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Souls to Skills
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Feb 24, 2012 @ 6:12pm
Mar 19, 2012 @ 9:50pm
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Souls to Skills

--- Version 1.2a released. Minor bug fix update ---

It's a problem that every dragonborn faces: What do I do with all these extra dragon souls?

This mod adds dragon shrines to the main hall in High Hrothgar that let you convert unwanted dragon souls into skill points. The conversion rate depends on the level of the chosen skill; higher level skills gain fewer skill points and

cost more dragon souls than lower level skills. For very low level skills, you can spend one dragon soul and get two skill points. But a point in a high level skill might cost as much as 5 souls. The number of souls required and the

number of skills granted is customizeable for players who want a more or less powerful mod.

In a chest in High Hrothgar (in a hallway to the left of the main hall) you'll find four dragon soul amulets: minor, lesser, greater, and major. Each one affects the rate at which the shrines grant skill points. In terms of dragon

souls per skill point, they range from very costly (the minor amulet) to very cheap (the major amulet). Pick the amulet that you feel comfortable with and keep it in your inventory. You don't need to equip it.

For those who don't want skills, one of the shrines will let you convert a dragon soul into a filled grand soul gem.

The shrines have been color-coded, both for convenience and visibility (it's awfully dim in High Hrothgar). The red shrine is for combat skills, blue is for magic, green is for thief skills, and orange is for crafting skills. The

purple shrine is for soul gems.

-- Q&A --

Q: How did you decide how many souls to charge and how many skills to grant?

A: The original idea was to have a dragon soul give you a fixed amount of skill xp, but it seems I can't do that in the Creation Kit. So I've set up the skill conversion to model that as closely as I can, with some fudging at the low

end since skills don't start at 1. The skill xp required to go up a skill level increases nearly quadratically so, e.g., if a dragon soul has enough power to increase a skill from 25 to 26, then going from 50 to 51 should take 4 souls.

The standard conversion rate (no amulets) is modeled on a dragon soul with enough power to go from 45 to 46 (I call this a level 45 soul). The minor amulet is based on a level 30 soul, lesser is based on a level 35 soul, greater is

based on a level 60 soul, and major is based on a level 75 soul.

Q: How do the amulets work? What if I have more than one?

A: The amulets don't need to be equipped. Just having them in your inventory is enough. If you have multiple amulets in your inventory, only the most powerful one counts. So for example if you had all four, you'd get the major

conversion rate. If you pick up an amulet and decide you don't want it anymore, just remove it from your inventory.

--- Bugs ---

I've run into a rare situation where a shrine would charge the player souls but not grant any skillups. This only seemed to happen in testing when I spent a huge amount of souls and gained multiple levels very quickly. Let me know in

the comments if it happens to you during normal use.

--- Changelog ---
v1.0 Initial release

v1.1 Revised dragon soul to skill point conversion rates. Added amulets to allow for player customization of conversion rates.

v1.2 A number of changes have been made to make the mod more user friendly.

- Customization of conversion rates is no longer tied to story progression. All the dragon soul amulets are now located in High Hrothgar. Look for a chest just to the left of the main hall. If you had an amulet in your inventory prior

to updating, I *think* it will still be there, but you may want to choose a different one anyway since conversion rates have changed a bit from version 1.1.

- Shrines now display more information. The cost to increase each skill is shown prior to choosing a skill. Once a skill is chosen, you will be notified how many skill points you gained and how many souls you spent.

- Amulets now give the player an idea of how many souls a skill increase will cost in their descriptive text so players have an easier time choosing a conversion rate they like. For this reason, I'm no longer cluttering up the mod's

description with lists of numbers.

- A new amulet has been added and the amulets have been renamed for easier sorting: Amulet of Minor Dragon Souls (weakest), Amulet of Lesser Dragon Souls, Amulet of Greater Dragon Souls, and Amulet of Major Dragon Souls (strongest).

The standard conversion rate has been increased from version 1.1 for reasons of symmetry. The minor amulet corresponds to the broken amulet from 1.1, the lesser amulet corresponds to the old standard rate from 1.1, and the greater

amulet is unchanged from 1.1 and still matches the old rate from 1.0.

v1.2a The chest in High Hrothgar is now owned by the player and taking amulets from it should no longer count as stealing. It's not like the greybeards could use them anyway.
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Dreviathal May 25 @ 11:39pm 
Not sure if this mod is still supported, but I started having the problem where the shrines take the sould but won't grant any skillpoints. And it's also random, some work just fine but let's say archery and sneak are stuck at 32. There were few other skills aswell that got stuck somewhere around 32-35.
The Smithybot Mar 11, 2015 @ 2:15am 
This mod breaks learning skills from trainers if it stops raising stats there.
XxNYANCAT51xX Jan 28, 2015 @ 3:25pm 
By skills do you mean perks? Because to me that seems like like a waste to use that many dragon souls on a couple skill levels...
bunnylord Sep 26, 2014 @ 3:06pm 
very handy mod because after a while in the game i had like 68 spare dragon souls just idling with no use
Draconis Apr 16, 2014 @ 5:59pm 
This mod is great cause smithing
Hradnir Jan 9, 2014 @ 2:47pm 
If you haven't found the other four shrines yet. The first 2 are on the are right behind the doors and in a few steps along the walls as soon as you enter Hrothgar. The other 2 are along the same walls just on the other side of the large doorways to the wings. Hope you find 'em.
Hradnir Jan 9, 2014 @ 2:43pm 
....And that's why you can go nuts on Legendary skills. Which then presentsthe "problem" of "now what do I do now that I've gone Legendary in all my skills?'
Spotify Dec 4, 2013 @ 12:03pm 
i cant seem to find any shrines other than the soul gem one Nov 3, 2013 @ 7:50pm 
The problem after every dragonborn installs this. "Now, what do I do with all these dragon souls when my skills are all maxed?"
c0h3n Jun 29, 2013 @ 11:31pm 
This is a great mod, much more balanced than Dragon Souls for Perks as by leveling this scales the enemies with your progress. Have you thought about putting this mod on Skyrim Nexus? I'm sure they'd love it over there.