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Vurt Flora Overhaul (Redux)
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Mar 31, 2013 @ 7:03pm
May 6, 2013 @ 2:34pm
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Vurt Flora Overhaul (Redux)

All credits go to Vurt and his wonderful skyrim mod Skyrim Flora Overhaul. Look at this url: As template I took his SFO v1.5 and made my own special edition, which can be used in combination with Skyrim - Nicer shrubs...
This mod here is pure grass, no trees inside:

__ snowgrass03.nif - vurt_bush01.nif - vurt_calluna vulgaris.nif
__ vurt_helleborus niger.nif - vurt_lupinus angustifolius.nif
__ vurt_mixedplants.nif - vurt_mixedplants2.nif
__ vurt_tundraredflora.nif - vurt_tundragrassobj03.nif

__ - (*n) - vurt_calluna
__ vurt_helleborus -
__ -
__ -

(1) What the hell do the videos here? These vids do not contain any mod related stuff. It's music of my choice. I earn no money for that. The music of malukah inspired me to this mod.

(2) Where can I find ini-files?
The files 'SkyrimPref.ini' and 'Skyrim.ini' you'll find in path '\My Games\Skyrim\' as subfolder of your own documents folder.

(3) What can I do, ''all my grass has disappeared, I've tried installing/uninstalling grass mods, but nothing works''. I found that on ''topic/491133-all-grass-has-disappeared'':
- SkyrimPrefs.ini ( like topic above )

- SkyrimPrefs.ini ( on my pc-system )
; *** Vertex Shaders v3.0 switch on/off

(4) What should I do after installing this mod to tweak my ingame graphic? Next two ini-changes are useful, but not necessary for proper running. If entry doesn't exist then game takes default values.
- Skyrim.ini
; 10 == you'll get a grass carpet
; 20 == default, recommended by me
; 40 == grass consists of isles
; each value can be combined with ''Lush Greens'' to get a higher grass density
; it contains the grass mesh-files from nexus mod ''Lush Grass'' version 1.4 only, but this mod can
; really decrease your FPS rate ingame

; 3 == default, you'll see the first three grass types on specific landscapes only
; 7 == some landscape ground textures have more than three grass textures inside
; --- See also CK image on top for a better understanding !! ---
; if you want to see all grass types then take a higher value than 3 (maximum is 5 on this mod)
; Yes 'iMaxGrassTypesPerTexure' is supposed to be spelled ''texure'.'

(5) My Skyrim lagged a bit, What can I do? Maybe next settings help to get a better performance.
- SkyrimPrefs.ini
; default=3 (smooth), 2 (sharp), 1 (more sharpen), 0 (most sharpen)

; default=1 ( 1 = on ), ( 0 = off )
; This influence the monitor V-Sync, can increase the ingame FPS (verbessert Bildwiederholrate)
; But keep in mind: If you use '0' instead of '1' then your game could have strange CTD's.

; default = 4096 (very high), 2048 (high), 1024 (middle), 512 (low)
; default = 0
; default = 0
; default = 1

-- Don't forget to backup your original ini-files before you edit anything !! --

(6) Why did you steal his work? I wasn't able to contact Vurt directly.
By the way, the author was asked in Nexus[] and he approves:
''Nah, he didn't ask for permission but he links to the original mod
and gives me credit for the work. It's all good.''

-=- Big THANXs to VURT -=- Don't forget, he is the master, I'm a big fan of his amazing work
if 'Vurt Skyrim Flora Overhaul' wouldn't exist then this mod would be smoke on the water!

And thank you to ''mucusSTfriend'' for making that mod reliable.
You wrote: If anyone says you stole it, delete the comment, not the mod.

''1K_DDS_NIF_Vurts-Flora-Overhaul.esp'' has a size of 4.571 bytes (archive has 4.920.026).

-- =-= -- Do NOT click on free offers and watch your own privacy! -- =-= --

My own papyrus script mods: Critter , WeaponRack , CWMaps , Mannequin
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ReDragon  [author] Oct 27 @ 2:40pm 
@Overheal: Maybe a bit, depends on your CPU and Video card
Kykuru Oct 9 @ 7:25am 
Does it lag a lot?
M40lbSLUG Sep 25 @ 9:52am 
Looks really good, thanks for creating this little gem.
Cid Highwind Aug 28 @ 12:20am 
Strange indeed o0 Once I beat this current run, I plan to completely remove the mods that I currently have, and apply all new mods for a new run :D I'll give this one another go and see how it all runs ^^ The mod is very beautiful :D It would be a shame to play without.
ReDragon  [author] Aug 26 @ 1:50pm 
@Cid Highwind:If I understand right, your issue comes true with the "death bell flower" only. This mod doesn't touched that plant in any kind. very strange.. I'm sorry, but I've no idea what you could do to fix such "FIELDS of tombstones".
Cid Highwind Aug 25 @ 12:37am 
The only issue there was, was with the blue bell type plants among the grass. Oddly enough, the others came through just fine :) It's a beautiful mod... a shame
ReDragon  [author] Aug 22 @ 5:28pm 
@Cid Highwind:It looks like a mesh conflict. Have you seen this issue for all additional plants or for one type only? I've never seen such strange behavior during my gameplay. Nevertheless thank you for information. Maybe another user has the same trouble.
Cid Highwind Aug 21 @ 10:25pm 
@ReDragon Perhaps o0 Although, if I moved to face the object(s) from another angle, suddenly I could see the plant... until I moved. Removing the mod ended up fixing the error, unfortunately.
anarchyalice69 Aug 18 @ 3:08pm 
thank you for your quick response. i hope in the future you release a completely seperate mod to this one adding different flora to skyrim. it would be amazing to miss and match the grasses and you always have such lovely options. thanks for this mod it looks great especially around lake illinalta
ReDragon  [author] Aug 18 @ 1:10pm 
@Cid Highwind: "Some sort of erros", you mean graphic glitches? "Plants coming up as a grey block", a picture says more than thousand words. It looks like you have a mod conflict or your system is not fast enough to render all objects in some areas of worldspace.