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Unlimited Bookshelves
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Feb 24, 2012 @ 4:56pm
Apr 3, 2012 @ 6:23am
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Unlimited Bookshelves

How would you like to actually be able to fill a shelf with books, or even other items? With the original script, you can only put up to 18 books on the largest shelves, which will only fill the shelf if the books are all the largest size. It's really annoying when you 'fill' a shelf with small books, and there are giant gaps between them.
So, I made my own bookshelf script, which places books based on their width rather than fixed positions. You can place as many books as will fit on the shelf. The result is identical if you use the largest books, 18 to a shelf, but you can put around 90 notes or bounty letters on a single shelf (if you ever get that many). You can now also place any other item on the shelf, not just books!
-The time it takes to update the items on the shelf is similar to the vanilla version, just a little slower. However, the more books you place, the longer it will take.
-You can always put up to 128 items in at a time, and when it goes to place them it will simply give back anything that didn't fit.

Know issues:
-If you load a save made before installing the mod that is inside a house, the bookshelves in that house will not work until you go outside and back in.

-Most enchanted apparel and some mod-added books/items register a width 0 and so will pile up (let me know which mods do this so I can contact the authors about fixing it). I may get some of the enchanted apparel fixed, but it's time consuming so don't count on it any time soon.
-There is no check for the size of items, so if you add items that are too big they will clip through the edges, and if they fall out entirely they will disappear the next time the shelf updates.
-The orientation for items is picked automatically. If something had an orientation that you don't like, let me know and I may be able to change it.
-Soul Gems and any other item with individual data (such as charge on enchanted weapons or stolen items) will lose that data. The item visible on the shelf will be a copy without the data (no soul filled, fully charged, not stolen), though the item in the container will still have it. So, for now just take soul gems out by opening the container, not grabbing the item on the shelf.

-If you have issues with a specific shelf not displaying books, getting stuck books that can't be removed, duplicating books, or whatever, try using the 'reset script' download. Instructions in the readme that comes with the file.
*In those instructions, replace step 3 with "unsubscribe from this mod and delete the unlimitedbookshelves.bsa and unlimitedbookshelves.esp from Skyrim/Data if they're still there" and step 8 with "re-subscribe"

**If subscribing here doesn't change anything or causes problems it's an issue with how it loads the .bsa package. You need to force it to load properly. Open 'My Games\Skyrim\Skyrim.ini', find the [Archive] tag, and add 'unlimitedbookshelves.bsa' to the end of the list that's there. So, the .ini should contain a section that looks like this:

sResourceArchiveList=Skyrim - Misc.bsa, Skyrim - Shaders.bsa, Skyrim - Textures.bsa, Skyrim - Interface.bsa, Skyrim - Animations.bsa, Skyrim - Meshes.bsa, Skyrim - Sounds.bsa
sResourceArchiveList2=Skyrim - Voices.bsa, Skyrim - VoicesExtra.bsa, unlimitedbookshelves.bsa

If the shelves stop working properly, can't be activated, duplicate books, or you want to safely uninstall this mod, use the reset script found at

This mod will be compatible with any mod that doesn't change the bookshelf container script. Mod added books are mostly compatible.
Some mod added books will get placed on top of/inside other books, let me know if you see this and I'll contact the creator of the other mod to fix it.
ALL bookshelves, including ones added by other mods, will be affected as long as they don't use their own, custom scripts.
-Dovahkiin hideout is compatible, except the unusual 'shelves' on the stool and the desk don't quite work as intended. Instead of the special placement, books on those just get placed in a straight line/stack.
-Books Books Books ( is now compatible
-Console Books ( is now compatible.
-Utopolysts Item Sorting ( has a patch for compatibility.
-Apocalypse Spell Package ( should be compatible as soon as it's updated.

Castle Dar Khuun ( is an awesome castle/quest mod that uses this bookshelf script

(Since I had to fix the bounds of a lot of items, those items will all be translated into English automatically. See the 'item fix list' file at for instructions on making a translation)
-Italian translation courtesy of Andre7890:
-French translation courtesy of UchuNoSaru:
-German translation courtesy of Neakas:

-Placing should now work correctly on any shelf, including all mod-added shelves.
-New system makes it possible to add custom shelves of basically unlimited width. Only 2 book markers need to be placed, one on either end. There is still an absolute limit of 100 books, but I can easily increase this if I have reason to.

-Now compatible with books previously placed in the vanilla system. So you don't have to worry about clearing out your shelves before installing. Note that if you had books on a shelf with the vanilla system, then you installed a previous version of my mod and loaded the old shelf, it will still have the problems in the update. In other words, this update can't resurrect previously broken shelves.

-Can now add any item to the shelves!
-Also tried to fix the issue with books floating a little bit, turns out it's mainly a problem with the collision meshes so I can't do anything about it.

-fixed the orientation of some items
-long items will now go lengthwise alone the shelf instead of sticking out the front

-Fixed all books, scrolls, and some other items that would be placed sunk into each other
-Improved orientation of items such as skulls (hopefully right this time?)
-Should no longer break shelves when you deactivate the mod
-1.5.1: fixed deactivation for real now I hope

-Fixed all objects with dimension problems (total of 514 items fixed) EXCEPT most enchanted apparel still doesn't work (there's too many of those to fix in a reasonable amount of time)
-Fixed collision boxes on shelves so items will no longer float a litle above the shelf (only applies to vanilla shelves, no mod-added ones)
-Fixed items getting placed too low
-Finally fixed the orientation of items for real! (mostly, it was much more complicated than expected so it may go wrong somewhere...)

-If you have the 'Droppable Stones of Barenziah' mod, the stones will no longer be backwards on shelves
-Changed the max number of items to 128, because I found out that's the largest an array is allowed to be
-First try at making ingots and scrolls stack. Ingots can have 4 rows, scrolls can have 3. Scrolls have weird collision issues sometimes, so they're a little touchy. Let me know how the new system works!

This mod is now completely open source. I have no interest in further developing/supporting it, so anyone has full permission to modify it and re-release or use it in something else. You do not need to ask permission.
Anyone who wants to can grab the sources at
The code is kind of a mess, but shouldn't be too hard to understand. Email me at if you have any questions. I don't check that email that often, but will try to get back to you eventually.
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Jijou May 15 @ 11:39am 
this is a great mod ! ty so much ! I finally found a way to display items gracefuly :) troll skull is so fine on top of a bookshelve :) ty again!
MOOSE May 4 @ 11:03am 
This has been a great mod, but i've just noticed one of my shelves in breezehome has broken and does not allow me to acces mmost of the notes i've storred, only 3. i tried the link that talks about duplicating books but it doesn't seem to work. not too sure
President Wub Wub #EndVines Apr 24 @ 10:24am 
this dosent work for me
leasti Apr 17 @ 6:59am 
Great! I can't believe the developers don't think about it, it makes the game better and my bookshelves don't seem empty anymore!
Loreknight Mar 17 @ 2:56pm 
you there, person that made this, i love your face
mewtooo Jan 1 @ 2:12pm 
Too bad the updated version won't be on steam as I don't use nexus.
Antares Dec 29, 2015 @ 4:11am 
just cheking all my mods, to see if I have the THUMBS UP activatet on all the mods i uns, which all you creative people out there deserve!
And to use this opportunity to say thank you once again for all that work!

Thank you all for adding your own special touches, the humor, sharing your ideas, solving problems and (dang, what is ther word...?) .............needs!
Making Skyrim an even better place and an endles game:
Allways some new things to discover and try!

To all of you the best wishes for the New Jear, in private as well and here in Skyrim
Nazenn Dec 6, 2015 @ 3:49pm 
You can find an updated version of this mod, with no bad edits, and updated functions as well as a host of other fixes to the esp file here on the nexus:

This update was approved by the author and he moved his mod file over to my account on the nexus specifically for it. You should be using this updated file instead of this workshop version. No I will not upload it to the workshop, its too much of a pain.
Roschimitsu1 Nov 26, 2015 @ 9:02pm 
What means the user Namea? Is it like that? Really? Thanks for answers :-) (Greetings from Germany)
Namea Nov 9, 2015 @ 9:32pm 
This mod is currently outdated and contains dirty edits that can ruin your game. I highly suggest utilizing one of the alternatives found on the nexus.