Existing contracts get automatically updated to the new system. You don't need to do anything.
- Added contract books at almost every Inn, so you can use these to change the way this mod works.
- Default mode when first installing the mod is set to "one bottle type for everything".
- Added a paying black-briar private reserve at Black-Briar meadery.
- Added a bottle crate at Bannered Mare (Whiterun)
- Added a bottle crate at Candle Hearth (Windhelm)
- Now player is informed when an empty bottle is added when drinking using the "one bottle for all" mode.
- Added some missing activators at Honningbrew meadery.
- Added some missing activators at Black-Briar meadery.

- Just a quick-fix for a bug that created an empty bottle with any food item consumed (thanks Casanova for reporting!)

- Removed some message boxes and replaced with notifications, so player is not forced to click "OK" all the time.
- Player can now use a single bottle for all barrels (optional, see next changelog item).
- Added a lore-friendly "contract" system to allow the player to choose how the mod works (read Description for more details).

- Removed a debug line that shouldn't been there (sorry!)

- Just a quick fix. Empty bottles should now return to your inventory. The CK editor didn't include the scripts needed for this when publishing, that's why I didn't notice this (it worked perfectly for me).

- Fixed a naming error. The activator for Honningbrew mead barrels was labeled "Black-Briar mead", even if you got the correct one. Now it should say "Honningbrew mead".
- Added 2 missing barrels at The Stumbling Sabrecat (Fort Dunstad).

- Compatible with other drinking mods!
- Now you can buy (or steal) any type of empty bottle at Inns (using the crate)
- Now you get empty bottle of each type after drinking (nord mead, honningbrew, etc.)
- Barrels now require the specific bottle type for refilling (this was needed for compatibility). As long as you carry one, you can just fill, drink, and get it back empty (while getting drunk, with the appropiate mod).
- Empty bottles weight 0.1
- Added crate at Frozen Hearth Inn (Winterhold)
- Added a lore-friendly note on first-run, as an update notification.
- Wine bottles cannot longer be filled with other beverages.
- Previous bottles are no longer compatible, so even if they still exist in the game world, once you drink them they will be gone.

- Bottles are now returned empty to the inventory after drinking.
- Added crate with bottles at Ivarstead Inn
- Added crate with bottles at Rorikstead Inn

- Added crate of empty bottles on Bee and Barb (Riften)
- Added crate of empty bottles on BraidWood Inn (Kynesgrove)
- Fixed a couple of non-working barrels.

- First uploaded version with barrels usable.

Recommended Mods to use with this one:
Get Drunk ( )
Drunken Brawling ( )

Nexus link:

Keywords: pour mead wine honningbrew black-briar functional barrels brewer drunk
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daiseymay12 Jun 11 @ 8:18pm 
Could you make a mod in the future that allows you to get potions of blood from the Volkihar Castle?
anthonyjohnadlington Mar 23 @ 4:55am 
Always love your mods
Balthias Oct 26, 2014 @ 1:37pm 
Haha. Yup just used it. It worked perfectly. Great job on this. Will share with my f&f. rated up
Balthias Oct 26, 2014 @ 1:27pm 
Ok thank you. Will try it out when I got the time and let you know how it goes. Got friends and family waiting for my mod collection to get completed so I can tell em which ones are other words I'm the test dummy lol.
Katixa  [author] Oct 26, 2014 @ 1:04pm 
@eric20492009: There are two modes, just empty bottles for any type of drink, or specific empty bottles. Unless there's a bug, you get an empty bottle when drinking. Mead gets a new item type that doesn't exist in vanilla, but as far as I remember, drinking wine gives you the default empty bottle. If you have the contract for a common empty bottle, maybe you need just that, and empty wine bottles is not recognized... but it's been long since I last edited this mod so I'm not sure right now...
Balthias Oct 26, 2014 @ 11:31am 
Seems to be a bit of a bug. It only accepts "empty bottles" specifically not "empty wine bottles". If this is only happening with me please let me know.
Katixa  [author] Jun 13, 2014 @ 6:26am 
@Lahared: Well, old or ruined mead/wine is not a bad idea, specially in abandoned places. It wouldn't be as dramatic as to kill you, just some side effects... I'll write in my notes in case I ever come back to this mod I may consider it. Thanks.
Lᴀʜᴀʀᴇᴅ Jun 12, 2014 @ 1:18pm 
Or tainted mead, or something like that due to lorefriendliness of the ages passing, and the dovakiin just appearing? Sorry i'm just trying to help... :c, Forgive me for my ignorance.
Lᴀʜᴀʀᴇᴅ Jun 12, 2014 @ 12:49pm 
..Many people can't understand me, But basically all i'm saying is why couldn't there be a chance for posion?
Katixa  [author] Jun 12, 2014 @ 12:47pm 
@Lahared: I'm sorry but... I don't think I know what you're talking about...