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SynergiesMOD the OFFICIAL collection
This is the official SynergiesMOD and all the Official mods released by myself that go with it to tailor the experience to what you would like in a full conversion.


Prioritize order#1: (how it should look in the launcher from top to bottom)

Skill unlocks

With the sub mods they must all go above synergies. If you don't want to use a single submod or just want one, place it above synergies.

Synergies can go on top of non compatible mods to maintain synergies balance over their changes, but all mods in my collection are compatible and are meant to be on top by design.

Items (5)
SynergiesMOD (v.822)
Created by Salan
Synergies is full conversion and balance mod for Torchlight 2. The mod won BEST OVERHAUL OF THE YEAR from ModDB's mod of the year award, as well as was labelled #1 free download of the summer from PCgamer magazine!

This MOD, being a full conversion mod...
SynergiesHIGHLOOT (v.10)
Created by Salan
SynergiesHIGHLOOT is a small companion mod that makes ELITE monsters and HERO monsters drop more loot per kill. For those who feel the reward for their efforts are not enough.

Both monster types will have a higher chance to drop unique socketables as...
SynergiesLOWPOP (v.6)
Created by Salan
SynergiesMOD LOWPOPULATION companion mod.

Lowers the spawnrate of all monsters throughout the game making it closer to vanilla Tl2 levels, also reverts skill unlocks to vanilla unlock rates.

this effects all normal zones.

SynergiesSKILLUNLOCK (v.2)
Created by Salan
This is a very simple mod, it takes the graphs I made for SynergiesSKILL unlocks and puts them out as a base mod that ANYONE can use, with any mod combination.

This can be used with the LOWPOPULATION varient in order to maintain base Synergies Skill ...
SynergiesSOCKETABLES (v.1)
Created by Salan
With SynergiesMOD returning to the vanilla Socketable level table, this mod is for those who got use to, and enjoyed, using their socketables out of level range.

All socketables will be usable at any level.

As this is a conscious choice to put the m...
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PanchoGrande Mar 22 @ 12:48pm 
I was wondering if anyone knows the font of the title for this mod.
Devilz Avacado Mar 17 @ 3:40pm 
I subbed to all the mods, what order do i put them in in the mod launcher thing becuase im getting CTD when i launch it.
Salan  [author] Mar 7 @ 9:29pm 
you don't need the skill unlock if you don't have lowpop. but ya putting unlock,highloot, socketables above low pop and low pop above syneriges is the way to do it.
Paul The Llama Mar 7 @ 5:15pm 
ok so i have the mod pack i use all the addons except for the lowpop. I currently have it in this order from top to bottom socketables,skillunlock,highloot,and synergies. Please let me know if that load order is proper.
Salan  [author] Mar 1 @ 9:11pm 
That's the joy of having a lot of mods that you don't know exactly what they do :(
RoyalGrue Mar 1 @ 9:03pm 
Well that's going to be fun. Dang. Thanks for replying!
Salan  [author] Mar 1 @ 8:59pm 
hmm odd, Synergies doesn't change your quick key slots. You'll have to look through your other mods, the best way to do that is to load them one at a time and make a new character each time until you figure out which is doing what you describe.
RoyalGrue Mar 1 @ 8:40pm 
Apologies I was not clear.
My ... UI has reduced the available quick key slots from 1-0 to 1, 2, and 0. I have 3 quick key slots. It doesn't matter if I change the keyboard bindings I can not bind them to any other keys.

I've only modded with classes before. Is this a setting or an effect I can control with Synergies?
Salan  [author] Mar 1 @ 1:36am 
UH no? those are set in your keyboard bindings
RoyalGrue Feb 28 @ 11:50pm 
Does this mod change the 1-0 quick keys to a reduced 1, 2, and 0 only?