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Genre: Adventure, Horror
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Players: Single-player
Apr 1, 2013 @ 8:22pm
Jan 26, 2016 @ 7:48pm

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Release date announced, Steam page up!!!
(Rough) Release Date Set!
The game is very close! So close, in fact, that we've started sending out beta keys to a few backers local to us. We've also put together a super awesome feedback form for them to fill out, as well as performed some face-to-face interviews.

Check it out here:

We're on Kickstarter, if you like what you see, help us out!



About the Game

Pulse is a first-person experiential journey in which you are blind. Using a process similar to echolocation, you use sounds in the environment to create a mental reconstruction of the world around you. Everything that makes sound reveals the world around it. Your view can be distorted by memories from before you lost your sight, sometimes creating surreal or terrifying visions.

Pulse has three key emotions based on the feeling of being lost in a dark forest.
Fear of the Unknown - Even if you know there's nothing there, that anxiety won't go away.
Curiosity - You go forward anyway, slowly but steadily, wondering what's out there.
Discovery - The secrets of the darkness are revealed. Whatever the result, the thrill of excitement runs down your spine.

However you are not alone in this figurative forest, you will encounter creatures called Mokos whose sole desire is to help you. By using the noise these creatures make, they provide additional "vision" when in need. They also provide superfluous amounts of cuteness. In contrast, there are also terrifying creatures who seek to devour you. Listen carefully and avoid these beasts at all costs.

In this synesthesia-like experience, your world will shift and become clearer based on the information provided by your senses. There is often a distinct difference between what you "see" versus what is actually there. Let your senses guide you.


Behind the Scenes

When we started the Pulse prototype as a student project, we set out to challenge ourselves. We wanted to bring to the table a special kind of gaming experience; one that was more than just fun, one that was emotionally engaging. We still have that same goal: exploring beyond the fun in games, and seeing how they're capable of affecting players in different ways.

The response to it has been overwhelming. We've had the opportunity to watch others discover the world through our characters eyes. As a student project we took this concept as far as we could, but there is so much more to explore - We want to take our prototype to the next level.


Awards and Recognition

Student Showcase Winner for Independent Games Festival, 2013

Unity Awards
Winner of Best Student Project for Unity Unite 2012


We would love to hear your thoughts and feedback about the game. Post your comments, questions, and concerns, we'll answer!

-----Thank you for your support!-----
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@SoulHacker not birds, they actually have noses lel
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i want this game soooo bad!!!
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any news???2013 is a long time ago meanwhile.
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i'v heard of this game, I say a video on you tube of someone playing it. I personly think it would do great if it was put on the market.
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pretty good concept!
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I totaly wnt to play this awesome stuff